This WORLD to that which is to COME.

Delivered under the SIMILITUDE of a


Wherein is Discovered
II. His dangerous JOURNEY ; and
III. His fafe ARRIVAL at the Desired Country.


Hosea xij. 10. I have used Similitudes,




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HEN at the first I took my pen in hand,

Thus for to write, + did not understand That l at all should make a little book In such a mode : Nay, I had underczok. To make another; which, when almost done, : Before I was aware, I this begun.

And thus it was: I writing of the way And race of saints in this cur gospel-day, Fell suddenly into an allegory. About their journey, and the way to glory, In more than twenty, things, which I set down: This done, I twenty more had in my crown ; And they again began to mul;iply, Like Sparks that from the coals of fire do fly, Nay, then, thought I, if that you breed so fast, I'll put you by yourselves, left you at last Should prove ad infioitum, and eat out The book ihat I already am about. Well, so I did; but yet I did not think To new to all the World my pen and ink In such a mode i 1 only thought to make I knew.not what : ner da å undertake Thereby to please my neighbour ; no, not 1, I did it mine awn Jelf to gratify...

Neither did I but vacant Seafons spend, In this my fcribble; nor did I intend But to divert myself in doing this, From worser thoughts which make me do amiss.. A 2


Thus I set pen te paper with delight,
And quickly had my thoughts in black and white.
For having now my method by the end,
Srill as I pallid, it came; and fo I pend
It douin; until it came at last to be, Chei
For length and breadth, the bigness wbich woue.

Well, when I bad thus put my ends together, I bewid them others, that I mighe fee whether They would condemn them, or them juftify? And some faid, Let them live; fome, Let them die. Some faid, John, print it; others said, Not fo. Some said, it might do good; others faid, Na.

Now I was in a firait, and did not fee Which was the best thing to be done by me: At last 1 dhought, fince ye are thus divided, I print it will ; and fo the cafe decided.

For thought I rome I fee would have it done, Though others in that channel do not run To prove then who advised for the best, Thus I thought fit to put it to the teft.

I farther thought, if now I did deny Those that would have it, thus ta gratify, I did not know, but hinder them limight: of that which would to them be great delight For those which were not for its coming forth, I said to them, Offend you, I am toth; Tet since your brethren pleased with it bei Forbear to judge, till you do farther fec. If that thou will not read, lot it alone's Some love the meat, fome to pick a bone. Yea, that I might them betler moderate,

too with them thus expoftulate : May

May I not write in fuch a style as this? In fucb a method too, and yet not miss My.ond, thy goad? Why may et not be done? Dark clouds bring water's, when the bright

bring none ; : rea, dark or bright, if they their ilver draps Cause to defcent, the earth, by yielding crops, Gives praise to both, and carpeth not at either, But treasures up the fruit they syield tagether, Bea, fo commixes, both, that in their fruit None can dilinguish this from that; they fuit Her well when hungry: but if the be full, She spew siout both, and makes their blessing null.

Kou fee the ways the fisherman doth tahe To catch the fish; what engines doth he makel Behold! how he engageth all his wils, Also his frares, lines, angles, hooks and nets! Yet fish there be that neithar hook nor line, Nor mare, nor net, nur engine can make thine: They must be groped for, and be tickled too, Or they will not be catch'd, whate'er you do.

How does the fowler feek to catch bis game By divers means? All which one cannot name: His gun, bis rets, his limestwigs, ligbt, and bell: He creeps, ke goes, he ftands; yen, who can tell. Of all his poftures! Yet there's none of these WiH make him maffer of what forls the please. rea, he muft

, pipe and whifle to catch this Tet if he doe's go, that bird he will mifs. If that a pearl may in a toad's head dwell, And may be found too in an ofter.fell,

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