entitled to receive four tickets in 31. per cent. per annum, on the the faid lottery, upon payment of sums so compleating his contriba1ol. for each ticket; and that eve- tion respectively, to be computed by contributor shall, on or before from the day of compleating the the 29th of April next, make a fame, to the 17th of November deposit with the cashiers of the next, in respect of the sum paid bank of England, of 20l. per cent. on account of the said 900,oool. in part of the monies fo to be and to the 17th of September next; contributed towards the said sum in respect of the sum paid on acof 900,oool. and also a deposit count of the said lottery. of 51. per cent. in part of the 2. That an additional duty of monies so to be contributed in 3d. per ell be laid upon all linen respect of the said lottery, as a se. cloth, or sheeting, above one yard curity for 'making the respective English in width, which shall be futuré payments to the said ca- imported into this kingdom, exfhiers, on or before the times here. cept from Holland and Flanders. in after limited; that is to say, on 3. That an additional duty of the 900,000l. 10l. per cent. on zd. per ell be laid upon all canvas or before the 27th of March next; drilling, which shall be imported iol. per cent, on or before the 26th into this kingdom. of June next; 151. per cent. on or 4. That the said duties be carried before the 27th of August next; to the sinking fund, towards making 151. per cent. on or before the good to the fame the payments to be 25th of September next; 15l. per made the reout of the annuities at: cent. on or before the 30th of Oc- tending the said sum of 1,500,00ol. tober next; 151. per cent. on or 5. That the additional duties before the 17th of November next. upon baft, or straw, chip, cane, On the lottery for 600,000l. 251. and horse-hair hats and bonnets, per cent. on or before the 16th of and upon platting, or other maJune next; 301. per ceni, on or nufacture of baft, or ftraw, chip, before the 28th of July next; 401. cane, or horse-hair, to be used in, per cent. on or before the 11th of or proper for, making of hats or September next. And that all bonnets, imported into any port the monies so received by the said or place in this kingdom, grant. cashiers be paid into the receipt of ed to his majeity in this feflion, his majesty's exchequer, to be ap. be also carried to the said fund, toplied, from time to time, to such wards making good the said payservices as shall then have been voted by this house in this feflion 6. That towards making good of parliament; and that every con. the said supply, there be applied tributor who shall pay in the whole the sum of 469,1471. 145. 3d. i of his contribution towards the remaining in the receipt of the said sum of 900,cool, at any time exchequer, on the 5th of April, on or before the 27th of October 1767, for the disposition of parlia. next, or towards the said lottery, ment, of the monies which had on or before the 24th of July next, then arisen of the surplusses, ex. shall be allowed an interest, by cesses, or overplus monies, and way of discount, after the rate of other revenues, composing the



fund commonly called the Sinking 10. That out of such monies re. Fund.

maining in the hands of Edward 7. That towards raising the Sainthill, Esq. as were issued to said fupply there be applied the him for the relief and maintenance sum of 2010,1211. 108. 3d. į of the widows of officers of the out of such monies as shall or may land forces and marines, who died arise of the surpluffes, excesses, or in the service, the sum of 7,8441. overplus monies, and other reve. 175. od. be paid into the hands nues, composing the said fund of the paymalter general of his commonly called the Sinking majesty's forces, and be also apFund.

plied towards making good the 8. That, towards making good said supply granted, towards de. the faid supply, there be applied fraying the extraordinary expences the sum of 35,2021. gs. 2d. also of his majesty's land forces, and remaining in the receipt of the other services, incurred to the 3d excheqer, for the disposition of of February, 1767, and not proparliament.

vided for by parliament. 9. That a fum not exceeding 11. that a fum, not exceeding 261,5711. 135. 3d. 1 out of the 110,0001, out of such monies as savings arising upon grants for the shall be paid into the receipt of pay of several regiments upon re- the Exchequer, after the sth of spited pay, by off-reckonings, and April, 1767, and on or before the by stoppages made for provisions 5th of April, 1768, of the prodelivered to the forces in North duce of all or any of the duties and America, the West Indies, and revenues, which, by any act or at Minorca, to the 24th of De. acts of parliament, have been di. cember, 1764, and received of rected to be reserved for the dispoWilliam earl of Chatham, formerly fition of parliament, towards depaymafter general of his majefty's fraying the necessary expences of forces, for the balance remaining defending, protecting, and fe. over and above the monies found curing the British colonies and necessary to be applied for defray- plantations in America, be applied ing the expences of the forces in towards making good such part of former years; and also out of the the supply as hath been granted to sum of one million, granted in the his majesty, for maintaining his second year of his majesty's reign, majelly's forces and garrisons in on account, to enable him to defray the plantations, and for provisions extraordinary expences of the war, for the forces in North America, for the service of 1762, and Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and to assist the kingdom of Portugal, the ceded islands, for the year and for other purposes, be applied 1769. towards making good the supply 12. That such of the monies as granted, towards defraying the ex. shall be paid into the receipt of traordinary expences of his ma- the exchequer, after the 5th of jesty's land forces, and other fer. April, 1767, and on or before the vices, incurred to the 3d of Febru- 5th of April, 1768, of the proary, 1767, and not provided for duce of the duties charged by an by parliament.

act of parliament made in the


fifth year of his present majesty's Holland and Flanders, except
reign upon the importation and cloth of the manufacture of those
exportation of Gum Senega and countries.
Gum Arabic, be applied towards That an additional duty of
making good the supply granted 3d. per ell, be laid upon all dril.
to his majefty:

ling, other than canvas drilling,
13. That the sum of 150,000l, which shall be imported into this
remaining in the receipt of the kingdom,
exchequer, which was granted to 3. That the said duties be car-
his majesty, in the last session of ried to the finking fund, towards
parliament, upon account, for de. making good to the same, the pay,
fraying the charge of the pay and ments to be made thereout, of the
cloathing of the militia for one annuities to be established in re-
year, beginning the 25th of March, spect of the sum of 1,500,000 1. to
1766, be applied towards raising be raised in pursuance of a “refo-
the said supply:

lution of this house, on the 16th 14. That a fum not exceeding

um not exceeding of April last. 181,000l. of the monies agreed to 4. That an act made in the 7th be paid by a convention between of Geo. II. chap. 18. which was his majesty and the French king, to continue in force from the 24th concluded and figned at London, of June, 1734, for seven years the 27th of February, 1765, for and from thence to the end of the the maintenance of the late French then next session of parliament, prisoners of war, be applied to. and which, by several subsequent wards making good the said supply. acts passed in the 4th, zoth, 27th,

15. That the fam of 84,604 1. and 33d of his faid late majesty, 2 s. 3 d. remaining in the receipt was further continued, from the of the exchequer on the 5th of expiration thereof, until the 29th April, 1767, of the two seventh's of September, 1767, and from excise, granted by an act of 5 and thence to the end of the then next 6 William and Mary, after satis. feffion, is near expiring, and fit to fying the several charges and in- be continued. cumberances thereupon, for the half year then ended, be carried 1. That there be laid an addi. to, and made part of, the aggre.

tional duty of one half penny pergate fund, and that the said fund ell, upon all foreign canvass, packbe made a security for the discharge ing, sprufe, Elbing, or Quintboof such annuities, and other de. rough, imported into this kingmands, payable out of the said fum, dom. as the growing produce of the faid 2. That there be laid an additwo sevenths excise shall not be tional duty of id. per ell, on all fufficient to answer.

foreign canvas, Dutch barrafs, or

Heffens, imported into this king1. That an additional duty of dom. 3d. per ell, be laid upon all linen 3. That all foreign lawns imcloth or meeting above one yard ported into this kingdom, be rated English in width, which shall be as Silefia lawns, and pay accordimported into this kingdom, from ingly.


MAY 7.

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4. That

MAY 19,

4. That over and above the said by a policy ftamped with one 55. duty an additional duty of 3d. per stamp; and to the amount of any yard be laid upon all foreign larger fum, by a policy ftamped lawns.

with two such ftamps. 5. That a fum, not exceeding 3. That the allowance autho.' 15,000l. per annum arising from rized to be made by an act passed the said duties, do remain in the in the 29th of his late majesty, receipt of the exchequer, as a fund upon prompt payment of the for the encouragement of raising stamp duties on licences for re. and dreffing hemp and flax in this tailing beer, ale, and other excise. kingdom, in such way and manner able liquors, be reduced to the as parliament shall hereafter di- same rate as the allowances for rect, and that the remainder of the prompt payment of other stamp faid duties be reserved in the ex. duties. chequer for the future difpofition 4. That upon the exportation of parliament.

from this kingdom of coffee and

cocoa nuts, of the growth or pro1. That there be granted to his duce of the British colonies, or majesty, upon the postage and con- plantations in America, as mere veyance of letters and packets be- chandize, a drawback be allowed, tween Great-Britain and the ille of of the duties of customs, payable Man, for every single letter 22. upon the importation thereof. for every double letter 4d. foreve. 5. That grey or scrow salt, salt ry treble letter 6d. and for every scale, fand scale, cruftings, or other ounce 8d. and so in proportion for foul salt, be allowed to be taken every packet of deeds, writs, and from the salt-works in England, other things.

Wales, or Berwick upon Tweed, 2. For the postage and convey

to be used as manure, upon pay: ance of letters and packets, ment of a duty of id. per bushel within the said island, such rates, only. in proportion to the number of 6. That provision be made, for miles, or stages, as are now esta declaring that ribbands and filks, blished for the island, port, or con. printed, Itained, or painted, in this veyance of letters and packets in kingdom, though less than half a England.

yard in breadth, are within the 3. That the monies arising hy meaning of certain acts made in the said rates be appropriated to the roth and 12th of queen Anne, such uses as the present rates of and liable to the duties therein poftages are now made applicable. mentioned. JUNE 2.

7. That the duties payable upon 1. That the duties upon log. Succus Liquoritiæ, imported into wood, exported from this king- this kingdom, be repealed. dom, be discontinued.

8. That, in lieu thereof, a duty 2. That the properties of any of 305. per hundred weight, be laid number of persons whatsoever, in upon Succus Liquoritiæ imported any ship or cargo, or both, be als into this kingdom. lowed to be assured, to the amount 9. That the said duty be ap. of any sum, not exceeding 1000l, propriated to such uses, as the



duty so to be repealed was made to the said colonies and planta. applicable.

tions. 10. That a subsidy of 6d. in 17. That a duty of 3d. per the pound, according to the value pound weight, avoirdupois, be specified in the book of rates, re. laid upon all tea, imported inferred to by an act made in the to the said colonies and planta. 12th of king Charles II. be laid tions. upon the exportation from this 18. That the faid duties, to be kingdom, of such rice as shall have raised in the said colonies and been imported duty free, by virtue plantations, be applied in making of an act made in this session of a more certain and adequate pro. parliament.

vifion for the charge of the ad11. That the faid duty on rice ministration of justice, and the fup. be reserved in the exchequer for port of civil government, in fach the disposition of parliament. of the said colonies and planta.

12. That the drawbacks pay- tions, where it Mall be found ne. able on China earthen-ware, ex- cessary, and that the residue of ported to America, be disconti. such duties be paid into the re, nued.

ceipt of his majesty's exchequer, 13. That a duty of 45. 8d. per and there reserved to be, from hundred weight, avoirdupois, be time to time, disposed of by par. laid upon all crown, plate, fint, liament, towards defraying the ne. and white glass, imported into the ceffary expences of defending, proBritish colonies and plantations in tecting, and securing the America.


and plantations. 14. That a duty of 15: 2d. per 19. That, upon the exportahundred weight, avoirdupois, be tion of teas to Ireland, and the laid upon all green glass, imported British dominions in America, a into the said colonies, and planta.. drawback be allowed, for a time tions.

to be limited, of all the duties of 15. That such duties as shall be customs, which shall have been equal to a moiety of the duties paid thereupon; and that such in. granted by two acts of parliament, demnification be made, by the made in the luth and 12th of her East India company, to the pubmajesty queen Anne, and now pay, lic, in respect of such drawback, able in pursuance thereof, or of as is mentioned in the petition of any subsequent act of parliament, the faid company.

pon paper, paste boards, mill. 20. That the inland duty of is, boards, and scaleboards, respec- per poúnd weight, upon all black tively, be laid upon paper, paste. and linglo teas confomed in Great boards, millboards, and scaleboards Britain, be taken off, for a time imported into the said colonies and to be limited, and that such inplantations.

demnification be made, by the 16. That a duty of 2s. per said company, to the poblic, in hundred weight avoirdupois, be- respect of such duty, as is men. laid upon all red and white lead, tioned in the petition of the said and painters colours, imported in company.'


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