so rapid, that the inhabitants could Pensacola. The Spanith Hota from
not save any of their effects. The Vera Cruz, for the Havannah and
apprentice and servant-maid pe. Old Spain, conlifting of five large
rished in the fames, as likewise a register Tips, richly laden, were
young woman big with child. A driven ashore in the bay of St. Bero
mott promising youth, about fix- nard, W. S. W. of Pensacola.
teen years of age, eldest son of Mr. The committee for re.
Wood, staymaker in the Strand, lieving the diftreffes of the

apprentice to a jeweller who lodg- poor of London, met, and ordered
cd in the said house, in order to the sum of 13151. to be distributed
avoid being burnt, jumped out of as an immediate relief to the ne.
a two pair of stairs window into ceslitous.
the street, by which means his More than 300 labourers were
skull was fractured, and his arm, employed by the commiffioners of
two of his ribs, and his back, the new pavement in clearing the
broke ; of which he expired, in ftreets of Westminster of fnow and
great agonies, yesterday morning. ice.
A man, who lived in More's-yard, An action brought againft an e.
near St. Martin's-lane, was killed minent coal-merchant in the city,
by the fall of a large piece of tim. for selling short meafure, was this
ber; so that fix lives were loft. A day tried, and a verdi&t of solo
chairman had his arm broke; and damages was given againft him,
one Mr. Peele, a baker, who had with costs of fuit. It appeared
lately let his shop to Mr. Dixon, that ten chaldrons wanted at
endeavouring to get out of the bushels.
two pair of stairs window back. A lady released from the Mar.
wards, by means of a spout, the falsea prison one and twenty debt-
fame gave way, when he fell to the ors, whose debts were under 40s.
bottom of the aera, but pitching on each, and gave each a fhilling at
his feet, he had providentially no their departure.
limbs broke, and is in a fair way At Ancona, in Italy, famine
to do well, though terribly bruised. rages to that degree, that the poor

There has been received of the. live upon acorns, and many perith riffs fines for building Blackfriars for want of that supply: bridge, since the ift of June 1758, A Corsican Courier, with dir. to the present time, the sum of patches to Lord Marischal of Scot. 16,200l.

land, and Sir Andrew Mitchell, On Saturday the 17th of Decem. was stopt at Hamburgh on the first ber laft, a confiderable fhock of inftant in his way to Berlin, and an earthquake was felt at New passed a fevere examination; he Hampshire, in North America, appeared, however, to be a person about 48 minutes after fix in the of more diftinction than he chose to evening, attended with a rumbling own, and was escorted in his way noife, though the evening was fe. by a party of the military. rene and clear.

Andrew Stone, Esq. her majefOn the zad and 23d of October ty's treasurer and receiver general, lalt, a violent hurricane did confi- has paid to Robert Dingley, Erqi derable damage in the harbout of treasurer to the Magdalen charity,

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300L as her majesty's royal gift been published, his majesty has or. and bounty, towards building a đered accurate catalogues of them new Magdalen-house.

to be prepared for the press. An A few days ago, one Mr, Bur: imprellion of the first volume of the nett, schoolmaster of Chipstead in catalogue of Arabic manuscripts is Surry, was found dead on Banstead already finished, and another will Downs, supposed to have lost his be published soon, together with way in the evening, and perished a catalogue of those in Greek and in the snow. A woman in Bishop-Wearmouth,

They write from Stockholm, aged about 80, has lately had the that the grand entertainmentwhich small-pox, and is recovered. What the Russian minifter gave in honour is very extraordinary, this poor of the Prince Royal's

marriage, was woman has had several children, executed in the most splendid manand constantly nursed and laid with ner. It began by a fupper to 260 them when they were in the same persons, who were served with the diforder.

greatest order imaginable: As soon The empress-queen has publish. as they arose from table, they were ed an edi&t, allowing the soldiers surprised by a very fine firework in her army to marry, and com. placed upon an island just opposite manding the civil magiítrates, who to his house, which was illuminat. formerly had orders to prevent suched with many thousand lamps, marriages, to facilitaie and encou. down to the edge of the warer; and rage them for the future.

the whole was concluded with a Private letters from Algier in- ball, which lasted till 6 o'clock in form us, that the Dey has told the the evening, Seraskier, who came there to de. They write from Lisbon, that mand. 20 years arrears of tribute the feet from the bay of All Saints, doe e to the Port. That he was which has been long expected, is firmly resolved not only to refuse at length arrived in the Tagus. paying, the said arrears, but also This feet was escorted by two men any tribute for the future : that of war, one of which had on board the late of Algier was absolutely the Count d'Ega, late viceroy of free and independent of the Porte Goa; who, as soon as the ship caft that it tood in no need of the anchor before the castle of Bélem, Porte's protection; and that he, was arrested by a corregidor, in the Serakier, might return to Con- confequence of orders from the ftantinople with that answer.'' king. All this nobleman's effects,

They write from Madrid that which are very confiderable, are the king, who hath nothing more fequestered; a ring was even taken at beart than the rendering his from his finger, as well as other flates flourilhingearnefly endea," jewels which he had in his cloaths." vous to excite iherein a love for The next day he was conducted to the sciences and the fine arts. prison, where he is closely guard. As, the library of the efcurial ed. "He is Taid to be accused of doubuefs, contains an inestimable great violences and extortions. treature so manuscripts, a great They had a violent Thock of an number of which has never yet earthquake at the Granades in the



latter end of October, which has jewels forming an agreeable yarica done great damage, particularly to ty, and most Atriking appearance. several fogar-works. The hills are At the top is a helmet, made of a in several places thrown down, so large emerald ; the ornaments of it that it is impossible to ride round of the fineft diamonds, and the the illand on horseback. We have feather at the top is of rubies fixed alfo shocking accounts from Curas- to the emerald, makingan agreeable foa, and the Spanish Main, of the termination ; under it a half-moon; hills being thook into the vallies. orcrescent, of yellowish diamonds.

And at St. Euftatia, they had a The blade, which is of the finest moft terriblehurricane, accompani. fteel, is deeply encrufted with ed with an earthquake. The ships Aowers from top to bottom, with in the port, which had not time to flowers and branches in the mosaic weigh anchor to get out to sea, taste. The scabbard, which is of were almost all loft : great ravages crimson velver, is richly ornament. are made in the interior parts of ed with jewels, to correspond with the island; several houses are the rest, to which is fixed rings thrown down, trees torn up by the of gold, to receive other ornaroots, and most part of the harvest ments, by which it hangs to a rich broke down.

belt. The whole is said to be The fame ingenious artift who worth 3000l. latt year made a grand diadem that The frost which set in at the lat. was sent to Bengal, has fince finishter end of December, continued to ed a rich scimitar, or sabre, de- increase, and was very intense all figned, it is faid, to be presented the present month, except the 16th, by the governor and council of 17th, and 18th days, when there Madrass, in the name of the East

was an appearance of its breaking; India company, to the Nabob of but on the 19th it again appeared Arcor. The hilt, which is most with increased rigour, and to con. curioully worked, weighs near a tinued till the 22d, when a kindly pound of folid gold. The work. thaw relieved the direful apprehenmanship of the goldfmith, though lions of the public. During its rich and elegant, is overpowered continuance the dift refles of the by that of the jeweller, from the poor in town and country were number of large diamonds, ro- truly pitiable, though the generous bies, and emeralds, that overspread hand of relief was held forth by it, in various fine and curious de- numbers of the nobility, gentry, vices: On one side representing clergy, and other worthy persons trophies of war in the European, and corporations. Fuel and every and on the other fide in the Asiatic necessary of life were remarkably tafte, composed of large ftones pro. dear; and bread advanced to 8 d. perlyadapted; between the trophies the quartern toaf, as the meal twines a wreath of palm and laurel barges could not bring their lading interwoven, as emblems of vic. down the river, which was frozen tory and peace, intermixing agree. so hard as to stop the navigation ably with leaves, branches, flowers both above and below bridge; maand other ornaments, copied from my persons retarded or jammed in nacure ; the colours of the different by the ice perished with cold, in


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boats or other craft, and the wher. Devon, one George Gibbons, aged ries could not ply as usual. In the

104 years. city of London, Westminfter, and John King, at Noke in Cam. their suburbs, many melancholy bridgeshire, aged 130, accidents happened, such as numn- Mrs.Taite,in Camberwell, aged bers perifhing with cold, or break. 102. ing limbs by the flipperiness of Jane Ireton, in St. Andrew's the streets, and the draught cattle workhouse, aged 103. could foarcely keep their feet. Ma- Mary Wiggins, at Sherborne in ny fuch accidents also happened to Oxfordshire, aged 109. those who were pursuing the di. Mary Holt, of Wem, in Shropverfion of skaiting on the ice. fhire, aged 108. - In the country the snow lay so deep, and fo filled up the roads, hollows, and vallies, that many FEBRUARY. people loft their lives therein, or their ways, and died of severe cold. A cause came on before the Sheep and cattle perished in confi- court of King's Bench, where.

2d, derable numbers, the roads were in ferjeant Burland was plaintiff, almoft impassable, and the stages and the corporation of Wells de and mails with difficulty and dan. fendants, respecting the legality of ger, and great loss of time, per- removing the former from the of formed their journies.

fice of recorder, which he had en.. The month was alfo remarkable joyed with great reputation for for very tempestuous weather at many years'; when a peremptory fea, by which great numbers of mandamus was ordered to be made vessels were wrecked on our own out for restoring the said ferjeant and the neighbouring coafts, and Burland to his former office. several of their crews perished. On An inquest was held on the bo. the second instant, great damage dies of two of Mr. Tombs's daugh. was sustained by the shipping and cers, of Cotes, near Cirencester, inhabitants, from a storm and food, one of the

age 242

the other of at Berwick, Plymouth, Goswick, 8 years, who, on the day before,' and Sunderland. The same mis. were, together with a maid fervant, fortunes were felt at Whitby, aged 22, poisoned, by taking, for Blyth, Hartley-pans, Stockton, a cutaneous erupion, a dose of Seaton, Straiths,Sandfend, Eaftrow, arsenic, which was fold to Mrs. and Saltborn. At Shotley, in Suf. Tombs for cream of Tartar, by an folk, marshes and banks were laid ignorant quack, some months ago under water, and at Manningtree, They were, soon after taking it, in Efex, axcy sheep were drown. seized with all the dire symptoms ed; and the neighbourhood of Or, which ufually attend the internal ford, in Suffolk, suffered ftill more. use of that cursed drug; and after

The wife of Mr, Curtis of Hor. enduring inexpressible torture for Mam, aged 63 years, was delivered near 8 hours, they all three mise. of male twins,

rably expired. Their other daughDied lately at Knightsbridge in ter was to have taken the fame


medicins, but she desired to poft- house before which' Ise-layy ir apa pone it till the next day, that the peared that persons" were kept might go to church ; and thus the there who had tenlifted into the escaped the fate of her fifters. Eaft-India company's fervices and This is infersed as a caution nor to the master of the house being cars purchase drugs of ignorant quacks, ried before the fitting aldermans who, in many instances, where brought several of the recroits with there is a resemblance, don't know him, who de pored that the man how to diftinguila one drug from threw himfelf out of the window: another.

This is one of the houfes called Amok remarkable accident and lock-up houfes.

por 35 escape happened to a labourer at

A man who had been out Cupes, in Fife, in Scotland, where 7th. in the country to watch a a bucket having fallen into a well, house, in seturning "homeur tato about 30 feet deep, the labourer tempted to discharge his gun in was sent down to bring it up, but the air, but it not going off, he unfortonacely the teining fell in put it over his arm to examine upon him, and inclosed him at the touch-hole, when it wono off, the botcom, without any hope of and shot another man who was release. Some workmen were palling on the opposite side of the however employed to clear the way; on hearing the man cry out; rubbish, who continued their la. the poor fellow ran to his master, bour till dark, and next morning cold him what had happened, and resumed it. About noon one of offered to furrender himself; boo them thought he heard a voice, the master advised him to be secret on which the hands were doubled, till the man recovered or died ; and all worked with redoubled vi. since which the poor man is dead gour for feveral hours, when, to in the hospital. 4.. their great aftonishment, they - A large house adjoining to the found the man alive, without a gateway of the Saracen’s. head inn; bone broken, after being 39 hours on Snow-hill, suddenly fell to the in that arvation

ground, together with that part of · His Majesty's orders, contain the house of Meil. Hayes i and ing. Some new regulations for the Warwick, which went over the army in Ireland, were received in gateway. The house was only oce that kingdom. By these regula. cupied by the family of Mr. Dodd; tions cach troop of dragoons is to who exhibits the lecture on hearts have trumpets şi cross-belts for all at Exeter 'Change on the first floor; the private men; no officer to and that of Mr. Jarvis, a case: wear gold or filver lace on his maker, in the three pair of fairs cloaths; nor to sell out if he did room forward. Mr. Dodd's famia not purchase ; nor theo, but to an ly happily escaped unhurt; but officer on half-pay.!

Mrs. Jarvis and one of her chil: • A gentleman paffing hrough dren perished in the ruins. Chancery-lane, observed a man , The Hoods are every where lying on the ground, who had just out ; but the most melancholy fallen out of a window, and near effeóts of these inundacions are al: expiring. Upon enquiry at the moft always felt in the fen coun.

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