eorple, the lords affiftants and sup- of Caernarvon (now duke of Chanporters of the pall upon ftools on dos) and lady Charlotte Edwin. either side.

At the different stages of youth, The part of the service before he was put under preceptors quathe interment being read, the lified to instruct him in the various corpse was depofited in the vault; branches of literature, and the exand the Dean having finished the ercises proper for a prince of his burial service, garter king of arms, birth; and as he was designed to proclaimed his Royal Highness's preside at the naval-board, the style as follows:

knowledge of maritime affairs Thus it hath pleased Almighty formed a capital part of the plan

God to take out of his trans allotted for his studies. On the fitory life unto his divine mercy, 18th of March, 1752, he was the late most high, moft mighty, elected a knight companion of the and most illustrious prince Ed- moft noble order of the garter, ward Auguftus, duke of York and installed the 4th of June foland Albany, earl of Ulster, lowing, knight of the most noble order His royal highness, on the 25th of the garter, second son of the of July, 1758, embarked at Portflate moft illuftrious prince Fre- mouih, on board the Essex, comderick, prince of Wales, de manded by Richard, now lord ceased, and next brother to his viscount Howe, and proceeding most excellent majefty George with the fleet, was present at the the Third, by the 'Grace of reduction of Cherburg, in Nor. God, King of Great Britain, mandy, by General Bligh. Hav. France, and Ireland, defender of ing likewise failed in September the faith; whom God bless and ensuing with the same nobleman, preserve with long life, health, when his lordship escorted the and honour, and all worldly transports with the troops fent out happiness.

against St. Malo, he witnessed the unfortunate affair at St. Cas, on

the 28th of that month, and shewed Some particulars of the life of his late great refolution and firmness of Royal Highness the Duke of York.

mind. His highness, after he had

gone through the fubordinate ofHIS IS royal highness Edward fices of midshipman and lieute.

Auguftus, duke of York, nant, was, on the 19th of June second son of Frederick prince 1759, promoted to the command of Wales, was born March of his majesty's fhip Phænix, of 1738-9, about four o'clock in the forty guns. On the 28th of next afternoon, and christened April 11 month, he failed from Plymouth, following. The sponsors, on that

on board che Hero man of war, occasion, were the king of Prussia, with the present lord Edgecumbe, the duke of Brunswick-Wolfen. and upon his joining the feet off buttle, and the dutchefs of Saxe. Brelt, was complimented by adWeissenfels, represented, refpec- miral Hawke, and all the other tively, by Charles duke of Queenf. fag officers and captains of that berry and Dover, Henry marquis {quadron. He returned, with Sir


Edward and Admiral Hardy, to nied by twelve other aldermen, Plymouth found, on the 13th of together with the master of the October, and soon after his landing grocers company, attended by a set out for London.

committee of his brethren, waited On the ist of April, 1760, his on his highness, on the ruth of late majefty was pleased to grant the next month, when the master unto his royal highness, and the of the grocers company presented heirs male of his body, the dignities him with the freedom of that so. of duke of the kingdom of Great ciety, and the comptroller of the Britain, and of earl of the kingdom chamber of London delivered to of Ireland, by the names, styles, him that of the city; it being a and titles, of duke of York, and fundamental part of the conftitoAlbany, in the said kingdom of tion of London, that no person Great Britain, and of earl of be admitted a freeman of the city, Ulfter, in the said kingdom of Ire- till he be first so in some of the land. He took the oaths, and his companies; and likewise customseat, in the British fenate, on the ary, when an honorary freedom gth of May following; and on the is granted, for the company, 27th of October, that year, two whereof the lord mayor is a memdays after his brother's accession ber, previously to admit the in. to the throne, was sworn of the tended citizen into their fraternity. privy-council. On the 31st of At his brother's nuptials, SepMarch, 1771, his royal highness tember 8, 1761, his highness, as was appointed rear-admiral of the chief supporter to the royal bride, Blue, and sworn in at the Admi. walked on her right hand : and at ralty on the 8th of next month. the proceffion of the ensựing coro

The common-council of Lon- nation, on the 22d of that month, don, on the 5th of June, 1761, appeared in his robes, as first prince voted that the freedom of their of the blood. city be presented to his royal On the 23d of June, 1762, he highness in a gold box of 150 gui. hoifted his Aag, at Spithead, on neas value, in teftimony of their board the Princess Amelia (wheredutiful affection for their sove- of lord Howe was capiain) and seign, and as a pledge of their falling down to St. Helens, fail. grateful respect to his royal high-ed, with the fleet under Sir Ed. ness, for his early entrance into ward Hawke, on a cruize, to the the naval service of his king and coasts of France, Spain, and Porcountry, the noblest and most ef- tugal, from which he retu: ned the fectual bulwark of the wealth, re. Auguft following: His royal highputation, and independence of this nels, on the 28th of next month, commercial nation; and that his set sail with a small squadron, from royal highness be humbly requeft. St. Helen's to the Bay of Biscay, ed to honour the city by his ac- and returning thence to Plymouth, ceptance of the said freedom. His on the 30th of October, was electroyal highness having signified his ed high steward of that corporaconsent to accept this token of tion, and about the same time prethe citizens' efteem, Sir Matthew ferred to be vice-admiral of the Blakitton, lord mayor, accompa- Blue. In that quality, he failed


peace, by

from Plymouth, on the 14th of board the Centurion, landed on November following, with the fleet the 20th at Nice, in the king of under Sir Charles Hardy, on a Sardinia's territories, from whence cruize to the westward, and, on he went to Antibes, the first town the return of that squadron, ar. from Italy in the French domi. sived the 13th of Decernberat Lon- nions; and from thence through don, where he chiefly resided till Aix, Avignon, Valence, Vienne, June 30, when he set out on a tour Lions, Villefranche,Marçon, Tours to different parts of England, as nées, Chalon, Dijon, Langres, he had done the three preceding Chamount, St. Dizier, Chalons -Summers, and was every where re- au Champagne, Rheims, Laon, ceived with the respect due to his St. Quintin, Peronrie, Arras, and - Fank.

St. Omer, to Calais; without At the baptism of- his nephew, touching at Paris, where magnil. prince Frederick, September 19, cent preparations were made for 1763, his, royal highness lood his reception.. godfather, -by his proxy the earl

The reason of his not coming of Huntingdon, being then on his through Paris, was said to be a coldway to Plymouth, to embark for ness which then subfifted between foreign parts. He set sail from the courts of London, and Vere that port September 22, on board failles, on account of some late inthe Centurion, commanded by fractions in the treaty of commodora, Harrison; and as he the French. He crossed the straits, , chose to travel incog. he took the and landed at Dover on the 31st

title of earl of Ulster, in which of August; from whenc, le procharacter he was received at the ceeded to London. court of Lisbon, where he arrived On the 5th of December, 1764, October 3. From thence he de- he was elected president of the parted in the fame ship, October 28, London hospital. He had before for Gibraltar, where he staid but been made a fellow of the royal two days, and then failed to Port. fociety. mahon, where he remained till In the fummer, 1765, his royal - November 17, and then steered highness made the tour of several for Genoa, which he reached on parts of Holland a d Germany. the 28th.

On the 12th of June he arrived at After residing there about ten the Hague, and was complimented weeks, he visited Turin, Florence, by a deputation from the States- Leghorn, Rome, Parma, Venice, General In July he vidited the

Padua, Milan, and other noted ci- court of Berlin, where he was re. ties in Italy ; and was entertain- ceived and entertained by the king ed, with great magnificence, in of Pruflia with particular marks of every place; but did not proceed distinction and favour. Aboui the to Naples, as there was a malig- beginning of August he returned to nant diftemper raging in the Nea. England, and immediately visited politan dominions.

On Friday, Tunbridge and other parts which August 17, 1764, his royal high he had not seen before. nels, re-embarking at Genoa on When the parliament met, which Vol. X,



it did in December, he attended which the prince of Conde, by the his duty there, as one of the peers king's order, invited upwards of of the realm; and on the question three hundred of the principal noabout repealing the American bility of France. The duke of ftamp act, voted against the mini- Orleans invited his royal highness fters; and was again numbered to take the diversion of the chase with the opposition in another di. with him, which he did several vision, during the same sellion. times. During his stay at the And in the succeeding session (1767) French court, he was daily enterupon a question relating to the bill tained and complimented by the of indemnity, framed and passed princes, princesses, and nobility of by the assembly of Massachusets France, all of whom seemed to vie Bay, he spoke against the ministers, with each other in thewing him the then in office.

highest honours and respect. On Tuesday, July the 7th, (five We have given an authentic acdays after the prorogation of par. count in our chronicle of the cir. liament) his royal highness set out cumstances relative to his royal for Dover, in order to visit the highness's last illness; we have no continent once more. He was at. alteration to make in it; but to tended by the hon. colonel St. John, abserve, that another account savs John Wrottelly, Esq. aand the hon. his illne’s was occafioned by the colonel Morrifon. 'On' the uth great fatigues he underwent, for he arrived at Brussels, under the two days, of excessive hot weather, title of earl of Ulster, and was po. in viewing the fortifications of litely received by prince Charles, Toulon. We have mentioned this, who had just before entertained the though a matter of little conseprince and princess of Brunswick quence, as we would leave no parwith great magnificence. From ticular unnoticed, upon this affectBrussels he went to Mons, and to ing and melancholy occasion. Paris. On the 19th he was pre.

It is needless to delineate his sented to the king and queen of character, for it is engraved in the France at Compeigne, under the heart of every Englishman. His title of earl of Ulster; and on the affability, good nature, humanity, 23d his royal highness had the and generoity, endeared him to honour to sup with their majesties. all ranks of people. He was fond A few days afterwards, he was pre- of company and pleasures, which fent at a grand review of the French induced him to visit most places of troops by the king himself, who public resort; and contributed to asked his royal highness how he make him very generally known, liked his troops ; to which the and much beloved. He was par. prince answered, “That they cer- ticularly kind and tender to his tainly made a fine appearance, and domestics, who regarded him with for the sake of your majesty, added the most real affection, and lament he, and my brother, I hope never his lofs with the most unfeigned to see them any where else.” His forrow. He was a lover of the royal highness was next invited polite and fine arts; and, if his by the king and queen to a grand royal highness had lived, it is entertainment at Chantilly, to probable that his disposition to, and knowledge of, maritime af. above five o'clock in the evening, fairs, might have put the nation when the cabbin-boy swam to the under as great obligations to him, hull, and threw them a rope, by as they had been to his royal uncle which they got on the bottom of for his military services. He died the vessel, where they were till universally lamented, and the great in a dismal plight : the first want tenderness, respect, and regard, that invaded them was drink; this which was shewn upon that me- drove away all thought of meat. lancholy occasion, and during the The main-maft with all the rigwhole course of his illness by the ging, the lanyards having been prince of Monaco, deserve every cut away, came up alongside, tribute of praise and gratitude. from which they got the wreath; His establishment was 20,000l. (a square hoop which binds the fterling per annum, viz. from the head of the mast) with which, and king his brother goool. from the a bolt of a foot long, they went public 8000l, a pension on Ireland to work on her bottom, in the zoool.

mean time keeping their mouths moist, as well as they could, by chewing the fuff off her bottom,

se not having any barnacles, beA narrativ of the extraordinary dis- ing lately cleaned, and some lead

treljes which were suffered at sea, which was on her bow, and drink. by the surviving part of the crew, ing their own water. In four days of the brig Sally, captain Tabry, time Peter Toy died raving for . bound from Philadelphia to Hifpa drink, whole body they threw of niola,

the vessel the next day. In this

manner did they work for fix 8th last, , latitude 25, having a strong feep, not daring to lie down for gale of wind, the brig was laid to

fear of falling off the vessel : the under her main-stay sail' till ten fixth day they got a hole in the o'clock the next morning, when the brig, where they found a barrel was hove on her beam ends, and

of bottle beer; this they drank in less than five minutes turned very greedily; they soon got anokeel upwards, so that they had ther parcel, when one of them put only time to cut away the lanyards the others on an allowance. The of her main-malt. There were on eleventh day of their being on the board Anthony Tabry, mafter; wreck, they got a barrel of pork; Humphry Mars, mate; Joseph which they were obliged to eat Sherver, Samuel Bess, John Burna,

As to sleep, as soon as they mariners; who were drowned: fix got a hole through the vessel's other mariners, viz. Peter Toy, bottom, they pulled out a great Daniel Culrain, John Davis, Alex, number of staves and shingles, and ander Landerry, Peter Mayes, and made a platform in the same place; Willam Hammon, having got hold but so small it was; that, when they of the top masts which floated wanted to turn, they were obliged alongside, tied it to the stern, and

to wait till the sea hoifted the vere fupported themselves by it, till fel, and when lae fell again with

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