A dew-drop, falling on the wild sea wave,
Exclaimed in fear, “ I perish in this grave !!*
But, in a shell received, that drop of dew
Unto a pearl of marvelous beauty grew;
And, happy now, the grace did magnify,

Which thrust it forth, as it had feared, to die;
Until again, “I perish quite," it said,
Torn by rude diver from its ocean bed ;
O unbelieving !-- so it came to gleam
Chief jewel in a monarch's diadem.


THERE.” — [Rev. xxii: 5.

No night in that bright land! Darkness shall fade

Even with the beams of earth's faint sun away. No twilight dim shall ever steal, to shade

The glory of the everlasting day.

No night in that glad land! The gushing tear

Shall gwell no more beneath the grief-worn lid, The cares, the fears, that bow the spirit here,

Shall never breathe those courts of bliss amid.

No night in that free land! The fettered soul

Is bound no more as on the cruel earth; It knows no master's wearisome control,

Serves only Him who gave it freedom's birth.

No night in Life's own land! The angel Death

Has gladly laid his mask of Terror down; Mortality hath passed with mortal breath,

Unfading are the gems of Jesus's crown.

No night in that pure land! The monster Sim

No access to that holy realm skall gain, No power to cloud those skies can ever win,

To whisper discord mid those songs again.

No night is there! but here our day is night;

Our brightest visions gleam amid the shade: We know no rapture that is purely bright,

And scarce a hope that doubt cannot invade.

Father of lights ! to Thee our longings turn;

Thou art the Sun of the eternal day; By thee alone the stars immortal burn

They but reflect Thy never-faltering ray.

Oh! in the depths of every human heart

Kindle the glow of Thine all-holy home, And when from earth thou call us to depart,

Take us to that day where no night shall come.

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