Some of these " cheres ombres ravies.” I have pourtrayed in prose, 1 fatter myself not very inferior to the verse of Byron in depicting his Francesca who

Was so slight and transparent of hue,
You might have seen the moon shine through!

Emily,--Helena,-Franszetta,—the idols of my boyhood,-Nunziata, Theresa, Mary, Clémentine, the deluders of my middle age,-have been successively called up before you.—But I alluded, if you remember, in my last volume, to a certain Viscountess of whom I promised you “more hereafter;" and in my first, ventured to shadow forth a fatal remembrance of the follies of my F. 0. days, which I would fain have consigned to oblivion.

It would be doing you injustice were I to defraud you of a brief relation of these two piquant adventures; and if I have time, a chapter or two shall be added to this present volume, to describe two of the most painful



apparitions which ghostlify the chambers of iny brain.

I am almost ashamed, at the years of which the Peerage accuses me, to plead guilty to such fickleness of nature. But be it remembered, that even that best of men, Wilberforce, had an especial clause in his prayers, entering into the holy estate of matrimony, against his “ volatility of nature !”—and if William Wilberforce confessed to being volatile, what chance for Cecil ?-If these things were done in a green tree,-eh ?

I have also a budget of politics to inflict upon you.-1 have hardly patience to wait for the meeting of Parliament, in order to give tongue to the ultrA-CONSERVATISM, which is to forin the basis of the Cecil-ian administration.—You shall hear what you shall hear of “that glorious English aristocracy, which has braved a thousand years the rabble and its sprees,- a body more essentially conservative, my lords, than the ancient Germanic Empire, or modern Germanic Confederation,- than all that Scandinavia, -all that "

But alas! dear Public, - there is scarcely room in the final sheet of Vol. III, or time on this 21st day of October, for more than a slight bint of my manifesto to Tamworth.

It is late - I have been interrupted by the visit of a Cecil II.-I have three letters to run through by post time,-and lo! the bell.—You shall hear from me another time. – Agréez l'assurance de mes sentimens distingués; and believe me, ever dear and attached Public,

With unfeigned respect (!)

Your faithful, humble servant,




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