munity from military services dred years after they returned, to priests and old men. Every plundered and burned the city man was armed who could hold of Rome, and about two hun. a weapon, on the approach of a dred and seventy years before French army. In one of their Christ, they lifted their bloody expeditions into Greece 279 sword over Asia Minor, and years B. C. an army of 165,000 settled a colony in Galatia. St. was routed with dreadful Paul visited Galatia, A. D. 50 slaughter. Brennus their com, or 51, and founded a number mander, being wounded, and of churches. In 52 he wrote finding his cause desperate, he them a letter, and visited them assembled his chief officers, and again in 53. From his letter advised them to kill all their it seems, that Christianity itself sick and wounded, and make did not alter their national charthe best retreat they could. Ac- acter. They received him not cordingly 20,000 poor wretches merely with the ardent affecwere murdered by their breth- tion due to an apostle, but as ren. The commander murder. if he were an angel or Jesus ed himself. This agrees with Christ himself.

They were some modern facts, and proves ready to give him their eyes; the uniformity of their charac. yet "soon” after, such was the ter. Their name, Gauls, in the fickleness and ferocity of their Celtic language signifies brave temper, that they became his or rather warlike, and such the enemies, merely because he nation was then allowed to be told them the truth. He comby all who knew them. Their plains, that they behaved as if history, like that of the Arabs, they were "bewitched,” or posshows the permanency of char- sessed with evil spirits, or un. acter in a family or nation. der the influence of enchantFor three thousand seven hun ment. Folio Geog.of

Moll, vol.ii. dred years the family of Ish GALILEE, a northern fruitmael have been robbers and ful province of Palestine, which murderers. The character of consisted of what had been the the Gauls has continued much territories of Issachar, Zebulon, the same ever since they were Naphtali, and Asher, with part, known in history. Five hun- as some say, of Dan and Parea, dred and eighty-eight years be- beyond the. Jordan. On the fore Christ, they broke into north it is bounded by LebaItaly with all the fury of sav.' non and Syria, on the west by age conquerors; about two hun. Phenicia, on the south by

Samaria, on the east mostly by to south. It is viewed with the river Jordan and the sea of veneration by Christians from Galilee. It is generally divided having been frequented by into two parts; the Upper and Christ and his apostles. It the Lower Galilee, the former abounds with delicate fish. is called Galilee of the Gertiles, The Jordan passes through this Matt. vi, 15, either because it lake. was chiefly possessed by the GALLIM, a town of Ca. Gentiles with Jews interspersed naan cast from the Jordan, in amongst them, or rather be the land of Moab. (Mariti.) cause it bordered upon Gentile It was eight miles south from nations, such as the Phenicians, the city of Ar. Lat. 31,32. Syrians, and Arabians.

The GAROB, a hill near Jerusawhole country was fruitful and lem. well cultivated, and the people GATH, or Geth, a cele. industrious. The number of brated city of the Philistines, its towns and villages was pro and one of their five principalidigiously great, and so popu. ties. 1 Sam. vi, 17. It stood on a lous, that the least of them did hill east of Ashdod, on the coast not contain less than fifteen of the Mediterranean. It is fa. thousand souls. The natives mous for having given birth to were a bold intrepid race of Goliah. Id. xvii, 4. David men, but their wealth and made a conquest of it, in the prowess made them seditious, beginning of his reign over all and prone to rebel against the Israel. Romans, for which they some Gath stood about 5 or 6 times severely suffered. Whit- miles from Jamnia, about 14 by's Alphabetical Table. south of Joppa, and thirty two

Every one knows that our west of Jerusalem. Several Savior was called a Galilean, more of the name of Geth or because he was brought up at Gath, are mentioned in Euse. Nazareth, a city of Galilee. bius and St. Jerome, whose His disciples and other Chris- situation according to them, tians in general, were likewise plainly shows them to have called Galileans, because the been different places from this apostles were of Galilee, and from each other, beside

GALILEE, sea of, a lake of those which had an adjunct to delicious water in Palestine; it distinguish them. is 6 miles wide from east to GATHOPHER, or GATHwest, and 18 long from north EPHER, or GATH, in Galilee,

was the birth place of the GAZA, a city of the Philisprophet Jonah. 2 Kings xiv, tines, by Joshua xv, 47, and 1 25; Josh. xix, 13, makes this Sam. vi, 15, made part of the city to be part of the tribe of tribe of Judah. It was one of Zebulon; and St. Jerome says, the five principalities of the that it was two miles from Philistines, situated towards the Sephoris, otherwise called Di. southern extremity of the promocesarea, and that the tomb of ised land. In the Hebrew text, the prophet Jonah was then to it is called Aza or Hasa, with be seen there.

an Hain or Ain, which the SepGATHRIMMON, a city tuagint express sometimes by belonging to the tribe of Dan. a Ĝ. Stephens, the geograJosh xix, 45. St. Jerome pla

St. Jerome pla- pher says, that in his time the ces it ten miles from Diospo- Syrians still called it Aza. It lis, on the way from Eleuther- is situated between Raphia and opolis. It was given to the Askelon. The advantageous Levites of Koath's family. situation of Gaza was the cause

GATHRIMMON, a city in the of the many revolutions to half tribe of Manasseh, on this which it has been subject. It side Jordan, and was also given first belonged to the Philistines, to the Levites of Koath's fam- then to the Hebrews. It reily, Josh. xxi, 25.

covered its liberty in the reigns GathrIMMON, a city in the of Jotham and Ahaz, and was tribe of Ephraim given to the reconquered by Hezekiah, 2 Kohathites.

Kings xviii, 8. It was subject GAULON, or GOLAN, a ci- to the Chaldeans, who conty of Canaan, east of the Jor- quered Syria and Phenicia. dan, from which the province Afterwards it fell into the hands of Gaulonitis had its name; it of the Persians. They were lay in the half tribe of Ma- masters of it, when Alexander nasseh; it was ceded to the besieged, took, and destroyed Levites of Gershom's family, it. He rendered it a desert, and was also a city of refuge. says Strabo.

He dismantled In the time of Eusebius it was it, and a new city, or another a considerable town. It was city rose from its ruins, nearer in the Upper Galilee, and the to the sea. After which, anbirth place of Judas, the head cient writers speak of old Gaza, of the Galileans. Lat. 32, 48.

Lat. 32, 48. and Strabo mentions, Gaza the GEUCLONITIS, a prov. desert, which agrees with Acts ince of Canaan, extending from viii, 26. The new city was Perea to mount Lebanon. called Majuma. In this de.

structiort were verified the pre- than most of the places in Pal. dictions of the prophets, "I estine; but the suburbs are will send a fire on the wall of nothing but wretched huts of Gaza, which shall devour her mud; and on the roofs they palaces, Amos i, 7. “Gaza sow and plant, as in gardens. shall be forsaken,” Zeph. ii, 4. the vicinity is undescribably It was afterwards possessed by delightful by a number of ex. the Kings of Judah. Antio- tensive gardens, cultivated in chus the Great, took, and the best manner; the olive trees sacked it. The Asmoneans, and fields of wheat increase the or Maccabees, took it several beauty of the prospect. А times from the Syrians, 1 Macc. disease of the eyes is common xi, 61, and xii, 43. Alexan- here, and many of the people der Jannaeus, king of the Jews, are led through the streets, entook and destroyed it. Gab- tirely blind. While the French binus repaired it, and coins are army was here, a few years to be seen, which were stamp- since, 500 of them died with ed in this city. Augustus gave the plague. In the town is a it to Herod the Great; but it considerable number of Chris. was not under the obedience tians; they live in a particular of his son Archelaus. St. Luke, part of the city by themselves; Acts viii, 26, says, that Gaza as do those of different reli. in his time was a desert place; gions. From the walls of Ga. meaning in all probability, that za, we view at once the sca, the old city of Gaza, situated separated by a sandy beach, a upon a mountain, and not Ma. quarter of a league wide, and juma or new Gaza, which was the country whose date trees, very populous. The emperor and fat and naked aspect, as Constantine gave Majuma the far as the eye can discern, rename of Constantia, in honor minds us of Egypt; in fact, in of his son, and granted it the this latitude, the soil and the honors and privileges of a city, climate appear to be truly Ara. independent of Gaza. But the bian. The heat, the drought, emperor Julian deprived it of the winds, and the dews, are the both its name and privileges. same as on the banks of the Some marks of the ancient Nile. The inhabitants have the grandeur of Gaza are now seen complexion, the stature, the in the marble columns, which manners, and language of the support their dirty cottages, Egyptians, rather than the Sy. and it has a better appearance, rians. Gaza standing on an

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ni! eminence, is rendered pictur- of rubbish, which, they pretend, 25; esque by the number of its is the ruins of the temple, pul

fine minarets or spires, which led down by Sampson. The Brise majestically above the Greeks have here a handsome

buildings, and by the beautiful church; the roof is supported

date trees interspersed. A fine by marble pillars of the Corin 11 plain commences three miles thian order, with all their

prop: then from the town, in which are er ornaments. The Armenians

several groves of olive trees. have a church here. Without Near the town the view be- the city are some beautiful comes more interesting, the mosques, which once were olive trees are more plenty. A christian churches. Under the mile from the town is a com. government of the Sangiac, manding hill. The town stands who resides here, are three hun three miles from the sea, hav. dred villages.

The country ing an indifferent port. It is round Gaza is very fruitful, in the south-west corner of Ca- producing spontaneously, pom,

naan, on the skirts of the desert egranites, dates, oranges, and ☺ towards Egypt. The gates of flowers, which are in great re

this city, Sampson carried a. pute at Constantinople. The way, and here afterwards he French army took Gaza in pulled down the temple of 1797, but soon deserted it. It Dagon on the lords of the is 50 miles S. W. from Jeru . Philistines; here Philip baptiz. salem.

Lat. 31, 28; long. 34, ed the Eunuch of Ethiopia. 44. Wittman, Thevenot, Bow. The town has now about 2000 en, Top. Dict. Volney. inhabitants, and has a manu GAZA, a city of Ephraim. facture of cotton, which em. i Chron. vii, 28. ploys 500 looms here, and in GAZER, or Gezer, a city the vicinity. The articles of not far from Joppa on the south commerce are furnished by the west corner of Ephraim; but the caravans, which pass between Canaanites kept possession of it Egypt and Syria, and the Arabs, for a long time. Judgés i, 29. who bring their plunder here, GEBA, one of the cities of and sell it for less than its val. Benjamin mentioned in Josh,

The town has a strong xviii, 24, &c. castle with two iron gates, over GEBAL, this word is to be against which is the Seraglio of met with only in Psalm lxxxiii, the Basha. At a little distance 7. Gebal, Ammon, and Ama from the town is shown a pile lek. But the Chaldee and the


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