London Gazette.- Dispatches from Lord Wellington.

95th Foot, ist Balt. --5 rank and file killed; i Lieutenant, 6 rank and file Founded. 95th Fout, 3d Batt.--2 rank and Gile k lled, 6 rank and file wounded.

N. B. The man returned missing by the 83d regimeni un ihe 21st of March, is sioce ascertained to be dead. Return of killed, wounded, and missing, of the Army uniler the command of his Er.

cellency General Arthur Earl of Wellington, K. B. at the siege of Badujoz, from the 23d to the 26th of March, 1812, inclusire.

Head-Quarters, Camp before Badajoz, 27th of March, 1912. Royal Engineers-1 Licutenant, i rank and file killed; i Major, i Captain wounded.

General Stafi- killed. Royal Artillery-3 rank and file killed ; i Captain, 6 rank and file woundeid. 5tb Foot, od Batt.- Lieutenant, 2 rank and file killed ; 3 rank and file woundcd. 7th Foot, Ist Batt --2 rank and file killed, 12 rank and file wounded. 23d Foot, ist Batt -4 rank and file killed, 7 rank and file wounded. 27th Fout, 3d Batt.--2 rank and file killed; i serjeant, 5 rauk and file wounded, 40th Foot, 1st Batt.—2 rank and file killed ; 6 rank and ile wounded.

430 Foot, 1st Batt.—2 rank and file killed ; i Captain, 1 drummer, 6 rank and file Founded.

45th Foot, 1st Batt. - Lieutenant, 7 rank and file killed ; i Captain, 4 Lieute. sants, 2 serjeants, 35 raak and file wounded, 3 rank and file missing.

48th Foot, 1st Batt.--2 rank and tile killed, I rank and file wounded.

520 Foot, ist Batt - 1 serjeant, 8 rank and file killed ; 1 Captain, 1 Ensign, 1 serjrant, 29 rank and file wounded.

buth Fout, 5th Batt.-- 1 rank and file wounded.

74th Foot- Captain, 1 Lieutenant, 3 rank and file killed ; 1 Major, i Licute. bant, 2 scrjeats, 35 rank and file wounded.

77th Foot - Major, 1 serjeanı, 5 rank and file rounded.

830 Foot, 2d Bati.--3 rauk and tile killed; i Captain, 1 Ensign, 9 rank and file wounded.

83th Foot, ist Batt.- 1 Lieutenant, 8 rank and file killed ; 1 Captain, 2 serjeants, 33 rank and file wounded; 4 raok and file missing.

94th Foot, ist Bait-1 rank and file killed; i Captain, s rank and file wounder'. 95th Foot, ist Batt.- 1 serjeant, ö raiki aud lile killed ; 13 rank and filc wounded. Dittto, 3d Batt.--I rauk abd file woandei, Light Infantry, Brunswick Oel's Trauk and file killed, 4 rank and file wounded. N. B. The men returned missing on the 26th inst, are supposed to be dead.

(Signed) CHARLES STEWART. Major-General and Adjutant-General,


British loss from the 19th to the 22d of March, 1815–3 serjeants, 39 rank and file killed; 10 officers, 6 serjcauts, i drummer, 222 rank and file wounded; 4 rank and file missing

Ditto, from the 22d to the 26th.-- officers, 2 serjeants, 56 rank and file killed ; 13 officers, 9 serjeants, 1 drummer, 225 rank and file wounded; 7 rank and file missing

Total British loss-7 officers, 5 serjeants, 95 rank and file killed ; 98 officers, 15 serjeants, 2 drummers, 447 rauk and tile wounded ; 11 rank and file missing.

Portuguese loss from the 18th to the 22d of Marrlı-- 1 officer, 1 drumner, 9 rank and file killed; 4 officers, 4 serjeants, 44 rank and tile wounded.

Ditto, from the 23d to the 20th of March:---1 officer, 10 rank and file killed ; 2 officers, 1 serjeant, 39 rauk aud file wounded.

Total Portuguese luss--2 ottiecrs, I dramniner, 19 rank and file killed ; 6 officers, 5 serjeants, 83 rank and tile wounded.

Total loss from the 18th to the 20th of March-officers, 5 serjeants, i drummer, 114 rauk and file killed ; 34 officers, 20 serjeants, 2 drummers, 530 rok and file wounded; 11 rank and file missing. Names of officers killed and wounded at the siege of Badajoz, from the 18th to the

29d of March, 181", inclusire. WOUNDED.-18th March.--8sth Fooi-Lieutenant Porris, sererely. KILLED.-19th March.—23d Portuguese-Ensigu Severino Joze Antos.

WOUNDED -Captaiu Robert Cuthbert, Aide-de-Camp'tu Licut.-General Picton, severely (since dead). Royal Engineers--Lieutenant-Colonel Fletcher, slightly. Ist Batt. 230 Foot-Brevet, Major Porter, gererely since dead. 74tb Foot-Lieutenant Alkinson, slightly.

London Gazette.- Dispatches from Lord Wellington.

7th Portuguese Caçadores-Lieutenant Frederick Cesar de Trutus, slightly.
with Portuguese Line-Capt. Joze de Porrisea Pinto, slightly.
23d Ditto-Ensign Francis de Paiva, slightly.
WOUNDED.--20th March - Royal Engineers-Lieut. Wriglit, slightly.
Isr Batt 95tb Foot-Lieut. Frecr.
WOUNDED.-21st March - 1st Batt. 430 Foot--Captain Johnston, slightly.
ist Batt. Seth Foot-Lieut. North, scverely ; since deal.
21st Portuguese Line-captain Joaquim Carreite, slightly.

WOUNDED.--214 March.-- 1st Batt. 52d Fout-Ensign George Hall, severely. Names of Oficers killed and rounded at the siege of Badajoz, from the 23d to i he

26th of March, 1812, inclusive. KILLED.---24011 Marcb.-5th Foot-Lieutenant Fairclough. WOUNDED.-45th Four-Lieutenant Victcall, slightly. gih Portugiese Reviurint--Captain Mathias Jose De Souza, slightly. KILLED.--26th Marcii.---37th Foot-Brigade-Major Wilde. Royal Engineers-Captain Mulcaster. 4516 Foot-Lieutenant Atkins, 74th Foot-Captain Collins and Lieutenant Ramadge. 8816 Foot--Lieutenant Juboson. Purtuguese Artillery---Captain Jallio, Cesar, and Pera de Armoral. WOUNDED.--Royal Artillery-Lieutenant Griinas. Royal Engineers -- Brigade. Major M.Leod and Captain Holloway, severely. 431 Foot-Captain Ferguson, slightly.

45th Foot--Captain Lightroot and Lieutenant Metcall, slightly; Lieutenants Marsh and Andrews, sererely.

52d Foot-Captaiu Ewart, slightly ; Ensign Nixon, sererely.
74th Foot-- Vajor Shawe and Lieuicnant Lister, severely.
77th Fool-- Vajor Rudd, severely.
83d Foot-Hon. Captain Powys, severely ; Ensign Hackett, dangerously.
881b Foot-Captain Oates, ssvercly.
94th Foot-Captain Kyie, severely.
ist Portuguesc Caçadores—Lieutenant Joze Maria St. Vilez.



WAR OFFICE, MARCH 31. 3d Regiment of Dragoon Guards--Major John Chapman, from the 14th Light Dragoons, to be Major, vice Brotherton, who exchanges.

3d Regiinent of Dragoous-Lieutenant Delacy Evans, from the 22d Foot, to be Licutenant, without purchase, vice Monins, who resigns ; Cornet Robert Webb tv be ditto, by purchase, vice Auchmuty, who retires ; George Kelly, Gent to be Cornet, without purchase, vice Webb.

12th Regiment of Light Dragconf-Cornet Edward Penfold to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Carew, who retires ; Cornet E.iward Stacey to be ditto, by purchase, vice Isherwood, who retires.

14th Ditto.-Major Thomas William Brotherton, from the 3d Dragoon Guards, to be Major, vice Chapman, who exchanges.

17th Ditto.--Assistant Surgeon Donald P. Noble, from the 69th foot, to be Assistant-Surgeon, vice White, deceased.

ist Regiment of Foot-Lieutenant Henry Miles, from the Sicilian Regiment, to bc Lientenant, vice Mule, who exchanges. 5th Ditto.- Ensign Thomas Canch to be Adjutant, vice Johnson, promoted.

7th Ditto.--Lieutenant Gcorge Murton to be Paymaster of the ad Battalion, rice Berkeley, who resigns.

jath Ditto-- John Davey, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Fox, appointed to the jst Life Guards.

13th Ditto.---Ensign and Adjutant John Kemple to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Ellard, pri moted.

15th Ditto.-Captain William Jay, from the Goth Foot, to be Captain of a Com. pany, vice Glenie, wlio exchanges.

Military Promotions.

16th Ditto.-Surgeou Joseph Morrice, from the 60th Foot, to bc Surgeon, vice O'Reilly, promoted.

17th Ditto. - Samuel Oliver, Goat. to be Ensigo, by purchase, vice Greenhill, promoted.

31st Ditto.- Bernard Crump, Gent, to be Ensigo, without purchase, vice Has. well, promoted.

34th Ditto.--Captain George E. P. Barlow to be Major, by purchase, vice Hoven. don, who retires; Lieutenant Moyle Sherer to be Captain of a Company, by purchase, vice Barlow.

44th Ditto.-William Jones, Gent. to be Eusigo, by purchase, rice Argent, promoted; Walter Wornbwell, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Jacobs, promoted in the gth Foot.

47ih Ditto.-Ralph Keddy Thompson, Gent. to be Ensiga, without purchase, sice Stewart, appointed to the 61st Fuot.

50th Ditto.--Ensign George John Eady to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Jackson, who retires ; William Sayers, Geut. to be Ensigo, without purchase, vice Eady.

56th Ditto.-Hospital Mate William Parke to be Assistant-Surgeon, vice Headley, deceased.

6oth Ditto.-Captain Melville Glenie, from the 15th Foot, to be Captain of a Corspany, vice Hay, who exchanges.

61st Ditto - Eusign George Stewart, from the 47th Foot, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Smith, wbo resigns.

63th Ditto.-William Kortright, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Menil. ham, promoted.

74th Ditto.- Lieutenant Ross Flood, from the Galway Alilitia, tu be Ensign.

78th Ditto.-Allan Dreghorn, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Robertson, promoted.

88th Ditto.--Lieutenant Isaac Walker to be Captain of a Company, by purchase, vice M‘Dougall, who retires ; Ensign Walter C. Poule to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Walker; Sergeant Major Richard Giles to be Ensigo, by purchase, vice Poole.

sgth Ditto.-Henry Ogle Lewis, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Powell, promoted in the 59th foot.

g1st Ditto.--Hospital-Mate George M. M'Lachlan to be Assistant-Surgeon, vice I'Lagan, promoted on the Staff.

Siciliau Regiment.--Lieutenant Matthew Mole, from the 1st Fout, to be Licu. tenant, vice Miles, who exchanges.

Nova Scotia Fencibles.-Frederick Skinner, Gent. to be Ensign, vice Humphries, appointed to the 93d Foot.

Royal Newfoundland Fencibles --Assistant-Surgeon James Sampson, from the 85th Foot, to be Assistant-Surgeon.

Breret. Major-General Alexander Campbell to be Lieutenant-Geocral in the Isic of France and Bourbon only.

Thomas Ireland, Clerk, to be Chaplain to the Forces.

Assistant Commissary Randolph Islam Routh to be a Deputy Cummissary-Geberal to the Forces.

To be Assistant Commissaries-General lo the Forces. Acting Assistant Commissary-General Isaac W. Clarke ; Arthur Lovcliuge, John Laidley, James Patterson, John Wood, Wm. O'Mears, Gents.

To be a Deputy Assistant Commissary-General to the Forces, Patrick Laugan, Gent.

Hospital $100 Surgeon Edward O'Reilly, from the 16th Foot, and Surgeon Ilugh Bore, from the 6th Foot, to be Surgeons to the Ferces.

To be Hospital-Alates for Ceneral Service.
John M-Coll, Gent. vice Parke, promoted.
Robert H. Heit, Geot. vice Brown, promotrd.
David M'Cullock, Gent. vice M'Luchlan, promoted.

Garrison. George Quio, Esq. late Major in the 35th Foot, to be Fort Major of Duncanbun, rice Godfrey, deceased.

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The King's German Legion. 1st Dragoons - Lieutenant Gcorge de Ramdhor, to be Captain of a Troop, with teinporary rank.

Lieutenant Frederick Peters to be Captain of a Troop.

To be Lieutenants.-Cornet Charles de Hedgel, vice Ramdhor ; Cornet Fischer, vice Peters; Cornet Frederick Natermann; Cornet Charles Frederick Baron Levetzow.

211 Dragoons.-Captain and Brigade Major Ernest Baron Lenthe to be Captain of a Troop, with temporary cauk.

Lieutenant Frederick Baron I'sler to be Captain of a Troop.

To be Lieutenants ---Cornet Frederick Bergmann, vice Uslar ; Cornet Ludolph de Hugi); Corvet Augustus Furnetti.

To he Cornet.-Herman Heinrich Conrad Pitter, Gent. vice Bergmann.

2d Light Dragoons --Cornet Frederick Grahn to be Lieutenant, vice Bock, promoted on the Staff ; Curnet and Adjutant Henry Goiz to have the rank of Lieutenaut.

Ist Battalion of Light Infantry ---Lietenant George Raulenberg to be Captain of a Company witli teinporary rank; Lieutenant Gottlieb Thilo Hoizermano to be Cantain of a company.

To te Lieutenants.--Ensign and Adjutant William Fable to have the rank of Lientenant. "

Eusign Christopher Meise, vice Rautenberg; Ensign Frederick de Fincke, vice Holzermaon; Eosigns George Breymann, Herman Iovirabe, Augustus von Quisturp, Sm. de llengel.

2d Ditto-Lieutenant Ernest Augustus Holzermann to be Captain of a Compony: Lieutenant Burrhard Neussel to be dinto.

To be Lieutenants.--Ensigu William P. Avgust de Finckr, vice Holzermann ; Ensign J. Charles Baron Mervede, vice Neussal; Ensigns Thomas Carey, Antonia de Jonge Bleck, J. H. von Egmont, Emanuel Biedermann.

ist Battalion of the Line.--Lieutenant Augustus de Saffe to be Captain of a Company; Lieutenant George Baron Gueben to be ditto, with temporary rank.

To be Lieutenants.--Lieutenaot Ernest Wilding, from the Garrison Company, vice Hunicken, appointed to the Garrison Company ; Ensign Charles Lewis Best, vice Saffe ; Ensign Victor Meyer, Vice Goebe; Ensigus George Boyd, Wm. Schræder, and Dicierick de Einein ; Ensign and Adjutant Frederick Schnatk, Eusigu de Wedel.

2d Ditto.--- Lieutenant and Adjutaut George Tilec to he Captain of a Company, with temporary rank; Lieutenant Henry Muller to be Captain of a Company.

Tube Lieutenants.--Ensign Tionsch, vice Moller; Ensigos - Fleisch, Adolphus Hesse, Augustus Schmidt, Bilep, and Frederick Quade.

To be Ensign. ---George Frederick Pascal, Gent. vice Tiensch.
To be Adjutant-Lieutenant Gotifried de Einem, vire Tilce.

3d Ditto.---Lieutenant Leschen to be Captain of a Company, with tempofarv rank; Lieutenant William de Schleicher to be ditto, with temporary rank.

To be Licutenants.- Ensiga Christian de Soden, vice Lesclien; Ensign Loreutz Heise, rice Schleicher ; Eusigns Rudolphus Burgstedt, Frederick Bernard Schneider, Weypart de Laffert, and Ensign Augustus Kuckuck.

4th Ditto.---Lieutenant Augustus de Brandis to be Captain of a Company, with temporary rank; Lieutenant

Heise to be ditto, with temporary rank. To be Lieutenants - Ensign Charles Graeffc, vice Brandis ; Ensign Charles de Lasperg, vice Heise; Losigus

de Jeinsea,

Rumann, Adolphus Baron Langu reill, and Adolphus Ludewig.

510 D 170.-Licuteliant l'rederick Sander to be Captain of a company, with temporary rank ; Lieutenant William Meyer to be ditto, with temporary rank.

To be Licute:ants.-Eusign dlexauder Lelimann, vice Sander; Eosign Adolphus Rothbard, vice Meyer ; Ensigno Gecrge de Schaurulli, Charles de Witte, Augus. tus Winckler, and Charles Schlaeger.

6th Ditto.—Lientenant Charles de Brandis to be Captain of a Company, with temporary ruik ; Lieutenant Christian Kettler to be th:110, with temporary rank.

To be Lieutenants-Ensign George Sander, vice Brauelis ; Ensign Frederick Hurtzig, vice Kettler; Ensigos William Benthico, Henry Kirch, Ernest Menseng, and Ludewig Klauer.

To be Ensign.--Genticman Cadet Christan Polchan, vice Baring, promoted.

mil Ditto.-- Lieutenant Arnold Bacmeister to be Captain of a Company, with tein, orary ralik; Liculenant Charles Ebell to be ditto, with temporary rank.

To be Lieutenants.--Eusigui George William de Bachelle, vice Bacroeister; Eosiyu Charles Poten, vice Ebell; Ensigns George Vunderleb, William C'orlien, Thcodur vun Sebisch, and Frederick Ebell.

Military Promotions.

sth ditto.-Lieutenant Henry O«hme to be Captain of a Company, with tempo. rary rank ; Lieutenant Frederick Marburg to be Captain of a Company.

To be Lieutenants.—Ensign Frederick William Ziermann, vice Oehme ; Ensign Eroest Grahu, vice Mashurg ; Ensigns Octo Bruel, Franz Sciimets, Bernhard Ber. tram, and Valentine Buchler.

Staff Lieutenant Lewis Baron Bock, from the ed Light Dragoons, to be Brigade. Major, with the rank of Captain, vice Lenthe, appointed to the ed Dragoons,

Garrison Company. Lientenant Charles Hunicken, from he ist Battalion of the Line, to be Lieute. nant, vice F. Wilding, appointed to the 1st Battalion of the Line.

The Duke of Brunswick Oels' Corps. Light Infantry.-Hospital-Mate August Nave to be Assistant-Surgeon, vice Namster, deceased.

The Duke of York's Greek Light Infantry Regiment. Ensign and Adjutant George Chandler to have the rank of Lieutenant.


Corps of Royal Engineers. Brevet-Major Charles William Rudyerd to be Lieutenant Colonel, vice Gravatt, seconded uron the lavalids ; Second Captain Edward Fig; to be Captain, vice Ruda yerd; and First Lieutenant Charles Berington to be Second Captain, vice Figg. Dated March 3, 1818.

ist Lieutenant William Slade to be Second Captain, vice Lawson, deceased. Dated March 4, 1812 COMMISSIONS SIGNED BY THE LORD LIEUTENANT OF THE COUNTY OF KENT.

Seren-oaks and Bromley Regiment of Local Militia. Captain Christopher Cooke to be Major, vice Austin, resigned; and George Po. cock, Esq. to be Captain, vice Couke. Dated February 25, 1812.

James Ashdowa, Gent. to be Lieutenant, vice Austin, resigned. Dated March 21, 1812.

Berstead and Malling Regiment of Local Militia. George Bishop, Esq. to be Captain. Dated March 16, 1812.

Prorender Yeomanty Caralry.' Lieutenant William Coleman to be Captain, vice Knatchbull, resigned. Dated January 1, 1812.

Lieutenant Thomas Gibbs Hilton to be Captain ; Cornet Osborne Tylden to be
Lieutenant; Cornet John Hilton to be ditto ; William Baliel Best, Gent, to bé Cor-
Det; and James Wall, Gent, to be ditto. Dated February 1, 1912.

First Regiment of Surry Militia.
Ensign George Sparkes to be Lieutenant Dated January 10, 1812.
Charles riend, Gent. to be ditto. Dated January 26, 1812.
William Gorman Johnstone, Gent, to be diito. Dated January 25, 1819.

Ensign William Whitby, to be ditto ; aud John Sparkes, Gent. to be Ensigo.
Dated March 4, 1812.
John Henry Sackett, Gent. to be Ensign. Dated March 5, 1812.

- St. Jobn, Gent. to be ditto. Daled March 14, 1812. Lyttleton Lyster, Gent. to be ditto. Dated March 15, 1912.

First Regiment of Local Militia. William Foster, Gent to be Lieutenant; and William W. F. R. Gibson, Gent, to be Ensiga. Dated February 22, 1812. Aagustus Maonjog, Gent to be ditto. Dated March 16, 1812.

Third Regiment of Local Militia. Ensign John Applebee to be Lieutenant ; and James Dawo, Gent. to be Ensign. Dated March 19, 1812.

Roehampton, Putney, and Mortlake Volunteers. William Barker, Gent. to bé Lieutenant. Dated Noveinber 27, 1811. COMMISSIONS-SIGNED BY THE LORD LIEUTENANT OF THE COUNTY OF SALOP.

Wrekin Regiment of Shropshire Local Militia. Ensign John Kidler to be Lieutenant, vice Yates, deceased : Griffith Francis Dor: let Evans, Gent. to be Ensign, vice Rider. Vated February 11, 1812. TOL. IV. No. 19.


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