London Gazette.Dispatches from Sir Edward Pellew. much extended by an unfortunate accident which occurred in landing the party; the Ainerica's yawl being sunk by a chance shot from the only gun that could bear on the boats, and before assistance could be afforded, I lament to say, ten marines and one of the crew were drowned.

I have great satisfaction in the favourable report I feel it my duty to make of the officers, seamen, and marines, employed on this occasion; the gallant and able conduct of captain Rea, who commanded the marines, was very conspicuous; and he reports in the most favourable manner of captain Owen, and lieutenants Neame, Cock, Cardon, and Hill, and of the orderly good conduct of the whole detachment. To captain Bellamy I was much indebted for the handsome manner in which the Eclair was swept in, and the fire she kept up to cover and protect the troops and boats during their operations. The ships being prevented by the light and baffling winds from getting close enough to act. The services of the boats in landing and embarking the troops, and (being all armed with guns or carronades) assisting with their fire, and the expedition with which the enemy's vessels were brought out, does much credit to lieutenant Richardson, first of this ship, who had the direction of them, as also to lieutenants Molesworth and Moodie of the America, and Dobbs and Hambly of the Leviathan, who were employed in them. I cannot conclude without requesting permission to recommend to your notice Mr. John Harvey, master's mate of this ship, who bas particularly dis. tinguished himself both on the present and other late occasions of boat service. I have the honour to be, &c.

Josias Rowley,

The Gazette also contains a list of the merchant vessels above alluded to, captured and destroyed by his Majesty's ships America, Leviathan, and Eclair, at Languillia, on the 10th day of May 1812, consisting of 18 settees, of various tonnage and cargoes.

A list of seamen and marines belonging to his Majesty's ship America, killed and wound

ed in an action with the enemy at Languillia, 10th May 1812. Killed-Jobn Hoan Davey, serjeant of marines; John Paine, private marine. Drowned—James Fox, private marine; George Plum, ditio; Nicholas Segona, ditto; Edward Moriarty, ditto; Casper Bomb, ditto; Hendrick Bawker, ditto; Thomas Wilson, ditto; William Paole, ditto; John Hake, ditto; Hewit Snell, ditto; James Ealey, able scaman. Wounded— Thomas Jones, able seaman, slightly; George Wheeler, private marine, ditto; William Lavercombe, ditto, severely; 'Jacob Banks, ditto, badly; Dennis Furd, ditto, dangerously, (since dead); Charles Mills, ditto, badly; Robert Shiply, ditio; Conrad Elders, ditto; John M‘Nabb, corporal of marines, severely; Richard Brean, private marine, slightly; William Bromwell, ditto, severely; Edward Carr, dito, slightly; Thomas Ashley, ditto. Total killed-1 serjeant of marines, 1 private marine. Total drowned—10 private marines, 1 seaman. Total wounded-1 corporal of marines, 11 private marines (1 since dead), 1 seaman.

Josias ROWLEY, captain.
E. Y. BLOMLEY, surgeon.

A list of seamen and marines of his Majesty's ship Leviathan, killed and wounded in

action with the enemy at Languillia, May 10, 1812. Killed-Corporal Rex; John Mills, seaman. Wounded-Thomas Williams, seaman; Michael Dunn, private marine, dangerously; Robert Shorn, ditto; Isaac May, ditto, severely; Thomas Smallwood, ditto; Thomas Moore, seaman, ditto; Corporal Harrison, severely; Henry Collins, private marine, ditto. Patrick CAMPBELL, captain.

R. GRIFFITH, gurgeon.

Lowon Gazette. - Dispatches from her Eduard Fritpw.

ADMIRALTY OFFICE, July 21, 1812. Copies of two letters from captain Napier, of his Majesty's ship Thames, addressed to

rear-admiral Fremantle, and transmitted to John Wilson Croker, esq. by vice-admiral Sir Edward Pellew, bart,

His Majesty's ship Thames, April 16, 1812. Sir-I enciose you a letter from captain Nicholas, of the Pilot, by which you will observe he has taken ten vessels without loss; he speaks highly of lieutenant Campbell, and Mr. Langlands, acting master, an excellent and brave officer. I have the honour to be, &c.


His Majesty's sloop Pilot, off cape Palinuro, April 16, 181. SIR-Having observed nine coasting vessels of the enemy hauled up on the beach near the town of Princ sro, I ght it practicable to take them off by anchoring the Pilot close to the s'ore, which was immediately done, and her fire opened to drive away the armed force that was collected for their protection, and nearly at the same moment a party of seamen and marines were landed under the direction of lieutenant Alexander Campbell assisted by Mr. Langlands the acting master; and through their gallantry and exertions above eighty of the civic militia were obliged to retire, and were kept in check by the marines and small arm men, whilst the vessels were launched, which was fully accomplished in about four liours, notwithstanding they were hauled very high up, and had been much stove by tbeir crews. They proved to be laden with 01l, and were from Perzo bound to Naples I have great pleasure in reporting that no person belonging to the Pilot was burt in this affair, and which from the enemy's having kept up almost a constant fire of mushętry from behind trees and hedges, is to be attributed to the able conduct of Mr. Langlands, who had the charge of the people in advance at small arms, and I trust you will make it known to the rear-admiral, as he is a young man of great merit, and has repeatedly been recommended for his conspicuous bravery. I have the honour to be, &c.

J. TOUP NICHOLAS, commander. Captain Napier, his Majesty ship Ibames.

His Majesty's ship Thames, Sapri, May 14, 1812. Sir-I this day, in company with the Pilot, attacked the port of Sapri, defended by a strong battery and tower mounting two thirt-two pounders, with an officer and thirtyeight men, which surrendered at discretion, after being battered for two hours within pistol shot, but in consequence of their gallant defence I allowed bini to march out with the honours of war, but not to serve against us in this expedition. We found twenty. eight large vessels on the beach loaded with oil, some of thein nearly a quarter of a mile in the country, all of which were launched, and the battery in ruins before sun-set.

I owe much to the support I received from captain Nicholas, who flanked the battery in a most judicious manner, and afterwards coinmanded the launching, assisted by my first lieutenant Alexander Campbell, an officer of six years' standing, as well as Mr. Langiands, acting master of the Pilot, who, by bis able disposition of the marines who were under his con mand (there being no officer of that corps on board) kepl upwards of two hundred armed peasantry in check, and had only one man wounded. The firing of both ships' companies was superior to any thing I ever saw, and their conduct on shore was no less praiseworthy. Neither ship lost men on board : our bowsprit wounded in three places, is the only material injury we have suffered. I have, &c.

CHARLES NAPIEN. Thomas Francis Fremantle, esq. rear admiral of the blue, &c. &c. &c.

Military Promotions.

MILITARY PROMOTIONS. The folloving Promotions were by mistake omitted in our Chronicle of June last. Our

Readers will observe that our Promotions are now most regularly inserted, down to the last Gazette of the Month, (which is further than the army list) and not a single omission ever made.

WAR OFFICE, April 21, 1812. Bth regiment of light dragoons, quarter-master

Masters to be regimental quartermaster. 12th ditto, lieutenant William H. Dowbiggen, from the 52d foot, to be lieu. tenant, vice Whalley, who exchanges. 13th ditto, surgeon Robert Pyper, from the 11th foot, to be surgeon, vice Roche, promoted. 15th ditto, lieutenaut Frederick Charles Phillips, to be captain of a troop, by purchase, vice Dalrymple, promoted. 16th ditto, gentle:van cadet. William Harris, from the royal military college, to be cornet, without purchase, vice Baker, promoted; hospital-mate John M Gregor Mal. lock to be assistant-surgeon, vice Rozea, deceased. 22d ditto, cornet Samuel Enderby,

from the 17th light dragoons, to be lieutenant, by purchase, vice Hobkirk, who retires. 1st regiment of fout guards, Sir Thomas Style, bart. to be ensign, by purchase, vice

Fenwick, who retires. 3d ditto, ensign Charles J. Barnet to be lieutenant, by pure chase, vice the bonourable Charles Gordon, appointed to the 3d foot. 1st regiment of foot, lieutenant Joseph Symes, from the Dublin county militia, to be ensign. 30 ditto, ensign R. Meech to be lieutenant, without purchase, vice W. T. Wood, who retires. 7th ditto, lieutenant Paul St. Paul to be captain of a company, vice Cuthbert, dead of his wounds; lieutenant J. Perrouet Thompson, from half-pay of the 47th foot, to be lieutenant, vice Robinson, who exchanges. 11th ditto, assistant:surgeon George Barker, from the 48th foot, to be surgeun, vice Pyper, appointed to the 13th light dragoons; assistant-surgeon Thomas Moore, from the 82d foot, to be surgeon, vice Gilchrist, appointed to the 11th light dragoons. 12th ditto, ensign A. M. Aysford, from the 5th foot, to be lieutenant, without purchase, vice Stewart, who resigns; ensign John Edwardes to be ditto; gentleman-cadet William Glascott, from the royal military college, to be ensign, vice Good, deceased; John Craddock, gent. to be ditto, vice Edwardes. 13th ditto, ensign Thomas J. Wright to be lieutenant, without pur. chase; Valentine Brown, gent. to be ensign, vice Wright; Charles Grimes, esp. to be pay-master, vice Cooper, who resigns. 18th ditto, ensign Corry, to be lieu. tenant, without purchase; Frederick Maunsell, gent. to be ensign, vice Corry. 230 ditto, lieutenant Thomas Farmer to be captain of a company, vice Potter, dead of his wounds; second lieutenant Edward Llewellyn to be first lieutenant, vice Mercer, deceased; second lieutenant Thomas Trotter, to be ditto, vice Farmer; volunteer James Swayne, from the 66th foot, to be second lieutenant, vice Llewellyn; volunteer J. Simmons, froin the 34th foot, to be ditto, vice Trotter. 24th ditto, assistant-surgeon John Heriot, from the 61st foot, to be surgeon, vice Wylde, appointed to the 4th dragoou guards. 34th ditto, hospital-mate Andrew Thompson to be assistant-surgeon, vice Bouchier, promoted in the 57th foot. 420 ditto, brevet lieutenant-colonel Robert Macara to be lieutenant colonel, by purchase, vice Farquharson, who retires; captain Robert Anstruther to be major, by purchase, vice Macara. 43d ditto, ensign Richard Whalley to be lieutenant, without purchase, vice Huishi, who resigns; John Echlin Matthews, gent. to be ensign, vice Whalley., 48th ditto, hospital-mate' D. Henderson to be assistant-surgeon, vice Barker, promoted in the 11th foot. 52d ditto, lieutenant Francis Whalley, from the 12th light dragoons, to be lieutenant, vice Dowbiggen, who exchanges, 56tb ditto, surgeon William Beab, from the 78th fodt,

Military Promotions.

to be surgeon, vice Humfrey, promoted. 61st ditto, hospital-mate Samuel Fisher to be assistant-surgeon, vice Heriot, promoted in the 24th foot. 69th ditto, captain the honourable Joshua Allen, from the 3d foot guards, to be captain of a company, with out purchase, vice Bisset, appointed to the 8th royal veteran battalion. 74th ditto, assistant-surgeon Colquhoun Grant to be surgeon, vice Lindsay, appointed to the 5th dragoon guards; hospital-mate Robert Ranken to be assistant-surgeon, vice Grant. 82d ditto, hospital-mate John Prendergast to be assistant-surgeon, vice Moore, promoted in the 11th foot. 86th ditio, ensign John Thomas Carroll, of the Limerick city militia, to be cnsign. 94th ditto, James Mellis Nairne, gent. to be ensign, by purchase, vice Hutchinson, promoted. 100th ditto, lieutenant Henry Drake, from the 4th garrison battalion, to be lieutenant, vice Thomas, who exchanges. 104th ditto, lieutenant William B. Bradley to be captain of a company, without purchase; ensign R. J. Ireland to be lieutenant, vice Bradley; ensign Fowk Moore, from the 3d garrison battalion to be ditto; William Martin, gent, to be ensign, without purchase; James Coates, gent, to be ditto, vice Ireland. 8th West India regiment: to be lieutenants, ensign Benjamin Symmons, vice M'Kinnon, deceased; ensign Henry Glass, vice Mullall, deceased; ensign William Brown, vice Pettigrew, deceased: to be ensigns, John Hudson, gent. vice Symmons; Donald Macqueen, gent. vice Glass; William M'Intosh, gent, vice Brown. Royal York rangers, lieutenant Samuel Thorpe, from the 23d foot, to be captain of a company, vice Sutherland, deceased. 3d garrison battalion, Thomas Alley, gent. to be ensign, vice Moore, promuted in the 104th foot. 4th ditto, lieutenant B. B. Thomas, from the 100th foot, to be lieutenant vice Drake, who exchanges, Dillon's regiment, ensign J. D. Walter, from the Chase

seurs Britanniques, to be ensign, vice Pages, promoted. Staff - John Thomas Howe Le Mesurier, clerk, to be a chaplain to the forces. Hospital Staff.-Surgeon Richard Humfrey, from the 56th foot, to be surgeon to the

forces; surgeon John Howell, from the 61st foot, to be ditto; purveyor's clerk Jona

than Croft to be deputy purveyor to the forces, vice Bradshaw, deceased. The king's German legiou: Ist regiment of dragoons, William Mackenzie, gent. to be

cornet, vice Heugel, promoted; Kuhlmann, gent, to be carnet, vice Fischer,

promoted. Memorandum.-Assistant-surgeon Cocks, of the 8th foot, and ensign Crosbie, of the

64th regiment, are superseded, being absent without leave.

OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, April 20, 1812. Corps of royal military artificers, Jobn Sparks, gent, to be sub-lieutenant, dated April 8, 1812.

OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, July 21, 1812. Engineers of the King's German legion—1812— First lieutenant Augustus Schweitzer

to be second captain, dated July 15. Artillery of the King's German legion, Henry

Heise, gent. to be second lieutenant, vice Thiele, killed in action, dated June 30. Commissions signed by the lord lieutenant of the county of Lincoln: Horncastle and

North Reston volunteer infantry, Robert Noble, esq. to be captain, dated July 10, 1812; Thomas Burton, gent. to be lieutenant, dated as above; Richard Meanwell, gent. to be ensign, dated as above; Joseph Dickinson, gent, to be ensign, dated as above. Commission in the second royal Carmarthen local militia, signed by the lord lientenant of the county of Carmarthen, Jonathan Herries, gent. to be first licutenant, vicc Thomas Edwards, deceased, dated May 1, 1809.

Military Promotions.

WAR OFFICE, July 21, 1812. Royal regiment of horse guards, Henry Ellis Boates, gent, to be cornet, by purchase,

vice Adlam wbo retires. 3d regiment of dragoon guards, cornet William Stewart, from the 6th dragoon guards, to be liontenant, by purchase, vice Macklin, who retires. 6th ditto, William Martin, gent. to be cornet, without purchase, vice Stewart, promoted in the 3d dragoon guards. 6th regiment of dragoons, James Blake, gent to be cornet, by purchase, vice M‘Veagh, who retires. 15th regiment of light dragoons, lieutenant Charles Carpenter to be captain of a troop, by purchase, vice the marquis

of Tweedale, promoted in the 41st foot. 3d regiment of foot, ensign William Wright, from the east Kent militia, to be ensign,

without purchase. 6th ditto, lieutenant Valentine Bennett, from the Sicilian regiment to be lieutenant, vice Williams, who exchanges. 7th ditto, lieutenant Digby Mackworth to be captain of a company, vice St. Pol, deceased; ensign Richard Greaves, from the 89th foot, to be lieutenant, hy purchase, vice John Burke, who retires. 11th ditto: to be ensigns, without purchase, lieutenant Henry Hopkins, from the royal South Devon militia; Mathew Trimble, gent. 23d ditto, second lieutenant G. A. Sidley to be first lieutenant, vice Llewellyn, deceased; volunteer Benjamin Backhouse to be second lieutenant, vice Sidley. 38th ditto, ensign Adolphus Cooke to be lieutenant, without purchase, vice Damant, who resigns; ensign E. Gardner, from the Portugnese service, to be ensign, vice Cooke. 41st ditto, Henry Dive Townshend, gent. to be ensign, by purchase, vice Lenn, promoted. 43d ditto, lieutenant James Shaw, to be captain of a company, without purchase, vice Hall, who retires; ensign Benjamin Whicbcote to be lieutenant, without purchase, vice Frederick, promoted in the 1st Ceylon regiment., 49th ditto, serjeant-major John Stean to be quarter-master, vice Leggatt, promoted in 10th royal veteran battalion. 50th ditto, ensign John Liatott, from the 101st fout, to be ensign, by purchase, vice Watt, who retires. 53d ditto, Aufrere, gen!. to be ensign, without purchase, vice Christie, promoted. 65th ditto, ensigu Benjamin Robert Ottley, from the 76th foot, to be lieutenant, by purchase, vice Jones, who retires. 66th ditto, lieutenant Dann, from the Leitrim militia, to be ensign, without purchase. 69th ditto, hospital-mate James Bartlett to be assistant-surgeon, vice Noble, appointed to the 17th light dragoons. 91st ditto, ensign Richard Butler, from the Tipperary militia, to be ensign, without purchase. 98th ditto, ensign John Flinter to be lieutenant, without purchase, vice M Pherson, promoted; gentleman cadet William Keen, from the royal military college, to be ensign, vice Flinter. 100th ditto, ensign James Henderson, from the Londonderry militia, to be ensign, without purchase. 3d West India regiment, ensign George Ønser, from the 29th foot, to be ensign, by purchase, vice Robertson, promoted in the royal West lodia rangers. 8th royal veteran battalion, ensign William Furse to be lieutenant, vice Montgumery, deceased; licutenant Frederick Baumuster, late of the king's German legion, to be ensign, vice Furse. 10th ditto, quarter-master Thomas Leggatt, from the 49th foot, to be lieutenant, vice Bowsar, appointed to the 12tha royal veteran battalion. 3d garrison battalion, lieutenant George Exans, from the 30th foot to be lieutenant, vice Brown, who exchanges. The king's German legion, 2d battalion of the line, Joseph Lancaster, esq. to be paymaster, vice Finlayson, who resigns. 7th ditto, ensign Anthony Ruden to be lieutenant, vice Schaumann, who resigns; serjeant Christian Eicchorn to be ensign, vice Münderloh, promoted. Sicilian regiment, lieutenant Charles Williams, from the 6th foot, to be lieutenant, vice Bennett, who exchanges. Bourbon regiment, ensign William Heweli, from the 22d foot, to be lieutenant, without purchase.

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