The bill for redeeming part of o'clock, in their return to the the joint stock of annuities, charg- town, they observed a very thick ed by several additional duties on exhalation, which rose on the weft wines imported, and also on cyder fide of a meadow, and extended and perry:

in an oblong form over the whole The bill for granting additional town, directing its course to the doties on certain linen cloth im- north-east; but a mountain preported.

vented them from seeing it at a The bill to allow the free im. farther distance. When they came portation of rice, fago duft, and to Ulrickstein, they were told vermicelli, for a limited time, there had been three violent shocks from the American colonies. of the earth felt there, of which

The bill for improving and ex. ihemselves had perceived no fign, tending the navigation of the river except the cloud juft mentioned. Holl, from Frodingham Beck to The ftage waggon that goes Driffield, in the east-riding of from Louth to Lincoln, in which Yorkshire.

were passengers Mrs. Cherry and The bill to make Codbeck brook her daughter, was overturned near navigable from the river Swale to Claybridge, by which unhappy Thirik in Yorkshire.

accident Miss Cherry, the daugh. The bill for establishing an hof- ter, was killed on the spot; and pital in Cambridge.

Mrs. Cherry fo violently bruised, The bill to prevent extortion that with what for the loss of her by sheriffs and bailiffs, in cases of daughter, and the hurt she receiv. execution.

ed, it is thought she cannot long The bill for extending the roy. survive. The unfortunate Mils alty of the city of Edinburgh over Cherry's life seems to have been certain adjoining lands, &c. and to attended with a series of accidents: enable his majesty to grant letters some time ago the narrowly escaped patent for establishing a theatre in drowning, by falling into a well; Edinburgh.

and by another misfortune, she had And also to several road and in- both her arms and legs broke at closure bills.

the same time. They write from Franckfort on A riotous mob of weavers af. the Mayne, that they had received fembled on the turnpike road near from Vogeisberg the following Corke to intercept some cars laden account of an observation made by with goods from Dublin, when two persons in the night between they burnt, cut, plundered, and the ith and 13th ult. on the lat. otherwise deftroyed linens, popter of which days shock of the lins, filk handkerchiefs, &c. to the earth was felt at Gotha, Caffel, amount of about 700l. and Gottingen. Being at mid- A poor housekeeper in Edin. night in the fields near Ulrickstein, burgh being deficient in rent, they perceived the sky, which had was seized upon by his landlord, been before very clear, began to his goods sold when from home, be overspread with clouds and a and the door locked against him violent wind arose. About

when he returned. The common



people being informed of this act which were, a shilling of Charles of opression, assembled about the I. a small copper medal of Charles landlord's house, broke open the H. the legend QUATVOR MARIA door, brought every thing move. VINDICO; a base filling of king able into the street, set fire to the James II. dated 1689; a small pile, and burnt the whole to alhes, copper medal, legend round the not sparing money, notes, nor even head CONST.... POLIS; another the poor bird that hung in a cage, small medal with a man's head on having execrated all the cursed one side, and a woman's on the things belonging to so merciless a reverse ; a small copper piece, a wretch.

head on one side, on the reverse, Farmer Matthews was found MLNI. DVX; a small copper coin, barbarously murdered near the on one side HISP. RE... reverse, trooper's on Broadway-hills. His

DOMINVS MEVM ADIVTO kull was fractured, and many large German coin, with stast,OSNAwounds and bruises about his head BRVCK on one fide, on the re. and neck. A baker in the neigh verse v; together with some other bourhood of Cambden in Glou. German ones of base metal, the cettershire is suspected and appre- legends of which are mostly ilhended, and it is thought waylaid legible. and committed the murder as the The plan for the disposal ofchilfarmer was returning from Ever. dren out of the Foundling hospital ham market, where he had re. in the course of last year was fo ceived near zool.

well received, that a further fupThey have had a violent thun. ply of 28,000l. is granted for the der storm at Mentz, which broke support of those remaning for the through the roof of the cathedral present year; and also 45ool. to church, and set it on fire ; and the apprentice children at a proper whole roof was soon destroyed, age. and the bells melted. The da. Fourteen Spanish vessels,' efmage is estimated at two millions corted by three xebecks, arrived of forins.

at Civita Vechia with the Jesuits At a court of common. 22th,

from the provinces of Aragon council held at Guildhall, a and Catalonia, amounting to 570 proposal from the lords of the in number. A courier was immetreasury was laid before the court diately dispatched to Rome, from for taking. Gresham college, in whence express order was received order to pull it down and build on not to permit them to land. In that ground an excise-office. The consequence of this order, the goplan was agreed to, and a vernor of the town posted soldiers, mitte is to be appointed next and planted batteries of cannoa Tuesday, in order to consider of at several places; and these difpocarrying it into execution. fitions being made known to the

As some workmen were digging commander of the convoy, they in the road which is now repairing set sail for Corsica, where the reon Clerken-well-Green, they found public of Genoa has offered to re. feveral coins and medals, among ceive them.



An express arrived at Ber. o'clock. The small-pox was of 27th. lin from Protzen, where to very malevolent a kind, that young prince Henry (brother to from the first moment there was the prince of Prusua) lay ill of the scarce a glimpse of hope. She small-pox, with the melancholy herself was soon acquainted with news, that that prince died on the the danger, and met it with the 26th, at eight at night. It is not moft exemplary, piety, patience, possible to describe the affliction of resignation, and fortitude. Her the whole family, or the general death was very easy, without confternation it occasions, as his struggle or convulsion, so that Highness was extremely beloved. thole about her scarce knew when

The fortress of the island of the expired. All the imperial 28th.

Capraias surrendered to the family, and the whole court, are Corsicans, after a blockade of an under the greatest affliction on this hundred and two days: the gar. melancholy occasion. rison, which consisted of 30 fol- According to accounts from diers and two or three officers, had France, the trofts have been lately for many days lived upon bread so severe in that country, as to and water; so that they were all have destroyed all the buds of the much emaciated; they were treat- vines in many provinces, as well ed with the greatest humanity by as the fruits which are begining the Corsican officers, and were per- to form, and even the leaves of mitted by their capitulation to go the mulberry trees; which last loss to Genoa. Among other things is the more considerable, as the that were found in the fortreis, filkworms were nearly all hatched, there were four pieces of brass bar- and on that account obliged to be tery cannon, and seven smaller deserted. pieces, with a large quantity of Leters from Martinico of the bullets, powder, and other military 4th of April, by the way of South stores. "Three hundred Corsicans Carolina, advise, that the effects have been left in garrison there; of the hurricane, which happened the rest were immediately sent there in August last, continue to back to Corfica. Lond. Gaz. be felt very severely through the

At the annual feast of a whole islands; and that the French 29th.

city company held this day, king had done every thing in his it has always been usual to have power to alleviate the misfortunes green peas; which were this year of his subjects there, by granting with such difficulty obtained, that every indulgence that could be fixteen quarts coft fixteen gui- wished, and ordering large quanneas.

tities of beef and other provisions The gold medal given annually to be transported and distributed by Dr. Hope, botanical professor among the poorer sort; but that at Edinburgh, was adjudged to there was an evil which they could Robert Urquhart of that univer- not overcome, the want of cath, fity for his collection of plants. the island having been so drained

The Empress confort died at of specie by foreign vessels, that Vienna this morning about nine an ordonnance was shortly to be


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itsued, requiring the masters of all murdered the captain and mate, such vessels, in future, to give se. with broad axe,' when alleep; curity that they will take in pay- that the floop was afterwards cafe ment for their cargoes nothing but away on the isle of May, and the molasses, sugars, and other goods. Navés were sold to the Portuguese

The legislature of Rhode Island for 50 dollars a head.' have passed an act calling in and There are now four brigs, from finking all the money bills of that forty to seventy tons, and fixteen colony omitted in March, April, armed deck.cutters on the lake and May, 1762, and empowering Ontario ; by this means the navi. George Hazard, Esq. with the gation of the great lakes, and a general treasurer, in lieu of the mart of trade, will soon be esta bills so brought on, to issue their blished, equal to that of the Car. owa notes, properly printed and pian sea. decorated, to the owners of the There is now living in a village bills brought in, payable in seven near Lead-hills, about three miles years from the date of the respec- from Edinburgh, a man named tive bills. And that the notes John Taylor, aged 130 years. He given in lieu of the said bills, was born in England, bred to the ihall bear interest till the time business of a miner, in which ca. limited for their return, at the rate pacity he worked there some

years of fix per cent. per ann.

That a

before he came to Scotland, and tax thall be levied for the dif- has a discharge to show from the charge of the said bills, and that earl of Lauderdale, when the it Thall be death to counterfeit Scots mint was given up at the them. The form is that of a com. Union. He lately walked two mon promissory note, with in- English miles from his house to be tereft. None more than 100l. nor present at the christening of his less than 6s.

grand-child, and after spending A letter from New York, dated lome time in merriment on the oce April 4, has the following depo. cafion, returned home the same fition of William Harry, taken be. evening without any assistance. fore Governor de Windt, of St. Died, John Mitchell at Great Euftatia, " That he failed from Bircham in Norfolk, aged 100 Britol in June, 1765, on board years. the floop William, for the coast of Alexander Crawford at FermaAfrica, John Westcot, master, nagh in Ireland, aged 99 years. where they continued twelve Charles Lapiere, a diamond months, purchasing laves for a merchant, aged 93 years. brig, and themselves, and after. Capt. Branftone formerly a wards proceeded for St. Kitt's; commander in the royal navy, that soon after they left the coast, aged go years. the captain, for some reasons, beat Rene de Triffonier at Bouchain and knocked down a seaman named in France, aged 103 years. Stephen Porter; that in the night, Mrs. Corbyn at Worcester, between eleven and twelve, the aged 98 years. She was an emi. laid Porter and Richard Hancock nent preacher among the quakers.



Henry Reilton, Esq. at Epsom, plain to my lord mayor of the aged 97 years.

inhumanity of his drivers." Mrs. Collier at Farringdon, aged A cause came on to be tried be. 98 years.

fore Lord Mansfield, in which a Robert Cumming in the Royal poor broom-maker was plaintiff, Hospital at Chelsea, aged 16 and the toll-matter of Hamptonyears.

bridge defendant, who had seized Edward Boswell, carpenter at the plaintiff's horse for coll after he Oxford, one of seven that have had rode him through the river, died in that city since Feb. laft, and had sold him to pay himself whose ages together amount the penny and costs. After a long 616.

trial, the jury brought a verdict for the plaintiff.

The marquis de Courtenvcaux, J U N E.

honorary member of the R. A. of

Paris, embarked on board fri. itt. At the feffions at Guildhall, gate for Havre, to make trial of

capt.Yong, who was convicted fome inftruments, designed to fa. last sestions for illegally confining , çilitate the determination of the Henry Soppet at a lock-up-house longitudé by sea, and particularly in Chancery lane, was sentenced to

the watch of the Sieur le Roi, and fuffer imprisonment in Newgate the megametre, or grand measures for 12 months; and to give fecu- of the Sieur de arnieres. The rity for his good behaviour for two fieurs Pengre ana Messier accomyears, himself in 100l. and two in pany the marquis in the enter. 5ol. each. One Edward Fielding

prize. for charging a young fellow with

The guardian of the Cordeliers, a robbery who refuled to lift into at Sisteron, after having fet fire to the East India company's service, his convent in eight different received the like fentence. And places, armed himself with a knife Robert Gow and John Ratcliffe and a cleaver, with which he murfor attempting to force a young

dered the cook of the house, whom woman ataninn near Fleet-market, he wounded in nine different were found guilty, and are to re- places. He afterwards ran after ceive sentence next sessions. While iwo religious, with an intent the court was sitting, an over.drove to murder them also, but one of ox entered Guildhall, and threw the them made his escape in his shirt whole court into confternation ; out of a two pair of stairs window, but not liking his company, he and the other found means to conturned about, and ran back again ceal himself. When the alarm of without doing any mischief. A fire drew people to the convent, gentleman palling' by at the same the guardian was found in his bedtime, and seeing the crowd, asked chamber, and in order to raise fora what was the matter. Nothing, picion of other persons, he woundreplied a fellow humorously, ed himself very lightly in the “ but an ox that is just run into throat, and had set fire to the cur. Guildhall in a paflion, to com

tains of his bed. After under.



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