136. The rule for paying witnesses summoned to appear before the House, or either of its committees, shall be as follows: For each day a witness shall attend, two dollars; for each mile he shall travel in coming to or going from the place of examination, ten cents each way; but nothing shall be paid for travelling home when the witness has been summoned at the place of trial.

137. The unappropriated rooms in that part of the Capitol assigned to the House shall be subject to the order and disposal of the Speaker.

138. Maps accompanying documents shall not be printed, under the general order to print, without the special direction of the House.

139. No officer or person in the service of the House shall be employed as agent, or in any manner whatever, for the prosecution of claims against the Government, under penalty of removal from office.

140. Any member assaulting another upon the floor of the House shall be expelled therefrom.

Upon the presentation of petitions, memorials, resolutions, or other papers relating to slavery, objection to the reception shall be considered as made, and the question of reception shall be laid on the table.

1st Session.


JULY 29, 1841.

Read, laid upon the table, and ordered to be printed.

Mr. LEVY submitted the following


Resolved, That the Secretary of War be required to furnish to this House the following information, to wit:

1. What sums have been expended in the execution of the treaty of Payne's landing, made on the 9th day of May, 1832, with the Seminole nation of Indians-specifying the several items.

2. Whether any and what annuities are paid to the said Seminole Indians.

3. Whether the whole tract of country designated in the supplemental treaty, signed at Fort Gibson, on the 28th day of March, 1833, is now in the possession of said Seminole nation of Indians.

4. What number of Indians and negroes have been emigrated from Florida since the date of said treaty.

5. What is the aggregate amount of expenditure which has been occasioned by the hostilities of said Seminole Indians.

6. How many persons in the military service of the United States have been killed or wounded in the course of said hostilities, (including militia and regular,) and distinguishing the grades of the killed and wounded.

7. What number of pensions have been allowed in consequence of wounds received in the Florida service, or to the widows of persons killed in said service.

8. What proportion of the regular army of the United States is now on duty in Florida, and under orders for that service.

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