JUNE, 1812.



DOWNING-STREET, APRIL 25. A Dispatch, of which the following is a copy, was yesterday received at Lord Liver.

pool's Office, addressed to his Lordship, by Lieutenant-General Campbell, dated Gibraltar, 25th of February, 1812.

Gibraltar, February 25, 1812. MY LORD,-I have the honour to enclose the translation of a letter from Gene. ral Ballasteros, reporting the result of his action with the enemy at Cartamar, in tbe vicinity of Malaga.

Part of the reinforcement from the Isle de Leon has arrived, and General Bal. lasteros is appointed Captain-General of the four kingdoms of Andalusia, and Commander-ju-Chief of the fourth army.

I have the honour to be, &c.


Yunquera, February 17, 1812. SIR, I have the satisfaction to communicate to your Excellency, that yesterday morning, with 2000 infantry and 300 cavalry, I attacked General Maranzin, Governor of Malaga, who was at Cartamar with 2000 infantry and 400 horse.

He was completely routed and pursued to within a league of Malaga ; Maranzin and the whole of the chiefs were killed, many officers, and more than 1200 men, hors de combat.

Knowing the interest your Excellency feels in my success, I lose not a moment in communicating it, assuring your Excellency that the brarery and discipline displayed by my troops on this occasion exceeded their conduct at Albuera.

With these operations, I have put all the forces of Andalusia in motion towards me, but I flatter myself they will soou be obliged to disperse, and obtain no other advantages than the inconveniences tbat must attend their marches, and a want of provisions, by which I shall have accomplished my object in this campaign.

I hare honour to be, (Signed)

FRANCISCO BALLASTEROS. To his Excellency Lieutenant-General Campbell, &c.


DOWNING-STREET, MAY 9. A Dispatch, of which the following is an extract, has been received by Lord Liverpool,

addressed to his Lordship by the Earl of Wellington, dated Niza, 16th of April, 1812.

Marstral Soult collected his army at Villa Franca, in Estremadura, ou the 8th inst. and having there heard of the fall of Badajoz, he retired before day.light on the gth towards the frontiers of Avdalusia. Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Gra. bam directed Lieutenant-General Stapleton Cotton to follow their rear with the cavalry; and he attacked and defeated the French cavalry at Villa Garcia with Major General Le Marchant's and Major-General Anson's brigades, the latter under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon. F. Ponsonby, on the morning of the 11th inst. I have the honour to enclose Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Graham's letter, enclosing Lieutenant-General Sir Stapleton Cotton's report, and the return of killed and wounded on this occasion ; and I have only to add my commendations of the conduct of Lieutenant-General Sir Stapleton Cotton, MajorGeneral Le Marchant, and the officers and troops under their command.

The enemy retired on that day from Llereva, and, since, entirely from the province of Estremadura.

I bave Dut heard whether General Ballasteros had entered Seville. The Conde de Penne Villemor, with a detachment of the 5th army, wbich had been sent from Estremadura into the Condado de Niebla, had approached that town by the right of

VOL. IV, NO, 20.

London Gazette.- Dispatches from Lord Wellington.

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the Guadalquiver, and was engaged with the enemy's garrison of Seville, and of the fortined convent on that side of the river, on the 5th inst. and had obliged them to retire within their works.

The Conde de Penne Villemur retreated ou the joth, according to a suggestion which was made to him by me in consequence of the fall of Badajoz, and the certainty that I had that Marshal Soult would return immediately is to Andalusia, without risking an action, to which it was not in my power to bring him, and I trust that the Conde Peune Villemur will bave communicated to General Ballasteros the intelligence and suggestion which I desired might be conveyed to him.

Since I wrote to your Lordsbip on the 7th instant, I have received reports of transactions in the neighbourhood of Ciudad Rodrigo only to the 9th instaut. The enemy still kept the place blockaded, but bad made no attack upon it, nor had repeated their visit to Almeida, having suffered some loss in the reconnoissance of that place on the 3d instant. It appears that on the 7th, the greatest number of the troups in the neighbourhood of Ciudad Rodrigo broke up, and marched towards Sabugal, whore I believe that Marshal Marmont came bimself. Major General Victor Alten, whom I had kept in front of Ciudad Rodrigo with the let bussars, till the end of March, was followed (althougis at a distance) through Lower Beira by Marshal Marmont's advanced guard; and having quiiteu Castello Branco on the sth iostant, they muved on, and the advanced guard, consisting of 2500 men, of which six squadrops of cavalry entered Castello Branco ou the evening of the 12th ; Brigadier-General Le Cor, with bis brigade of militia, having been obliged to retire upon Sarnados, when lie saw the enemy advance.

In the mean time, having heard that General Alten had retired across the Tagus, I ordered him to cross that river again, which he did on the 12th, and the enemy retired from Castello Branco before day-light on the morning of the 14th, and Brigadier-General Le Cor, and Major-General Alten entered the place.

The enemy hare as usual, in this expedition, rubbed and murdered the inbabi. tants of the country. But the injury they have done, as far as I can learn, has been confined to these acts of atrocity; all the stores in our magazines at Castello Branco, and our hospital there, having been removed to this side of the Tagus.

I cannot sufficiently applaud the firmness and good conduct of Brigadier-General Le ('or. He remained in Castello Branco till he saw a superior enemy advancing upon bim; and he then retired in good order, no further than was necessary.

As soon as I heard of Soultis retreat from Villa Franca, I put the army in motion towards Castile. The advanced guard has artived at Castello Branco this day; and I shall go there myself to-morrow. I have heard of no movement in the north.

Santa Martha, April 12, 1812. MY LORD, I have the honour to transmit to your Lordship the enclosed re.port of Lieutenant-General Sir Stapleton Cotton, giving the detail of a very brilliant and successful attack against the enemy's rear guard. It must be unnecessary for me to call your Lordship's attention to the distinguished ability with which the Lieutenant General planned and conducted this enterprise, su admirably seconded by the gal. lantry and judgment of Major General Le Marchant and Colonel Ponsonby, as well as by the great exertions of the officers and men of the two brigades employed on this service.

I have honour to be, &c.


Villa Garda, April 11, 1812. SIR,I have the honour to report to you, having received information last night of the cavalry of General Drouet's corps (amounting to 2500) being encamped between Usagre and this pluce, I ordered Major-General Anson's (commanded by the Hon. Lieutenant-Colonel Ponsonby) and Major-General Le Marchant's brigades, to move in the course of the night from Villa Franca and Los Santos, so as to arrive before day-break, the former at Usagre, the latter at Bienvenida, determining to attack the enemy with General Anson's brigade in front, wbilst Major-General Le Marchant's, by a fauk movement from Bienvenida, should cut off his retreat upon Llerena. The advanced goard of Major-General Anson's brigade drove in the enemy's picqnets from near Usagre, two hours sooner than'I bad intended, and General Le March pt's lirigade had net time to get into the rear of the enemy, who fell back, upon the alarm being given, a sufficient distance to secure his retreat

Lieutenant-Colonel Pousonby followed the enemy soon after day-break through Villa Garcia, and was skirmishing with him when General Le Marchant's brigade

upon Llerena.

London Gazeite.- Dispatches from Lord Wellington.

arrived on the other side of the heights between the Llerena Road and Bienvenida;' I desired Colonel Pousooby would shew only three squadrous, and endeavour to amuse the enemy in front until Major-General Le Narchant's brigade (which I sent Colonel Elley to conduct u ader cover of the heights) was prepared to attack the enemy in flank; this succeedel adinirably; anil the eneiny being vigurously attacked at the same moment in front and flask, retired in the greatest contusion and disorder. I pursued him with Major-General Anson's brigade, and one regiment of Major General Le Marchant's (the 5th Dragoon Guards), supported by the 3d and 4th drago!is, to near Llerena, a distance of four miles, during which the enemy's loss in killed was very considerable, and about 150 prison. 18, including a Lieutenant-Colonel, two captains and ove Lieutenant, with about 130 horses, were brought off the field.

The enemy's cavalry formed on the right, and in rear of seven guns, and between eight and ten thousand infantry, which had taken up a position op the left of, and close to the town. The whole soon afterwards retired upoo Berlanga and Asuaya, to the former of which place my patroles followed them,

I cannot say too much in praise of the gallantry and regularity of the four regiments which attacked and pursued the enemy, 0: could any thing have exceeded the steadiness and good discipline displayed by the 3d and 4th dragoons, commanded by Colonel Lord Edward Somerset and Major Clowes, who supported them,

I have to recommend strongly to your notice Major-General Le Marchant and the Hon. Lieutenaat-Colonel Ponsonby, why commauded the two brigades witli so moch gallantry and judgment; and I have great pleasure in assuring you of the good conduct of Lieutenant Hervey, commanding 14th light dragoons ; Major Prescott, coinmanding the 5th dragoon guards ; Captain Dickens, commanding 12th light dragoons; Captain Murray, commanding 16th light dragoons; and the Hon. Major Cocks, commanding detachments of the 19th and 14th ligt dragoons.

To Lieutenant Colonel Elley, my Assistant. Adjutant Genera!, I am much indebted, for the very great assistance which I derived from him, particularly in conducting my right column to the point of attack. I bey also to recommend to your potice Capt White, iny Deputy Assistant. Quarter-Master-General, and Capain Baron Decken.

Herewith I send a list of the killed and wounded, wlich I am happy to find is not great, cuusidering the very superior force of the enemy.



Lieutenant-General, Commanding the Cavalry. Return of killed, wounded, and missing, of the First Cavalry Drision of the Army, under the command of his Excellency General the Earl of Wellington, K. B. in an affair with the enemy's rear-guard, near Llerena, on the 11th of April, 1812.

Head-quarters, Niza, April 16, 1812. 5th dragonn guards-12 rank and file, 15 horses, killed; I major, 1 lieutenant, 3 serjeauts, 23 rank and file, 1 horse wounded; 12 horses missing.

4th dragoons- rank and file wounded.

12th light dragoonga serjeant, 2 rank and file, i borse, killed; i serjeant, 4 rank od file, 3 horses, wounded; I rank and file, 3 horses missing.

14th ditto-1 borse killed; 2 rank and file, 3 horses wounded; I rank and file, i horse missing. 16th ditio horse killed ; 1 rank and tile, 2 horses wounded; i horse missing.

Total- 1 serjeant, 13 rank and file, 18 horses killed ; ! major, i lielitenant, 4 serjeants, 36 rank and tile, 9 horses, wounded; ? rank and file, 17 borses missing

Officers wounded.-5th dragoou guards- Major Prescot, slightly; Lieutenant Walker, severely.

N B. of ttre horses returned missing several straged into the country, and others followed the defeated enemy, when their riders fell from them, killed or severely wounded.

(Signed) John WATERS.

Lieutenant-Colonel, and Assistant-Adjutant-General. Return of prisoners and horses taken from the enemy, 11th of April. 2d hussars—3 corporals and 20 privates.

17th dragoons- lieutenant-colonel, I captain, 1 lieutenant, 1 serjeant, 4 corporals, and 42 privates.

21st caçadores-i private.
27th dragoonscaptain, 2 serjeants, 3 corporals, and 48 privates.
Horses and mules-123 horses, i mule.

London Gazette.- Dispatches from Lord Wellington.

Total-1 lieutenant-colonel, 2 captains, i lieutenant, 3 serjeants, 10 corporals, 111 privates, 123 horses, I mule.


Lieut. Col. and Assist. Adj. Gen. of Cavalry.

DOWNING-STREET, MAY 12. A Dispatch, of which the following is an ertract, was received on Sunday evening at

the Earl of Liverpool's Office, uddressed to his Lordship by General the Earl of Wellington, dated Alfayates, April 24.

Alfayates, April 24. The army contioned its march towards this quarter since I last addressed you, and the enemy retired before them.

The last of the enemy crossed the Agueda yesterday morning, and they are ja full retreat towards the Tormes.

Tbc rains which had fallen between the 13th and 19th inst. had carried away the bridge which they had constructed on the Agueda, immediately above Ciudad Rodrigo; but they have repaired it within these last three days, and the leading divisions of the army crossed by the Puente d'el Vilar and the fords of the Upper Agueda ; the rear ouly by the bridge wear Ciudad Rodrigo.

When Marshal Marmont marched his troops upon Sabugal, General Bacellar ordered that the Portuguese militia, under Brigadier-Generals Trant and Wilson, should be concentratcd upou Guarila.

Marshal Marmont moved upon this militia with a considerable force of cavalry, infantry, and artillery, on the 14th inst. and Brigadier-General Trapt, who commanded, conceiving the eneiny to be too strong for him, determined to retire across the Mondego.

The militia had made great progress in their retreat ; but a battalion, which was covering the retreat, having been ordered to fire upon the enemy's cavalry, and the rain having prevented their pieces froin going off, broke, and threw the retreating troops into disorder; and the enemy took about one hundred and fifty prisoners.

The troops were formed again, however, on the left of the Mondego, and retired upon Celerico ; General Baceliar keeping the advanced posts under BrigadierGeneral Wilson at Lagiosa. Ou the following morning, the 15th, the enemy advanced in considerable force, and drove in Brigadier-General Wilson's out-posts at Lagiosa.

The enemy retired from Lagiosa in the course of the night of the 15th, and from Guarda on the 16th, which town was occupied on the 17th by the troops under the command of Brigadier-General Wilson.

Your Lordship will be liappy to learn, that the officers of the militia behaved remarkably well.-It appears to me, that. Brigadier-General Trant and BrigadierGeneral Wilson did every thing they ought to have done.

The partial success over the Portuguese militia on their retreat from Guarda, and the murder and plunder of the inhabitants of a few villages in Lower Beira, already suffering from the enemy's former de predations, are the only fruits of Marshal Marmont's expedition within the Portuguese frontier, to divert our attention from the siege of Badajoz.

While the troops belonging to the army of Portugul have been collected for this serrice, I learu from General Castanos that General Abadia had ordered the Spanish troops in the Asturias to move into Leon; where Brigadier Moreno had had some partial success against a French detachment at Otero de la Duenas. Don Julian Sanchez likewise, who has continued with his cavalry in Castile, has been very successful on the enemy's communications and against their convoys.

By accounts from the south I learn, that neither the Conde de Penne Villemus nor General Ballasteros entered Seville, while Marshal Soult was in Estramadura, in the commencement of this month,

The Conde de Penne Villemur is now on his return into Estremadura, with the troops of the Fifth Army.

General Drouet is in Fueute Ovejuna, in Cordova, with the troops under his command; and Marshal Soult at Seville, according to the last accounts of the 21st inst, which I have received from Lieutevant-General Sir Rowland Hill.

London Gazette.- Dispatches from Lurd Wellington.

A Dispatch, of which the following is an extruct, has been received this morning at the

Earl of Liverpool's Office, addressed to his Lordship by Generul the Earl of Wellington, duted Fuente Guinaldo, April 29.

Fuente Guinaldo, April 29. The enemy have continued their retreat since I addressed your Lordship on the 24th inst.

No movement has been made to the south. General Drouet was still, by the last accounts, at Fuente de Ovejuna, in Cordova.

The Conde de Penue Villemur has returned into Estremadura with the troops under bis command.



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Royal Regiment of Artillery. Second Lieutenant Francis Wardle to be First Lieutenant, vice J. Maxwell, deceased. Dated March 8, 1812. COMMISSION IN THE FIRST REGIMENT OF CAERMARTHEN LOCAL MILITIA;


Second Lieutenant David Thomas to be First Lieutenant, vice Synes, resigned. Dated April 4, 1812. COMMISSION IN THE NOTTINGHAMSHIRE REGIMENT OF MILITIA, SIGNED BY


RENFREW. John Maxwell, Esq. William Napier, Esq. and Ludovick Houtson, Esq. to be Deputy Lieutenants. Dated February 24, 1812. COMMISSION IN THE WESTERN BATTALION OF DORSETSHIRE LOCAL MILITIA,

SIGNED BY THE LORD LIEUTENANT. Ives Harvey Urquet, Gent. to be Lićutenant, vice Stoddart, resigned. Dated April 3, 1912. COMMISSIONS SIGNED BY THE LORD LIEUTENANT OF THE COUNTY OF

NORFOLK First or West Norfolk regiment of Militia. Captain James Barnham to be Major, vice Custance, resigned; Lieutenant George Langford to be Captain, vice Barnham, promoted. Both Dated April 6, 1212

Epsign John Lucas Worship to be Lieutenant, vice Walker resigned. Pated March 11, 1812.

Cook Fluwer, Geut. to be Ensign, vice Worship, promoted. Dated March 27, 1812.

Second or East Norfolk Regiment.
William Chaloner Mack, Esq. to be Captain, vice Lloyd, resigned.

Dated March 11, 1812.

Joseph Houlton, Gent. to be Surgeon, vide Mack, resigned. Dated March 2, 1812.

James Green, Gent. to be Ensign and Assistant-Surgeon, vice Houlton. Data April 2, 1812. COUXISSION IN THE WEST REGIMENT OF MONMOUTII LOCAL MILITIA, SIGNED

BY THE LORD LIEUTENANT OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. William Phillips, Esq. to be Major, vice Leigh, resigned. Dated April 16, 1812.

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