that my parliament might have (and I have no other to ak of you,} full time for their deliberations renders it unnecessary for me to upon all such branches of the pub- add any exhortations upon this lic service as may require their head; and I doubt not, but the immediate attention, without the fame public confiderations will in. neceflity of continuing the session duce you to persevere, with equal beyond the time most suitable to alacrity, in your endeavours to my people for the election of a diminish the nationaldebt; while, new parliament : and I doubt not on my part, no care shall be want. but you will be careful, from the ing to contribute, as far as posli. same confiderations, to avoid, in ble, to the attainment of that most your proceedings, all unnecessary essential object, by every frugal delay.

application of such supplies, as Nothing in the present situation you shall grant. of affairs abroad gives me reason My Lords, and Gentlemen, to apprehend that you will be The necessity of improving the prevented, by any interruption of present general tranquillity to the the public tranquillity, from fix- great purpose of maintaining the ing your whole attention upon itrength, the reputation, and the such points as concern the inter. prosperity of this country, ought nal welfare and prosperity of my to be ever before your eyes. To people.

render your deliberations for that Among these objects of a do- purposé successful, endeavour to mestic nature, none can demand cultivate a spirit of harmony ao a more speedy or more serious at. mong yourselves. My concurtention, than what regards the rence in whatever will promote high price of corn, which neither the happiness of my people, you the salutary laws passed in the last may always depend upon: and in fefsion of parliament, nor the pro- that light, I shall ever be desirous duce of the late harvelt, have yet of encouraging union among all been able so far to reduce, as to

those, who wish well to their coungive sufficient relief to the dif. try. tresses of the poorer sort of my people. Your late residence in The address of the house of Lords. your several counties must have enabled you to judge, whether Most gracious Sovereign, any farther provisions can be made, E your Majesty's most duconducive to the attainment of só desirable an end.

Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Gentlemen of the house of parliament assembled, return your

Majesty our humble thanks for your I will order the proper officers molt gracious speech from the to lay before you the estimates for throne. the service of the ensuing year, We acknowledge with grati.

The experience I have had of tude, your Majefty's tender re. your constant readiness to grant gard and concern for your people, me all such supplies as should be in assembling the parliament at found necessary, for the security, such a season, as, whilst it pro.' intereft, and honour of the nation, vides for the convenience of your

[P] 4



people, will allow sufficient time cessity of improving the present for our deliberation on the several tranquillity to the purpose of mainbranches of the public service that taining the strength, the reputa. may require our immediate at. tion, and prosperity of this coun. tention And we beg leave to try, we will cheerfully contribute, assure your majesty, that it shall on our part, to the success of such be our hearty desire to forward measures as fall be thought most your Majesty's most gracious pur- expedient for the attainment of pose, by avoiding in our proceed. that great end : And that, with ings all unnecessary delay.

this view, we shall endeavour to We fincerely rejoice in the prof. cultivate that fpirit of harmony pect of the continuance of the ge. and union, which your Majefty, in neral tranquillity; and it is our your paternal care for the happi, firm resolution to give, at a time ness of your people, has moft so favourable for such considera. graciously recommended from the tions, our strictest attention to all throne ; and on which the success those objects that may more im- of our councils, and the public mediately affect the internal wel. welfare, fo essentially depend. fare and happiness of your people.

We assure your Majesty, that His majesty's most gracious answer. our earnest endeavours shall not be wanting for the relief of the dir

My Lords, tresses, which the poor labour un

Your readiness to provide for der from the high price of corn, mity and dispatch fo necessary at

the public services with the unani, if any farther provisions can

be made conducive to fo desirable an

this juucture, as well as to avail end.

yourselves of the present general Permit us, Sir, to congratulate tranquillity, in order to promote your Majesty on the safe delivery the internal prosperity of my peoof the Queen, and the birth of a ple, is highly agreeable to me; Prince; and to assure your Ma

and I rely upon your assurances,

that jesty of our unfeigned joy on any

you will use your endeavours increase of your domestic felic to relieve the distresses which the city; at the same time that we

poor labour under from the high consider every addition to your il. price of corn. lustrious house as a further secu.

I thank you for the joy you ex. rity of our religious and civil li: press on the increate of my royal berties.

family; and I feel for the part We beg leave to condole with you take in my concern for the un. your Majesty on the death of his expected loss of my late brother

the Duke of York. Royal Highness the Duke of York, and to testify our fincere concern for the loss of a Prince, whose The address of the house of Commons. virtues and amiable qualities, as Most gracious Sovereign,

E your Majesty's most duremembrance.

the Commons of Great Britain in Your majesty may be assured, parliament assembled, return your that, being fully sensible of the ne. Majesty our humble thanks for


your moft gracious speech from of the heroic race he sprang from; the throne.

and whose amiable virtues, in the We beg leave moft gratefully to more private scenes of life, must acknowledge your Majesty's good. ever make his memory dear to all ness, and attention to the conve. who had the happiness of apnience of your people in calling proaching him. your parliament together at this We beg leave most humbly to time ; and to assure your Majesty, assure your Majesty, that this that we will endeavour to improve house will, with a zeal and alathe opportunity which the present crity becoming the representatives happy state of peace and tran. of an affectionate and grateful quillity affords, by exerting our people, readily grant such suputmost abilities in the prosecution plies as shall be requisite for the of such meafures as may moft ef- support of your Majesty's govern. fectually promote the public wel. ment, for advancing the honour fare and prosperity:

and interest of this country, and We are equally fenfible of your effectually proyiding for the pubMajefty's paternal care, in the lic safety measures already taken by your And that our regard to your Majesty to alleviate the distresses Majesty's recommendation, as well of the poor; and of your royal as the indispensible duty we owe wisdom, in recommending the to those whom we represent, will fame interesting and important make us earneftly attentive to the object to the confideration of your great object of diminishing the naparliament ; and we will not fail tional debt; being convinced that to take into our most attentive nothing can fo effectually tend or deliberation all such measures as add real luftre and dignity to your shall appear conducive to the ac- Majesty's government, or to give complishment of that great and solid and permanent strength to most desirable end.

these kingdoms. It is with unfeigned joy that With these views, and in these we prefume to offer our congratu- sentiments, we will endeavour, lations to your Majesty on the with the utmost unanimity and late increase of your royal fa. dispatch, to promote the public. mily, by the birth of a Prince; service, and to deferve, by our and to assure your Majesty that we fincere and unwearied labours for regard as an addition to the wel. the general good, that confidence fare and happiness of this nation, which it has pleased your Majesty every increase of that illuftrious to repose in us; not doubting of house, under whose mild and au- your Majesty's gracious difpofition fpicious government our religious to confirm and perfect what our and civil liberties have been so true zeal may suggeft, for the happily maintained and protected. lafting advantage and happiness of

And it is with equal grief and your people, anxiety that we reflect on the late

His Majesty's most gracious answer. untimely loss of your Majesty's

Gentlemen, royal brother, the Duke of York ; whose early and ready zeal in his I return you my very sincere country's cause shewed him worthy thanks for your dutiful and loyal



address; the part you take in the deeply interested in every event late happy event in my family, which affects the illuftrious house' completes the satisfaction which I of Hanover, under whose mild receive from it: and your affec- government the British subjects tion to me appears equally mani. have, for more than half a cen. fest from the share you take in the tury, been blessed with a föll en melancholy incident which we all joyment of their civil and religious regret, and serves as a consolation rights, and a series of happiness to me. I fee, with pleasure, the unknown to the same extent in any continuance of that zeal, and true former period. public spirit, which I have long Permit us; therefore, royal fir, experienced in my faithful come at the fame time, humbly to of mons, by your attention to the fer our sincere condolence on the several objects recommended to much lamented death of your Ma. your consideration, and particu. jefty's royal brother the Duke of farly to the means of providing York, whose many eminent and against a scarcity of corn, and for princely virtues have moft juftly paying the public debt. You may endeared his memory to all your depend upon my invariable atten. Majesty's loyal subjects, and make tion to the happiness and profpe- the private loss of the royal family, rity of my kingdom.

a public misfortune.

May the Divine Providence The humble address to his Majesty, of long preserve your Majesty ; and

the right bon. the Lord Mayor; may there never be wanting one Aldermen, and Commons of the city of your Majesty's royal descendants of London, in Common Council as to be the guardian of our moft Jembled, presented the 11tb of No happy conftitution. vember, 1767, on the happy occa

His majesty's molt gracious answer. foon of the birth of a Prince; together with their condolence on the I thank you for this loyal ada death of his Royal Highness the dress, and for the satisfaction you Duke of York; and his Majesty's express in the increase in my faa most gracious answer.

mily: those expressions of your May it please your Majesty, zealous attachment cannot but be WE E your Majesty's most agreeable to me.

The religion dutiful and loyal subjefts, and liberties of my people always the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and have been, and ever shall be, the Commons, of the city of London, constant objects of my care and ata in Common Council assembled, tention; and I shall efteem it one happy in every occasion of ap- of my first duties to instil the same proaching your royal presence with principles into those who may fucour most dutiful congratulations, ceed me. beg leave to express our unfeign- I regard your condolence on ed joy on the safe delivery of that the melancholy event of the Duke most excellent princess the Queen, of York's death, as an additional and the further increase of your proof of your attachment to me Dyal family by the birth of ano. and my family ; and I take this ther Prince.

first opportunity of exprefling my We cannot but feel ourselves thanks for it.


His excellency George Lord Viscount will feel moft sensibly the affecting

Townshend, Lord Lieutenant Ge- event of the death of his Royal neral, and General Governor of Highness the Duke of York, whose Ireland, his speech to both houses many and eminent virtues had of parliament at Dublin, on Tue juftly endeared him to his majesty day the 20th day of October, 1767; and all his subjects. with their addresses on the occa

Gentlemen of the house of Com. fim, &c.

mons, My Lords, and Gentlemen, I have ordered the proper offiTis' with great satisfaction, cers to prepare and lay before you

that, in obedience to his Ma. the necessary estimates, and have jesty's commands, I now meet you no other supplies to ask but such here in parliament, being confi. as have been usually given: truft. dent that the end of all your con- ing, at the same time, to your fultations will be to support the wisdom and zeal, to make fur. honour of the crown and the just ther provifions, if the necessary suprights and liberties of the people. port of government and the fafety

As nothing can be more condu. of this country shall require it. cive to these great ends, than My Lords and Gentlemen, the independency and uprightness The proteftant charter-schools of the judges of the land, in the have, from their first inftitution, impartial administration of justice, met with the constant aflittance and I have it in charge from his Ma- protection of parliament; the same jefty, to recommend this intereit. disposition, I am perfuaded, will ing object io parliament, that such ftill continue, as they are the provision may be made for securing great sources of industry, virtue; the judges in the enjoyment of and true religion. their offices and appointments, The linen manufacture calls during their good behaviour, as likewise for your utmost atteniion, thall be thought most expedient. and it would be a pleasing circum

I shall be happy to co-operate ftance to me, if, during my admiwith you in this great work, so niftration, I could fee foreigners graciously recommended by the entirely prevented from interfering King, and in whatever may tend in any article of this important to the effectual and expeditious consumption. distribution of juftice throughout You may depend upon his Ma. every part of this flourishing coun. jesty's gracious disposition to contry, whose conftitution and belt fe. lent to all such laws as shall be for curity is a government by law. the welfare and true interest of

Deeply interested as we are in this kingdom. the domeftic happiness of our most On my own part, you may be afamiable Sovereign, you cannot but fured, that I will, with the utmost reflect with pleature on the increase satisfaction, concur with you in of his Majesty's family by the every thing that may promote the birth of a Princess Royal; and af- public good; and . upon all occafectionately attached as we must fions contribute my belt endea. be to every branch of that illus- vours for advancing the happiness trious house, I am persuaded you and prosperity of Ireland.


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