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within these pages.

see Page yo THE DÈEV ALFAKIR. The day was closing, and the rich autűni

nal beams gilded the pomegranates To the KEEPSAKE, the most singularly flourished in Sadak's orchard, and the beautiful of all the Annuals, that has mournful cypresses that surrounded it. been presented to the world at this season The heat of the day had been great, and of the year, by the liberality of their the air was fraught

with a full and heavy highly deserving publishers, are we langour. The philosopher was seated at indebted for the tale which hảs insertion a favourite window reading, to catch the

Our readers will cool fragrance of the air. He had with-li readily find on its perusal that it bears drawn the exquisitely woven curtains of some analogy to one of the Tales of the peach coloured silk. His limbs repose to Genii though not of equal merit with the on a divan of downy softness: the most

. one' from which it is evidently borrowed, delightful sherbet sparkled in crystal yet we think that it possesses sufficient vases; and a thousand flowers of every originality to warrant our submitting it to hue expanded their blossoms, and diffused' the tastes of our readers.

their fragrance around him. Sadak raised"

his head, and cast a glance on the Täigu The Deev AlpakiR.-In the vine sur.' riant scene, but withdrew it with discontent "ounded city of Shiraz, under the reign and disgust. He recurred to his studies,"

Otman, dwelt Sadak, surnamed Al -in a few moments he pushed away the Hahjim or the Philosopher. He lived in beautiful manuscript. almost uninterrupted solitude, his dwel- *“ Idle philosophy," he exclaimed, ling though not splendid was elegant; and “able only to denote what is good, but his household consisted of a few slaves, powerless in teaching to attain it ; useless who regarded their master with fidelity to the happy, and to the wretched worse

Sadak had few friends, than useless, a mockery and a paint Ok and no acquaintances; but he had many happiest phoenix of life, believed in but well wishers in those to whom he had done not found, I abandon

the search, and ask Benevolent

, and unhappy. good. He was rich, noble, learned, but for forgetfulness.”

He turned away as he spoke, and B

1--SATURDAY, JAN. 12, 1828.

and affection.

Vos.. I.

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