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BRACĘ of finners, for no goods.

Were order'd to the Virgin Mary's shrine, Who at Loretió dwelt, in wax, fone, wood,

And in a fair white wig look'd wond'rous fine. Fifty long miles had these lad rogues to travel With something in their shoes much worse than gravel; In short, their toes so gentle to amuse, The priest had order'd peas into their shoes! A noftrum famous in old Popisk times For purifying fouls that ftunk with crimes ;

A fort of apostolic salt,

That Popish parsons for its pow'rs exalt
For keeping souls of finners sweet,
Jul as our kitchen falt keeps meat.

The knaves set off on the same day.
Peas in their shoes, to go and pray ;
diff'rent was

their fpeed, I wot :
One of thie finners gallop'd on
Light as a bullet from a gun ;

The other limp'd as if he had been fhot.

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One saw the Virgin soon--peccavi cried

Had his soul whitewash'd all so clever į
Then home again he nimbly hied, ; T

Made fit with saints above to live for 'eder.
In coming back, however, let me fay,
He met his brother'rogue about half

way, Hobbling with outstretch'd bum and bending knees, Damning the fouls and bodies of the peas; His eyes in tears, his cheeks and brows in sweat, Deep sympathizing with his groaning feet. “ How now, the light-toed, whitewash'd pilgrim broke

You lazy lubber "« Odds curse it !" cried the other, so 'tis no joke : My feet, once hard as any rock,

66 Are now as loft as blubber, * Exeuse me, Virgin Mary, that I swear * As for Loretto, I shall not get there :

No! to the Devil my sinful foul must go, i For damme if I ha’nt loft ev'ry toe. * But, brother finner, do explain ** How 'tis that you are not in pain ;

" What Pow'r hath work'd a wonter for your toes; " Whilft I just like a fnail am crawling, • Now swearing, now on saints devoutly bawling,

" Whilft not a rascal comes to ease my woeś ? « How is't that you can like a greyhound gog • Merry, as if that nought had happen'd, burn yep'in * Why," cried the other, grinning, “you must know, * That just before I ventur'd on my journey,

46 To walk a little more at ease.
« I took the liberty to boil my peas.".

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