12. William Viscount Howe, in his 85th year. He was the 3rd son of Emanuel Scrope, Wiscount Howe, and at an early age entered into the army, in which he was advanced to the rank of colonel in 1762. During the seven years war he served in America under Gen. Wolfe with great reputation, and in 1772 was made MajorGeneral. When the war with the colonies broke out, he was sent to America as Commander-in-chief, to which station he was generally thought to have proved himself unequal, though undoubtedly brave, and skilful as colonel of a regiment. His services were, however, rewarded by professional advancement and other honours, and in 1805 the government of Plymouth was conferred upon him, which he held to his death. He succeeded in 1799 to the Irish peerage held by his brother Richard, which, by his death without issue, becomes extinct. 16. Rt. Hon. Lady Sinclair. 18. Miles Peter Andrews, Esq. M. P. author of several dramatic pieces. 19. Matthew Flinders, captain in the navy, distinguished as a marine discoverer, and circumnavigator. His exertions were impeded, and his health irreparably injured, by a long and shameful imprisonment at the Isle of Mauritius. He just survived to finish the printing of his last voyage to Terra Australis. 20. Sir Beaumont Dirie, bart. 23. Sir Edw. May, bart. M. P. for Belfast. 25. Charles Dibdin, a celebrated writer of humorous songs and comic pieces for the theatre.

27. R. Fleming Worseley Holmes, Esq, M. P. for Newport. Lately, Lady Harriet Gordon, daughter of the late Earl of Aberdeen, and widow of Robt. G. Esq. Sir Walter Montgomery Cunningham, bart. Rt. Hon. G. Ogle, Governor of Wexford, aged 75. Dowager Lady Caher. Major-Gen. Douglas, of wounds received before Bayonne.


5. Lady Manners. F. J. Jackson, Esq. late Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the United States of America, in his 44th year. 7. The wife of General Wynyard. 8. Hon. Mrs. Lawrence Walpole. 14. Edward Hussey Delaval, Esq. F. R. S. author of several learned papers in optics and experimental philosophy, aged 85. 15. Admiral Skeffington Lutwidge, in his 78th year. Rt. Hon. Mary Andalusia, Baroness Rendlesham, in her 23rd year. 16. The wife of Major-Gen. Thomas Dallas. Anne Countess of Desart, widow of the late, and mother of the present earl. 17. Sir John Pollen, Bart. in his 74th year. 19. Benjamin Count Rumford, aged 62. This distinguished character whose name was Thompson, was born in the small town of Romford in New England. He received the assistance of a professor of natural philosophy of the American university of Cambridge in his education; and having made an advantageous marriage, obtained the rank of major in the militia of his district. In the colonial war he took part with the mother country, and made himself useful to the British commanders. Coming to England, he obtained a post in the office of Lord G. Germaine, and the rank of a provincial Lieut.Colonel, which entitled him to half-pay. He was knighted in 1784, and was for a time one of the Under Secretaries of State. He afterwards went to the contiment, and was received into the service of the Elector of Bavaria, where he introduced various useful reforms in the civil and military departments, as a reward for which he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant-general, and created a count. At Munich he began those experiments for the improvement of fire-places, and the plans for the better feeding and regulation of the poor, which rendered him particularly celebrated. He quitted Bavaria in 1799, and resided some

time in England, pursuing his ex

periments respecting culinary fire with a success which has rendered him the author of improvements in that branch of domestic economy which have been very generally adopted in the three kingdoms. Being a member of the Royal Society, he transferred to that institution 1,000l. 3 per cent. stock, the interest of which was to provide a biennial premium for discoveries on the subject of heat and light. He also suggested the plan and zealously assisted in the formation, of the Royal Institution in Albemarle-street. In 1802, he left England for France, which was thenceforth his residence. He

entered into a second marriage with the widow of the celebrated chemistLavoisier, which, however, soon terminated in a separation. He retired to a country-house at Auteuil, about four miles from Paris, where he devoted himself to philosophical pursuits, nearly secluded from society, his temper and manners being little calculated for social converse. As a man of science he was, characterized by singularingenuity in contriving instruments and devising experiments. His only separate publication was a series of “Essays, experimental, political, economical, and philosophical,” which were much read, and collectively amounted to eighteen in number, filling 4 vols. 8vo. 20. Robert Henly, Lord Ongley, aged 42. - 21. Elizabeth Anne Cooper, daughter of the late Right Hon. Sir Grey Cooper. 24. Harriet Katherine, Duchess of Buccleugh and Queensberry, aged 41. Her Grace was youngest daughter of Thomas Wiscount Sydney, and was married to the Earl of Dalkeith, now Duke of Buccleugh, in 1795. She has left two sons and four daughters, and her loss is deeply regretted, as well by her family, as by an extensive circle, who were the objects of he beneficence. 25. Hon. W. Fred. Mackenzie, son of Lord Seaforth, and M. P. for the county of Ross. 29. DiannaGountess of Glandore, aged 58. She was daughter of Lord G. Germaine, Afterwards Wiscount Sackville. 30. In action with the Americans, Sir Peter Parker, Bart. captian in the navy, son of Rear-admiral George P.

Lately, Vice-admiral Arthur Philips, Esq. Sir C. Des Voeur, Baronet, of Wood-hall, Yorkshire. Harriet, eldest daughter of Wiscount Gormanston.


4. Sir George Glynn, Bart. in his 76th year. 7. Lady Mary. Martin, sister of the Duke of Athol, in her 46th year. 8. Her Majesty the Queen of the Two Sicilies, daughter of the Empress Maria Theresa, in her 63rd year. 12. In an attack on the Americans near Baltimore, Major-Gen. Robert Ross, highly esteemed both in his military and private character. 22. Sir Erasmus Burrows, Bart. of Portarlington. At Berlin, Augustus William Iffland, the celebrated German actor and dramatic writer, aged 56. 23. Right Hon. Thomas Egerton, Earl of Wilton, aged 65. He was raised to the peerage in 1784 as Baron Grey de Wilton. Anna Maria, wife of Sir Thomas Gooch, Bart. Major-General Fisher. Lately, Right Hon. Anthony Nugent, Lord Riverston. Rev. Sir Carew Vyvyan, Bart. Lady Viscountess Mountjoy.


2. Sarah Countess of Denbigh, widow of the late Basil Earl of Denbigh, in her 74th year.

Sir Edward Newenham, aged 84. He was many years M. P. for the county of Dublin.

4. Samuel Jackson Pratt, a copious, and in some degree, a popular writer in prose and verse, in his 65th year. 7. Lady Cunliffe, relict of Sir Ellis C. 8. Jane, widow of Right Hon. Sir Richard Heron, Bart. aged 91. 13. Lady Munro, widow of Sir Alex. M. 16. Sir W. Worthington, Dublin, in his 85th year. 17. Lady Elizabeth Napier, widow of Sir Gerard N. and of James Webb, Esq. 29. Right Hon. W. Hamilton, Lord Belhaven, aged 49. 30. Sir Robert N. Gore Booth, B art. 31. Right Hon. Eliz. Baroness Conyngham, in her 84th year. Lately, Sir Francis Hopkins, Bart. of Athboy, co. Meath.


3. William Richardson, Esq. Professor of Humanity in the University of Glasgow, known by his work on the characters in Shakspeare. 6. Sir Robert D'Arcy Hilyara, Bart. 8. T. Wyndham, Esq. who had represented the county of Glamorgan in eight successive parliaments. 10. Sir Busick Harwood, Knt. M. D. Professor of Anatomy in the University of Cambridge. 14. At Geneva, John, Marquis of Bute, in his 71st year. 18. Elizabeth Baroness Kensington, aged 73. 21. Vice Admiral M*Dougal, in his 66th year. 22. Lady Georgiana Leslie, youngest daughter of the Earl of Rothes.

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9. Right Hon. Thomas Lord.

Ffrench. Joseph Bramah, Esq. eminent as an engineer and mechanist. 10. The Rev. James Scott, D.D. in his 81st year. He was a native of Leeds, and was educated at Cambridge, where he became a very popular preacher. In 1765, residing in , London, and being intimate with Lord Sandwich and other public characters, he wrote a series of political letters in the Public Advertiser under the signature of Antisejanus, which were very much read, and conferred great temporary fame on their author. He was some time after lecturer at a church in Leeds, where he attracted a numerous audience; and in 1771, through the interest of Lord Sandwich, he obtained the valuable rectory of Simonburn in Northumberland. The neglect of his predecessor in exacting his legal demands was the cause that Dr. Scott was involved in a tedious litigation with his parishioners, which was at length closed on terms favourable to him; but the enmity he had incurred caused him to quit the place, after which he resided partly in London and partly at the house of his

curate in Yorkshire. Besides his political writings, he published ten occasional sermons, and three Seatonian prize poems. He lived in a hospitable style, was polite in his manners, and agreeable in conversation, and long retained the character of an eloquent and powerful preacher. Rev. John Eveleigh, D.D. Provost of Oriel College, Oxford, and Prebendary of Rochester, in his 67th year. 11. Right Hon. William Hanger, Lord Coleraine. He is succeeded by his brother, George Hanger. Susan, Countess Dowager of Westmoreland, in her 69th year. 13. At Vienna, the Prince de Ligne, aged 79, celebrated for his wit, and his intimacy with many of the greatest personages of his time. He possessed estates in five different kingdoms, whose sovereigns, one after the other, went over to Buonaparte; hence he once said, “I have never deserted my country, but five countries have deserted me.” He observed, shortly before he expired, that he was preparing a new spectacle for the ...; sovereigns, others having been exhausted, that of the funeral of a field marshal; and in fact his obsequies were celebrated with extraordinary pomp. 14. Lady Myers, relict of Lieut. Gen. Sir William M. Bart. 21. Hon. F. J. H. Kinnaird, third son of the late Lord K. 22. Lady Gott, relict of Sir H. T. Gott, in her 76th year. 24. Mrs. Fortescue, mother of Wiscount Clermont. 25. The Lady of T. Asheton Smith, Esq. M. P. for Andover. 26. Rear Admiral Thomas Westtern, aged 53.

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