We are sorry to take notice, of Christianburg at Copenhagen that the assembly of New York by the bishop of Sieland. On have refused to provide barracks, that occafion his majefty assumed fuel, &c. for the troops quartered the motto Gloria ex amore patriæ. in that city, agreeable to an act My glory is in the love of my pafled for that purpose last year, country. As the kings of Denby the parliament of Great Brie mark do not receive the crown tain ; a refusal which, should from any other hands than their they persist in it, may be produc own, the ceremony of putting it tive of the most disagreeable con- on is performed by themselves, sequences to that province.

Collections were made in the The above-mentioned act has several churches of Dublin, for been complied with by the affem- the relief of the industrious poor, bly of Philadelphia.

which amounted in the whole to Lieut. Gen. Baron de Goltz, 27381. 145.5d. knight of the Russian order of St. The fellions ended at the

2d. Alexander Newski, and Marshal Old Bailey, when seventeen of the confederation of the diffi- prisoners were capitally convictdents for Poland and Polish Prus- ed ; among thefc were Gormon fia, died at Thorn of a violent and Johnson, failors, for the mur. fever, and his brother, Major der of the man at Holloway, General Baron de Goltz, Starolle Some favourable circumstances of Graudent, is elected marshal of appearing in favour of Johnson, he the confederation in his room. was respited ; one of the accom

Died, at Hales Owen Mrs. E. plices was admitted king's evi. lizabeth Mason, aged 104 years. dence; and another, against whom

Louts Margotten in France, there was not sufficient evidence aged 105 years.

for the murder, was condemned Rev. Mr. Paterson at Footscray, for a robbery. aged 100 years.

At this session, forty-five were Mrs. Mary Tufton at Nampt- ordered to be transported for seven wich, aged 109 years.

years, two for fourteen years, John King at Stratford upon two were branded, and two pri. Avon, aged 105 years.

vately whipped. Baroness Pasferini at Rome, 2. A farmer at Morton near York, ged 108 years.

on finding fault with a servant boy for disobeying his orden,

gave him a push from him, where. M A Y.

by he fell backward, and his

head pitching on a stone, his skull The Morocco ambassador was fractured, and he died imme.

had his audience of leave of diately. The farmer, shocked his majesty, and a ship of war

at the dreadful accident, next is ordered to be in readiness to morning cut the arteries of both carry him home.

his arms, so that his life is despairThis day, the ceremony of the ed of. The coroner's jury that coronation of their Danish ma.

sat on the body brought in their jefties was performed in the chapel verdiet accidental death.



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The lady of Admiral O'Hara Letters from Baffaterre, in St. was terribly burnt, by an acci. Christopher's, dated Feb. 12, says, dent of her ruffle taking fire by Capi. Dyer, of the Anna see the Aame of a candle ; and her resa packet, who arrived here a fon, Capt. O'Hara, was much few days ago, informs us, that an scorched by endeavouring to ex- insurrection of the 'negroes has tinguish the flame.

happened at the island of GreAn ingenious experiment was nada, where a body of them, to made by the Rev. Mr. Gainsbo- the number of 600 or 700, who rough, before several persons of had chiefly deserted from the diftinction, pointing out a cheap French inhabitants, had taken and easy method of turning any possession of some inaccessible wheel.plough into a drill-plough, mountain, from whence they made adapted to all kinds of seeds and frequent sallies, and committed all proportions ; which met with terrible devastations upon their general applause.

matters, many of whom they had The culture of Buck, or French killed. When Capt. Dyer came Wheat, is strongly recommended away, general Melvill had sent a as exceedingly profitable to the party of 40 men, with one cohorn, farmer. It will thrive well in to endeavour to fuppress them, sandy or gravelly foils; rolled but with what success capt. Dyer and ploughed in, when green, it had not had time to learn.” makes an excellent manure for There has been also an infur. three years ; reaped and threshed, rection of the negroes lately in it produces great increase, affords á Jamaica, which was soon quelled ; delicious food for pigs, pigeons, but not till they had inhumanly and poultry; and, by mixing it murdered some whites. We are with oats, it cleanses and smooths forry to say, that their cruelties the coats of horses : in short, in were retaliated in a manner dir. poor land nothing answers so well. graceful to human nature ; such of The time of lowing it is in them as were taken, were burnt May.

alive by a low fire, beginning at Francis Gormon, for the the feet, and burning upwards ; 4th.

murder of Thomas Griffiths, which the wretches bore with awas executed pursuant to his fen. mazing resolution. tence. A young woman with a wen


Was held the anniversary upon her neck, was lifted

up meeting of the sons of the while he was hanging, and had clergy. The sermon was preached. the wen rubbed with the dead by the Rev. Dr. Eyre, and the col. man's hand, from a superstiti. lection amounted to 1651. 105. 2d. ous notion that it would effect a At the hall to 4901. 165. 8d. cure.

A moft barbarous and inhuman The collection at the rehearsal murder was committed at Anof the mufic for the feast of the derston, a village near Glasgow, fons of the clergy amounted to by Johanna Dougal, on her own 2121. 1os. 60. the least that has' daughter, between eight and nine been known for many years.

years of age. We are informed


that she had been in terms of Extract of a letter from Kingston marriage with a man who had in Jamaica, dated the 31st of made some objections to her having January: a child ; and therefore, to get rid

The 26th inftant came to anchor of the poor innocent creature, led in this port, the Noop George, her out to the fields, and, behind capt. Jeremiah Rogers, bound a hedge, cut her throat to the from Halifax to New-York, blown neck-bone with a common table off the coast by stress of weather. knife, in a moft shocking manner: Being obliged to put into Porto some people being near, and a Rico the 15th inft. having only a 'herd-boy seeing her at a distance, few biskets and gallons of water she was pursued and apprehended; on board ; upon sending the boat and blood appeariug on her hands, on hore to get relief, no notice petticoat, and apron, she at once being taken of the fignal made by confessed the horrid deed; the in- the sloop, the mate and sailors in ftrument with which she did the the boat were detained as prison. cruel action was found in the hedge ers, and the boat was sent back near where the child was discover. by their own people, commanded ed, just in the last contortion of by a lieutenant of a guarda costa, life; and it appeared that the poor who boarded the vessel, and made girl had made some small refift. the captain and all on board prisonance, as her left hand was cuters, with a strong guard on deck; quite across the fingers. The they then went into the cabbin, and wretched mother was committed opened trunks and boxes belonging to prison.

to the passengers, and carried away Å sugar-baker, in Cheapfide, fundry effects and money, as also was put into fresh earth up to the goods belonging to the vessel. chin, in which situation he remain. On the 17th instant, being under ed fix hours, by way of remedy way, a Spanish frigate brought for an inveteratę fcurvy, that had the floop to anchor, first firing a baffled the skill of eminent physi. shot to leeward, and sent the boat cians.

with eight or nine hands armed, At the herbalizing feast of the commanded by a petty officer, who company of apothecaries, Mr. ordered the captain and passengers Latham recommended the Lamium to go on board the Spanish vessel; Album, or white nettle, to the no- and during the time the captain tice of his brethern, as containing and passengers were on board the properties that might be extremely Spainish vessel, his people were useful in pharmacy.

committing, many acts of piracy Advice was received here, that and barbarity on board the floop, the Lindenhoff, a Dutch East-In- and would not suffer any of the diaman, had been set on fire by people belonging to the floop to lightning, on the coast of India, hale the ship; and after complain. and entirely consumed. The cap- ing to the captain of the frigate, tain and 87 others saved them. no redress was obtained but á selves in their boats; but 40 pe. peremptory demand was made to rished in the flames,

send on board his vesiel a barrel of drowned.

mackrel as a pass. It is to be ob,



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Mærens frater unicus


served, that the governor of St.

Carissimi (dum vixeret) re'iquias,

Ex Gallia deportatas, Domingo was on board, who said,

Hoc tumulo condi curavit • it was not in his power to give any relief, being only a passenger:'

T.M. it was therefore thought more pru. 16th.

The committee of dent to leave such an in hospitable

chanics from the society coast, than make any further at. for promoting arts, &c. in the tempts for relief, having a perih. Strand, attended by appointment able cargo on board. The above at one of the keys, near Billins. account is taken from a copy of the gate, to see the experiment of Mr. captain's proteft.

Pinchbeck's invention for improv. Thomas Mompeflion, Esq. ben- ing the wheel crane, and for pre. cher in the Middle Temple, died 'venting the many fatal accidents Jately. He was the elder brother which so frequently happen in that of Henry Mompeflion, murdered useful and necessary machine, withby robbers in France, in 1723,

out depending in the least on the with Mr. Sebright, and two other

care of any of the labourers or English gentlemen.

Mr. Mom persons working therein; when, peson, was at first wounded, but among many severe trials that it not mortally, by a pistol, on which underwent, an hogshead was sufo he fell, and might probably have fered to run amain, and the men survived, had he not, by looking to jump out, when the wheel, to up too soon, been observed by the the surprise of many of the spec. robbers juft as they were going off, țators; ftopped of itself before , on which they returned, and cut

it had made more than half a rehis throat. Mr. Mompellion's revolution. This invention is enmains were brought to England, tirely given to the public, and it and entered in the family vault of is thought will certainly prevent the church yard of Sundrich, in any future accident. Kent, with the following in.

The general assembly of the

church of Scotland met. On this scription:

occasion, his majesty's high comHENRICI MOMPESSON,

miffioner, the Earl of Glasgow, Thomæ Mompeffion de Durnfold, made a grand appearance.

His in agro Dorsetenfi, Arm.

grace opened the assembly with Qui tabe pulmonari graviter affectus, an elegant speech from the throne, ad lepiores Galliæ Narbonenfis auras

to which the moderator made a ut unicum quod reftabat remedium, perfugere hortatus,

very suitable return. His majesty's Dum iftuc iter faceret,

most gracious letter to the afTem. Septimo a Poru Iccio lapide bly was then given in by his grace,

and read with all due honour and imparatum adorti, [ciffo, direptis pecuniis juguloque fædiffime dil respect. pro mortuo reliquerunt.

The commissioners of the court Hoc vulnere.

of requests of Trowbridge, hav. Cum per 48 horas elanguiffet, Spirirum Deo pie reddidit,

ing displaced Mr. Pierce, their Anno Salutis 1723,

clerk, for refusing to receive the Ætatis fuæ 26.

M. S.

Filii natu minoris :

truculenti sex latrones

monies belonging to the suitors of the said court, a cause, that was



commenced by Mr. Pierce, upon of Prussia, princess Wilhelmina, his removal, was tried before the dowager Margravine of Balord Mansfield, when his lordship reith; prince Henry (the king of was of opinion, that the commil. Pruflia's brother); prince Frede. fioners had no power to order Mr. rick of Brunswick, and the empress Pierce to receive the said monies; of Russia, and queen of Sweden, by and that they had exceeded their their proxies. authority in removing him for that A letter from Marseilles gives the cause; and a mandamus was there. following particulars. upon ordered for restoring him. “Signior Romanzo, the Cor

At a sale of medals in Suffolk. fican courier, has been among us ftreet, a small gold one of Pompey these ten days past. The duke de the Great sold for 27 guineas.

- having said something A number of subalterns of the very impertinent against the Bria army and marines, on half-pay, tish nation, and particularly against assembled at the Globe-tavern in a great personage, the generous the Strand, and deputed lieut. Corsican told him that the British Carrol to wait on the marquis of were a nation of men, and their Granby and gen. Conway, to re- king the best prince in Europe. turn them thanks for their gra- He said this with such an emphafis cious reception of their applicati- and so indignant a look, that the on for an augmentation of their duke thought proper to call him allowance.

out, and they fought behind the As one Thomas Haynes in Sher- ramparts. The duke was severely borne was going in search of his wounded, but fignior Romanzo son (a boy of about eleven years of escaped unhurt. This affair has age) who had been missing fince done him great honour with every Tuesday, he was met by a man body. C'est un beau coup cela pour who told him, 'that his son was prendre conge, said a colonel of the found drowned in a ditch, near the Gens d'Armes. M. Romanzó is French prison; on hearing of preparing to embark, on his re. which, the father dropped down turn to Corsica. dead, and as soon as the melan. His majesty went to the

20th. cholly news reached the mother, house of peers, attended The was seized with fits, and it is by che duke of Ancaster, and the supposed the cannot live out the earl of Denbigh ; when the royal night.

assent was given to 18 public bills; They - write from Berlin, that among which were, on the 12th the ceremony of the

The bill for railing 1,500,oool. christening was performed at Portz, by annuities and a lottery, for the dam, when the new born-princess service of the present year, to be was named Frederick-Charlotte. charged on the linking fund. Ulrique Catherine. The sponsors The Bill for redeeming certain present were, the king of Pruffia, annuities, in respect of navy, vieuthe reigning duke and dutchess of alling, and transport bills, and Brunswick, the princess dowager ordnance debentures.


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