PROMOTIONS. Rer. Edmund Ironside Gregory, to be Rev. J. W. Inman to be Master of a Minor Canon in the Cathedral Church Pynsent's Grammar School, Chudleigh, of Bristol.

Devonshire. Rev. F. C. Massingberd, Rector of Rev. H. R. Luard, Fellow of Triuity South Ormsby, Lincolnshire, to be Chan- College, Cambridge, to be a Registrar of cellor of Lincoln Cathedral.

the University. Rev. John Stuart, to be one of Her Rev. E. E. Rogers to be a Master in Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary in Scot. Beaumaris Grammar School, Anglesea.



Congé d'élire empowering the Dean and Chapter of the Metropolitan Church of York to elect an Archbishop of that see, the same being void by the translation of the Most Rev. Father in God Dr. Charles Thomas Longley, late Archbishop thereof, to the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Canterbury. The Right Rev. Father in God Dr. Wil liam Thomson, now Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, recommended to be by them elected Archbishop of the said see of York.

Rev. Edward Balston, Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, and of Eton College, to be Head Master of Eton College, Bucks.

Rev. Foster S. Barry to be Head Master of the Mercers' School, London.

Rev. W. Blissard to be Mathematical and Assistant Master in the King's School, Canterbury.

Rev. Burford Waring Gibsone, Principal of Grosvenor College, Bath, to be Second Master of the Mercers' School, London.

Rev. C. O. Goodford, D.D., Head Master of Eton College, Bucks, and Rector of Chilton-Canteloe, Somerset, to be Provost of Eton College.

Rev. C. W. King to be Principal of the Diocesan Female Training College, Durham.




[blocks in formation]

General His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, K.G., &c., Commanding in-Chief, to be Governor of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich.

Major-General Henry Sandham, R.E., to be Lieut.-Governor Commandant of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich.

Lieut. -Col. and Brevet-Col. Fred. Augustus Yorke, R.E., to be Inspector of Studies at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich.

Capt. and Brevet-Major Chas. John Gibb, R.E., to be Assistant Inspector of Studies.

Right Rev. James Chapman, D.D., late Bishop of Colombo, to be a Fellow of Eton College, Bucks.

Rev. W. Gurney, Head Master of Stockport Grammar School, Cheshire, to be Head Master of the Doncaster Grammar School, Yorkshire.

Rev. C. Tebbott Heartley to be Head Master of Swansea Grammar School, Glamorganshire.

Rev. A. C. Hooper to be Second Master of Manchester Free Grammar School.

Rev. J. B. Kearney to be Mathematical Master at the High School, Bishop's Stortford, Herts.

Rev. F. Millard to be Master of St. Michael's College, Liverpool.

Rev. W. L. Shuldham Demy, of Magdalen College, Oxford, to be an Assistant of Eton College.


PROMOTIONS. Rev. C. Smith to be Principal of

AUGUST. Trinity Episcopal College, Edinburgh.

Rev. J. E. Symms to be Vice-Principal of the Proprietary College, Bath,

Rev. John Rice Byrne, of University College, Oxford, to be one of ILM.'. Assistant Inspectors of Schools.

Rev. B. B. Biddick to be Vice-Principal MAY.

of the Training College, York.

Rev. J. Jones to be Head Master of

the School: connected with the Liverpool Rev. A. G. Butler, Assistant Master of Institute. Rugby School, Warwickshire, to be Head Mr. 8. Lobb to be Assistant Professor Master of Haileybury College. Herts. of History and Political Economy in the

Rev. W. L. Eliot,' Assistant Master of Bengal Presidency of India, in the Home the Lower School, to be Fellow of Eton Department. College, Bucks.

Dr. Douglas Maclagan to be Professor Rev. George D. Nicholas to be Vice. of Medical Jurisprudence and Medical Principal of the Theological College, St.

Police in the Unirersity of Edinburgh. John's, Newfoundland,

Rev. W. 8. Savell to be Head Master of the St. Clement Dane's Commercial Grammar School, London.

Rev. J. B. Trend, St. Mary's Hall,
Oxford, to be a Fellow of St. Augustine's
College, Canterbury,

Rev. S. F. Cresswell to be a Master in
Durham School.

Rev. C. Evans, late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Arsistant Blater at Rugby, to be Head Master of King

Edward the Sixth's Grammar School, Sir A. Grant, bart., to be Principal of Birmingham. the Elphinstone College.

Ven. w. Jackson, D.D., Canon and Archdeacon of Carlisle, to be Provost of

OCTOBER Queen's College, Oxford.

Rev. G. Perkins to be Head Master of the Grammar School, Manchester.

• Rev. T. Bliss to be Head Master of Rev. J. J. Stewart Perowne, Fellow of Bishop Corrie's School, Madras. Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Lec- Mr. J. Goodeve to be Professor of Kne. turer in Hebrew and Divinity in King's lish Law in the Presidency College, College, London, Examining Chaplain to Bengal. the Lord Bishop of Norwich, and Assist- Rev. Christopher Blick Hutchinson, ant Preacher to the Hon. Society of Lin- late Fellow of St. John's College. Camcoln's Inn. to be Vice-Principal of St. bridge, to be an Assistant Master 28 David's College, Lampeter, Cardigan. Rugby Grammar School, Warwickshire. shire.

Rev. T. W. Jex-Blake to be an Apist. Res. F. C. Skey to be Head Master of ant Master at Rugby Grammar School, the Cathedral Grammar Sehool, Bristol.


Rev. C. B. Moberly to be an Amistant Master at Rugby Grammar School, War

wickshire. July.

Mr. W. A. Montriou to be Profess of Jurisprudence and Indian Law in the

Presideney College, Bengal Rev. T. 8. Evans to be Professor of Rev. John Pereiral to be Head Master Greek in Durham University and a Canon of Clifton College, near Bristol in Durham Catbedral.

Rev. F. R. Pentrenth, Second Master Rev. W. G, Henderson to be Head Mas of Epsom College, Sarrey, to be sa ter of the Grammar School, Leeds, York Assistant Master at Uppingham Scheel, shire.


Rev. Marshall Wild to be Diocesan

Inspector of Schools in the Second
Division of the Newark Deanery.

Mr. George S. Bourne, R.N., to be
Head Master of the National School at

Rev. F. W. Foster to be an Assistant NOVEMBER

Master in Leeds Grammar School, Yorkshire.

Rev. J. Ridgway, of Lincoln College, Rev. E. A. Abbott to be a Master in Oxford, to be Principal of the Training Birmingham Grammar Sehool.

College at Culham, Oxfordshire.


THE MURDER OF ELIZABETH GARDNER IN THE CITY. On Oct. 30, Samuel Gardner, a match had proved a very wretched sweep, aged 38, and Elizabeth one. Gardner had seduced a maid. Humbler, a married woman, aged of-all-work under his own roof, and 19, were jointly charged at the then installed her in his own house Central Criminal Court upon an as half servant, half mistress. This indictment, and also upon the continued for some time, but at last, Coroner's inquisition, for the mur- owing to quarrels in the family, the der of Elizabeth Gardner, the wife girl left and married a man of the of the first-named prisoner. Pub- name of Humbler. Immediately lic attention had been strongly after her marriage, however, she redirected to this case from the pe- newed her connection with Gardculiar relationship in which the ner, in a few weeks deserted ber victim and the prisoners had been husband, and finally returned to living together, from the apparent her old position in her former mas absence of any sufficient motive ter's house. Constant quarrels for the commission of the crime, arose between Gardner and his and from the impossibility which wife on the subject of Humbler's was found to exist of obtaining return, and with the coarse brutalany direct evidence as to the ity not uncommon in a low rank actual perpetrator of the deed of society, ill-natured neighbours

From the preliminary investi. were in the babit of irritating the gations which had taken place unfortunate Mrs. Gardner by conbefore the coroner and the ma- stant allusions to the wretched gistrates these facts had been circumstances of her life. Such, elicited :-Gardner, with his wife in brief, appeared to be the condiand the woman Humbler, lived to. tion of this strange household in gether at No. 5, Northumberland the month of September On SunAlley, Fenchurch-street. Gard. day night, the 14th of September, ner in his domestic relations was Mrs. Gardner was last seen in a man of low and brutal character. good health and apparently in He was married to his brother's her usual spirits. On the followwidow; and though, according to ing morning, about 8 o'clock, she our law, the marriage was not a was found dead in her bedroom legal one, yet both husband and with her throat cut; the only other wife regarded it as binding. The people who had passed the night in the house being her husband by the murderer to produce such and Humbler. Under these cir- an impression. cumstances suspicion naturally fell The facts of the case as they upon these two individuals, and came out in evidence were these : after repeated and lengthened in. Gardner, being a sweep - and quiries before the coroner and the necessarily obliged to pursue his police magistrates, Gardner and avocations at a very early hour Humbler were fuliy committed of the morning, was in the habit for trial. Both were arraigned of being called by the police. On at the Central Criminal Court; the morning of the 15th of Sep. but as the counsel for the pro- tember, a policeman roused him secution stated in his opening at a quarter past 3 o'clock; and address that he had only a very between 4 and 5 o'clock saw slight case against the female him in the street, going to work, prisoner, and had no expectation and carrying his soot-bag and maof convicting her, it was sug- chine. Other witnesses saw him gested by the Judge (the Chief in the street about the same time, Baron) that ir that case the proper and there was a general concurcourse to be pursued would be torence amongst them that he was offer no evidence against her, but absent from his house between to take a verdict of Not Guilty the hours of 4 and 8 o'clock, as regarded her; in which case she when he returned. One witness might, if necessary be called as a deposed that on passing the priwitness. The counsel at first he- soner's house about 6 o'clock, he sitated to adopt this course, but as heard a scream repeated twice, the Chief Baron, after retiring to which appeared to come from the consult other Judges upon the front floor; but he could not say point, renewed the recommenda- whether it was the scream of a tion, and distinctly stated that the child or a grown-up person. other Judges of the Court con- The murder was discovered by curred with him in regarding it as the woman Humbler at about halfthe most proper course to pursue, past 7 o'clock, and a medical the counsel yielded to the sugges- man was immediately sent for. tion, and a verdict of Not Guilty “About 8 o'clock," said this genwas at once taken in the case of tleman, in his evidence, “Humbler the woman, who was instantly re- came to me in an agitated state, moved from the bar. The trial of and said that Mrs. Gardner had Gardner then proceeded. It is to cut her throat. I went to the be observed, that from the moment house immediately, and saw the that the murder was discovered body of the deceased lying on the this man had endeavoured to fasten ground in the first floor bedroom. the crime upon Humbler. She did She had nothing on but a flannel not retort by accusing him, nor vest and a chemise. In my opidid the evidence which she subse- nion she had been dead about four quently gave in the case tend to hours. The left hand was placed incriminate him more than that across the chest. The right hand of other witnesses. Her own first was also across the chest, and conthought was that Mrs. Gardner tained a knife. I noticed at this had committed suicide, and it will time that there was a sooty imbe seen that steps had been taken pression on the left elbow and left

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