The National Tile Co., Chas. B. Lansing, president, 800 employees.
The Newton Steel Co., Donald B. Gillies, president, 2,400 employees.
The Ohio Brass Co., Wm. A. Springer, treasurer, 1,200 employees.
The Ohio Chemical & Manufacturing Co., Allan Russell, treasurer, 185 employees.
The Ohio Confection Co., Fred S. Borton, president, 100 employees.
The Ohio Crankshaft Co., W. C. Dunn, president, 300 employees.
The Ohio Electric Co., C. Whittier, secretary-treasurer, 145 employees.
The Ohio Foundry Co., W. H. Smith, president, 500 employees.
The Oster Manufacturing Co., Roger Tewksberry, vice president, 150 employees.
The Otis Steel Co., E. J. Kulas, president, 6,000 employees.
The Packer Corporation, Gardner Abbott, secretary, 100 employees.
The Park Drop Forge Co., T. L. Ball, president, 226 employees.
The Parker Appliance Co., A. L. Parker, president, 87 employees.
The Patterson-Sargent Co., R. N. Hotchkiss, secretary-treasurer, 600 employees.
Perfection Stove Co., L. S. Chadwick, president, 1,500 employees.
Pickands Mather & Co., Elton Hoyt, 2d, 5,000 employees.
The Radiart Corporation, L. K. Wildberg, vice president, 200 employees.
Reliance Electric & Engineering Co., Clarence L. Collens, president, 200 em-

ployees. The Republic Stamping & Enameling Co., H. C. Milligan, president and treas

urer, 600 employees. Republic Steel Corporation, Myron A. Wick, vice president, 25,000 employees. River Raisin Paper Co., G. H. Wood, president, 900 employees. Robbins & Myers, Inc., W. S. Quinlan, president, 800 employees. The Royal Brass Mfg. Co., S. J. Regan, president, 140 employees. The Gustav Schaefer Co., Ernest Schaefer, secretary, 75 employees. The Sheriff Street Market & Storage Co., E. O'Malley, secretary, 45 employees. The W. W. Sly Mfg. Co., S. Vessey, president, 350 employees. The Smallwood Stone Co., S. S. Allan, president, 30 employees. A. G. Spaulding & Bros., J. W. Curtiss, chairman board, 4,000 employees. The Standard Oil Co. (Ohio), W. T. Holliday, president, 5,000 employees. The Standard Textile Products Co., J. T. Broadbent, president, 2,500 employees. The Stouffer Corporation and subsidiary, Vernon Stouffer, president, 700 em

ployees. The Teachout Co., David W. Teachout, president, 75 employees. The Telling-Belle Vernon Co., Harrison Hunter, treasurer, 925 employees. The Theurer Norton Provision Co., W. B. Smith, 350 employees. Thompson Products, Inc., F. C. Crawford, president, 1,800 employees. Truscon Steel Co., J. Kahn, president, 700 employees. United Screw & Bolt Corporation, Carl L. Kramer, vice president, 425 employees. The Vlchek Tool Co., E. C. Koster, vice president, 275 employees. The Warner & Swasey Co., I. C. Bolton, treasurer, 500 employees. The Weather Head Co., Albert J. Weatherhead, Jr., president, 580 employees. The Wellman Engineering Co., C. C. Clayton, secretary, 450 employees. Western Reserve Investing Corporation, Ralph S. Schmidt, treasurer, no em

ployees. The West Steel Casting Co., R. H. West, president, 250 employees. Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co., C. G. Schluederberg, manager,

1,000 employees.
The White Motor Co., A. G. Beane, president, 5,150 employees.
Williams Tool Co., Roger Tewksberry, president, 60 employees.
The Yoder Co., Carl M. Yoder, president, 250 employees.

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