An act to continue until the 25th An act for enabling his majesty day of March 1808, and from to grant the palace called the King's thence until the end of the then House, with the appurtenances, si. next session of parliament, an act, tuate in Greenwich Park, in the made in the 44th year of his present county of Kent, to the commissioirmajesty's reign, for appointing com ers for the government of the royal missioners to inquire into the fees, naval asylum, and for enabling the gratuities, perquisites, and emolu. said commissioners to appoint a ments received in several public of. chaplain to officiate therein. fices in Ireland ; to examine into An act to suspend for 12 months abuses which may exist in the same; so much of an act of the 2d year and into the mode of receiving, of king James the first, intitled An collecting, issuing, and accounting act concerning tanners, curriers, for public money in Ireland. shoemakers, and other artificers

An act to declare, that the pro. occupying the cutting of leather, visions of an act made in the par. as prohibits the regrating and in. liament of Ireland in the 33d year grossing of oaken bark. of king Henry the cighth, relating An act for increasing the rates to servants' wages, shall extend to of subsistence to be paid to inn. all counties of cities and counties keepers and others on quartering of towns in Ireland,

soldiers. An act for raising the sum of An act for charging the sum of 1,500,0001. by way of annuities, 12,000,0001. part of the loan of for the service of Ireland.

twelve millions two hundred thou. An act to authorize the payment sand pounds, raised for the service of prize money arising from cap of Great Britain for the year 1807, tures made by ships of his Sicilian upon the duties of customs and majesty in conjunction with British excise, granted to his majesty du. ships, to the Sicilian envoy, for the ring the continuance of the present use of the officers and men of such war, and for certain periods after ships ; and also the payment of the ratification of a definitive treaty money arising out of proceeds of of peace; and for providing a sink. prizes or captures made by any ing fund for the redemption of the other ships or vessels belonging to stocks or finds thereby created. foreign states, in conjunction with An act for the further regulating his majesty's ships.

the office of treasurer of his ma. An act for permitting the cx. jesty's navy. portation of fullers carth, fulling ciay, and tobacco pipe clay, to any place in possession of his majesty. An act to repeal the several du.

Public Bills of the First Session of ties under the care of the commis.

the Fourth Parliament of the Uni. sioners for managing the stamp du.

ted Kingdom of Great Britain and

Ireland. ties in Ireland, and to grant new .and additional duties in lieu there.

July 7. of; and to amend the laws relating An act to continue until the fifth to the stamp duties in Ireland, day of July, one thousand eight


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SUPPLIES granted to Parliament for

the Year 1807.

NAV Y, &c.

8. d.

December 30, 1806. THAT 120,000 be employed for the sea-service, for

the year 1807, including 29,000 royal marines : For wages for ditto.

2,886,000 0 0 For victuals for ditto

2,964,000 0 0 For wear and tear of ships in which they are to serve 4,680,000 0 0 For ordnance sea-service on board such ships...


January 26, 1807.
That an additional number of 10,000 men be employ-

ed for the sea-service for 1807, including 2,400

royal marines :
For wages for ditto....
For victuals for ditto -
For wear and tear of ships in which they are to serve
For ordnance sea-service on-board such ships
For the ordinary of the navy for 1807
For the extraordinary establishment of ditto
For tbe hire of transports
For sick and wounded seamen at home and abroad
For prisoners of war at home and abroad...

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£.17,400,337 93


January 23, 1807.
That 113,795 effective men be employed from 25th

December, 1806, to 24th December. 1807 :
For guards, garrisons, and other land forces, in Great
Briain and Ireland

4,051,623 0.6

[blocks in formation]

For forces in the plantations, including these serving

at Gibraltar, in the Mediterranean, &c... For fire troops of dragoons, and thirteen companies

of foot stationed in Great Britain for recruiting

regiments serving in India
For recruiting and contingencies for land forces in

Great.Britain and Ireland
For general and staff-officers, and officers of the hos.

For defraying the charge of full pay to supernumerary

officers For allowances to the principal officers of several pub.

lic departments.
For the increased rates of subsistence to be paid to

innkeepers and others on quartering soldiers
For half-pay to reduced officers
For military allowances to ditto.
For half-pay and allowances to reduced oficers of

American forces
For officers late in the service of the states-general
For the in and out pensioners of Clelsea and Kil.

mainham hospitals
For pensions to widows of officers of the land forces

in Great Britain and Ireland
For foreign corps..
For the royal military college..
For the royal military asylum.
For allowances to retired chaplains and officiating

chaplains of the forces
For general and hospital expences in Ireland
For the barrack department in Ireland
For allowances on the compassionate-list
For the commissary-general's department for Great-

For the barrack department in Great Britain.

[blocks in formation]

£.11,305,387 13


January 23, 1807. "For the embodied militia and corps of fencible infantry

in Great-Britain and Ireland, from 25th December,

1806, to 24th December, 1807
For contingencies for ditto.
For cloathing for the embodied militia in Great Britain
For volunteer corps in Great Britain and Ireland...

2,493,644 7 5

62,153 17 157,227 16 4 1,490,301' 4 8

life-insurance company to sue in hundred thousand pounds by trea. the name of their secretary, and to sury bills for the service of Ireland inrol annuities.

for the year one thousand eight hunAugust 13.

dred and seven. An act to prevent improper An act for enabling his majesty persons from having arms in Ire. to raise the sum of four milions land.

five hundred thousand pounds for An act for allowing a certain the service of Great Britain. proportion of the militia in Ireland, An act for more effectually sevoluntarily to enlist into his ma- curing the payment of the debts of jesty's regular forces.

traders. An act for increasing the militia An act for suspending the opera. of Ireland, under certain limitations tion of an act of the thirty-sixth and restrictions.

year of his present majesty, for the An act for allowing a certain further support and maintenance proportion of the militia in Great, of curates within the church of Eng. Britain voluntarily to enlist into his land, and for other purposes in majesty's regular forces.

the said act mentioned, so far as reAn act for encouraging the ex. lates to the aroidance of benefices Portation of salt from Ireland. by the incumbents thereof, having

An act to amend an act, of the accepted augmented curacies. forty-sixth year of his majesty, for An act for granting to his ma. the better regulation of the office of jesty a certain sum of money out of receiver-general of the post office in the consolidated fund of Great BriEngland.

tain, and for applying certain August 14.

moneys there mentioned for the An act for the speedy comple, service of the year one thousand ting the militia of Great-Britain, and eight hundred and seven, and for increasing the same under certain further appropriating the supplies limitations and restrictions.

granted in this session of parliaAn act for raising the sum of five ment.



[The following Paper was, by accident, omitted in our Volume for 1806.

Its proper place, in that volume, would have been immediately preceding The Swedish Declaration, in p. 686.]


The King of Prussia's Proclamation, entrust the administration of the said

respecting the occupation, by his countries in such manner that, through Troops, of the Electorate of Ha- him, and the commission of govern-

ment which he may think proper to

appoint, all affairs relating to the W

"E, Frederic William, by the government of the country may be,

Grace of God, king of Prus- transacted, and the necessary orders sia, &c. &c. hereby moke known, &c. thereto communicated to the interior After the events which have termi- of magistracy and niagistrates. nated in peace between Austria and “ We therefore charge, as well France, all our endeavours have been those, as the prelates, nobles, citidirected to ward off from these dis- zens, and all subjects and inbabitants tricts the flames of war, and its dis- of the said country, without excepastrous consequences, which momen- tion, to conform themselves duly io tarily threatened the north of Ger- these dispositions made for their welmany, and particularly the countries fare; and also to the commands of of the electorate of Brunswick. With our before-mentioned commissaries this view, and as the only possible of administration, and the commismeans to attain it, a convention hassion by them to be appointed, as been made and concluded between well with regard to civil as military us and the emperor of the French, affairs; not only not throwing any in pursuance of which, the states of impediment in the way of our troops bis Britannic Majesty in Germany which are to march in, but to assist will not be again occupied by Prench and afford them all the information or other troops combined with them; in their power; and in the high or and, till the conclusion of a general more general affairs of the country, peace, will be wholly occupied and and also in propositions and petitions governed by us: in pursuance of thereto relating, alone and only to which, we have caused the Brunswick andress themselves to the beforeelectoral countries, to be occupied by mentioned commissaries of administhe corps under the command of our tration, as standing higiiest under our general of cavalry, Count Von Der immediate orders. Schulenburg Kennert, to whom, in As by this measure we have in

name, and till the peace, we view the repose and tranquillity of VOL. XLIX.




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