NOVEMBER 1879 to APRIL 1880

" To the solid ground
Of Nature trusts the mind which builds for aye."-WORDSWORTH

London and New York:



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ABBAY (Rev. R.), a Consolidated Beach in Ceylon, 184
Abercromby (Hon. Ralph), the Tay Bridge Storm, 443, 502
Abich (Dr.), his Petrographical Descriptions of the Caucasian
Regions, 287

Abney (Capt., F.R.S.), on the Photographic Method of Mapping
the Least Refrangible End of the Solar Spectrum, 267
Abruzzi, Existence of the Chamois in the, 240
Absorption of Gases, on the Nature of, Dr. S. Wroblewski, 190
Ackroyd (William), Change in Apparent Position of Geometrical
Figures, 108; on the Eye as an Automatic Photometer, 627
"Acoustico-Electrical Kaleidoscope," M. Michelangiolo Monti's,

Adam's Valley (Moravia), Discovery of a Stalactite Cavern in,

Aeronautics: Balloon Accident, 71; Baumgartner's Navigable
Balloon, 549; Ballooning in France, 575
Afghan Ethnology, A. H. Keane, 276
Africa: Belgian, Expedition, 73; the South African Public
Library, 115; the Abbé Debaize's Expedition, 190; Dr.
Junker's Expedition, 216; Dr. Rohlfs' Expedition, 241;
French Stations in, 242; Mr. Hore's Explorations, 242;
Ascent of the River Binué, 266, 504; Dr. Holub's Exploration
of, 288, 310; Dr. Bradshaw's Exploration of the Zambesi,
288; the East African Expedition, 331, 455; German African
Society, 360; "Africa Past and Present," 368; French
Missions to Northern, 385; Ivens and Capello's Exploration
of Angola, 455; Stanley's Congo Expedition, 455; Mook and
Holzhausen's Journey in, 455; German Grants to African
Research, 456; J. W. Moir's Expedition, 505; James Stewart's
Exploration of, 527; the Second Belgian Expedition, 550;
Masasi and Rovuma District, 577


Agassiz (Prof. Alex), the Antiquity of Oceanic Basins, 587
Agostini's Experiments with Mercury, 526
Agram, Earthquake at, 215

Algeria: Exploration of, 216, 239; Algerian Company for
Cultivating the Sahara, 424; Algerian Scientific Association,
474; Rainfall in, 549

50, 122, 314, 458; American Quarterly Microscopical Journal,
50; American Arctic Exploring Expedition, proposed, 310;
American Biology, Central, 321; American Entomologist,
441, 626; American Geological Surveys, 476; Catalogue of
Official Reports, 332; American Sea-Side Laboratory, Prof.
E. Ray Lankester, F.R.S., 497; see also United States, &c.
Ampère, proposed Statue to, 89
Amu-darya Expedition, the, 22

Amu-darya and Caspian Sea, proposed connection of, 216
Anatomical Model, Prof. Rüdinger's, 306
Anatomy, an Atlas of, by Mrs. Fenwick Miller, 9
Anchor-ice, Dr. J. Rae, 538; Allan Macdougall, 612
Ancients, Natural History of the, Rev. W. Houghton, M. A.,

Algiers, Observatory of, 263

Allen (J. Romilly), a Museum Conference, 468, 515
Alloys, Copper-Tin, W. Chandler Roberts, F.R.S., 272
Alpine Flowers, Fertilisers of, Dr. Hermann Müller, 275
Alston (E. R.), Mammalia of Scotland, 609
Alternative Interpretation of Sensation, Fred. D. Brown, 177
Alum Bay, the Fossil Flora of, Baron Ettingshausen, 555; J.
Starkie Gardner, 588

Alumayû, Who was Prince? A. H. Keane, 61
Amblystoma punctatum, Development of, 454
America: North, Prof. Geikie, F.R.S., on the Geology of, 67;
the New French Cable for, 307; American Academy of Arts
and Sciences, 196, 460, 532; American Journal of Science
and Arts, 50, 122, 267, 361, 458, 626; American Naturalists, |

Anderson (Richard), "Lightning-conductors, their History,
Nature, and Mode of Application," 415
Andrews (Dr. Thomas, F.R.S.), proposed Testimonial to, 162,

Agriculture: Agricultural College, Cirencester, Rev. J. Brown
Maclellan elected Principal of, 162; "The Science of Agri-
culture," J. B. Fuller, 2co; Principles of Agriculture, S.
Tomlinson, 466; New College of, 523, 547; Farming for
Pleasure and Profit, Arthur Roland, 534

Air, the Temperature of, at various levels, L. Hajniš, 176

"Air at the Equator, why it is not hotter in January than in Antimony, the Atomic Weight of, 554

July," A. Woeikof, 249
Akbal-Tekkes, the, 455
Albumen and Fat, 618
Algæ, 282

"Angler's Note-book and Naturalist's Record," 263
Animals, Mind in the Lower, by W. Lauder Lindsay, M.D., 8
Animals and the Musical Scale, Dr. W. Pole, F.R.S., 11
Animal Heat of Fishes, 156
"Animal Life," Dr. E. Perceval Wright, 232
Animal Kingdom, diffusion of Copper in, Dr. T. H. Norton,
305; Prof. Léon Fredericq, 370

Annalen der Physik und Chemie, 27, 122, 218, 289, 361, 530
Annales de l'Extrême Orient, 360
Annuaire for Turkestan, 22

Ansdell (Gerrard), the Physical Constants of Liquid Hydro-
chloric Acid, 387

Antarctic Expedition, proposed Italian, 578, 598
Anthony (Edwyn), a Feat of Memory, 562
Anthracite, a Valuable Bed of, at Ching-mên chow, 307
Anthropology: Anthropological Institute, 99, 195, 291, 363,
435, 459, 483, 555; Anthropological Society of Paris, Felyx-
Denys-Rapontayabo's letter to, 19; Anthropological Discovery
at Sypniewo by Herr Wilckens, 216; Removal of Barnard
Davis's Anthropological Collection to the Royal College of
Surgeons' Museum, 329; Recent Progress in, Dr. B. Tylor,
F.R.S., 380; German Exhibition of, 595

Ants, the "Parasol," of Texas: how they cut and carry Leaves:
Origin of Castes by Evolution, G. T. Bettany, 17
Arago, Dr. Janssen on, 418

Aralo-Caspian Basin, Geology and Physical Geography of, 577
"Aratus' Skies and Weather Forecasts," 329

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Artificial Diamonds, Dr. R. Sydney Mar:den, 445

Beet-root, Manufacture of Me hyl Chloride from, Prof. C.
Arius (Dr. Wilibald), Death of, 451

Vincent, 358
Arsenic in Animals, 94

Begbie (Major Elphinstone), Intellect in Brutes, 325
L'Arsonval's (M.), Sugrestion for the Improvement of Plante's Belgium : Belgian State Prize awarded to M. Houzeau, 162;
Secondary Batteries, 409

Geology of, 425; Dr. Michel Mourlon on the Geology of,
Artisan Reports on the Paris Exhibition of 1878, I'rof. Silvanus 287; Annual Public Séance of the Belgian Academy, 407 ;
P. Thompson, 397

Prizes of the, 548; “ Bibliotheca Belgica,” 215; Devonian
Aryan Tribes of India, 598

Rocks of, Prof. Malaise, 576
“Asia Minor,” in the “ Encyclopædia Britannici," 82

Bell (Graham), Prix de Volta awarded to, 329
Asia, Eastern, the Climate of, Dr. H. Fritsche, 175

Bell (Thomas, (F.R.S.), Death of, 473 ; Obituary Notice of,
Asia, Central, the Races of, 266

Asiatic Society of Japan, Transactions, 264

Bellew (H. W.), on Kafiristan, 427
Astronomy: our Astronomical Column, 20, 71, 91, 117, 141, Benson (C.), the Saidapet Experimental Farm Manual and
164, 240, 264, 286, 307, 331, 359, 383, 453, 475, 502, 525,

Guide, 54
575, 597, 618; School of, at the Observatory of Paris, 19; Bentley (Robert) and Trimen's Medicinal Plants, 416
to Astronomers, Lord Lindsay, 106; Rev. J. Challis' Berlin : “Geographentag” at, 73; International Piscicultural
“Practical Astronomy,” 105; “Bulletin des Sciences Mathé. Exhibition, 163 ; Berlin Geographical Society, 242, 477 ;
matiques et Astronomiques, 152; Astronomical Subject- Zeitschrist, 266, 386; German Anthropological Congress at,
Index, J. L. E. Dreyer, 154 ; new journal of Astronomy and 285; Berlin Society of Commercial Geography, 427; Elec-
Meteorology, "Ciel et Terre," 424; French School of trical Railway in, 473, 501
Astronomy, 452 ; a Bibliography of Astronomy, 453; Prof. Bernier's (M. Théodore) “Dictionnaire Géographique, Histo-
Thury on Astronomical Observations, 474

rique, Archéologique, Biographique, et Bibliographique du
Astrophytidæ and Ophiuridæ of the Challenger Expedition, Hainault,” 360
Tbeodore Lyman, 513

Berrot (M.), Death of, 357
Atlantic, the Temperatures of the, 142

Berwick (Dr. George), Lunar Rings, 33, 155
Atmospheric Electricity, the ob-erving of, 72

Bettany (G. T.), the “Parasol” Ants of Texas; how They Cut
Aithey (Thomas), Death of, 616

and Carry Leaves ; Origin of Castes by Evolution, 17; the
Atti della R. Accademia dei Lincei, 530, 578

Cambridge Natural Sciences Tripos, 86
“Audiphone,” Rhodes, 243, 469 ; Prof. Colladon on, 426; Beynen (Koolemans) Death of, 92
Thos. Fletcher, 515

Bibliography: Catalogue of Scientific Serials, Mr. S. H.
Audition, Binaural, Prof. Silvanus Thompson's Monograph on, Scudder's New, 89; an Astronomical Bibliography, 453
21; Experiments relating to, 310

Biela Comet Meteors, 71, 240
Auroræ : J. Rand Capron, 127; Catalogue of, 384; Aurora at Biermann (Adolf), Death of, 548

Last, Prof. Piazzi Smyth, 492 ; Auroral Response in America, Binary Stars, Orbits of, 141
Prof. Piazzi Smyth, 609

Binaural Audition, Prof. Silvanus Thompson's Monograph on,
Austral Islands, Land Shells of the, 108

21 ; Experiments Relating to, 310
Australian Colonies, Infantile Mortality in our, 48

Biology: Biological Notes, 93, 240, 308, 453;, Centrali.
Australia, Western, Demand for Flax grown in, 141; Mr. Alex. Americana," F. Duncan Godman and Osbert Salvin, 321 ; a
Forrest in, 165; Discovery of Coal in, 264

New Biological Atlas, 262; the Destruction of Insect Pests an
Australia, South, Meteorology of, 281

Unforseen Application of the Results of Biological Investiga.
"Australasia," A, R. Wallace's, A. Hart Everett, 535; A. R. tion, Prof. E. Ray Lankester, F.R.S., 447 ; Studies from the
Wallace, 562

Laboratory of the Johns Hopkins University, 618
Austria-Hungary, Rainfall of, Dr. Hann, 385

Bird (C.), « Lecture Notes on Physics,” 153
Austria, Cave Exploration in, 457; Tumuli in, 457,

Birds : British, the Times on, 260 ; Moore's Ornithological
Ayrton (Mrs. Chaplir), M.D. Degree from the Medical Faculty Tables, 440; the Song of Birds, 590, 612
of Paris, 162

Birmingham Natural History and Microscopical Society, Annual
Ayrton (W. E.) and John Perry on Secing by Electricity, 589 Meeting of, 358; Conversazione of the, 424; Pbilosophical
Azimuth, New Modes of showing Different Characteristics over Society, Proceedings, 452 ; the Endowment of Research at,

Small Arcs in, from the Lighthouse Apparatus, T. Stevenson, 487

Bischofsheim (M.), his New Observatory at Nice, 19, 407
Bjerknes's (M.) Theory of Electricity and Magneti-m, 72

Blauford (H. F.) on the Barometric See-Saw between Russia
Balfour (Dr. I. B.) appointed Naturalist to the Socotra Expe. and Irdia in the Sun-Spot Cycle, 477

dition, 237 ; News from, 381 ; his Exploration of Socotra, Blanford (W. T.), the Himalayan Ranges, 442
504, 515; Return from Socotra, 616

Bleaching, Improvements in, 14
Ball (V.), Notes on the Papuans of Maclay Coast, New Guinea, Bleekrode (Prof. L.), a Lecture Experiment on Ice-Crystals, 444
251 ; Jungle Life in India, 373

Blomefeld (L., late Jenyns), Scale of Colour, 201
Balloons : Accident to a, 71 ; Baumgartner's Navigable, 549 ; Blood-Corpuscles, the Coloured, of the Frog, 453
Ballooning in France, 575

* Blowpipe Analysis," J. Landauer, 392
Balmain's Luminous Paint, 576

Blow pipe “Flame," Electricity of the, Col. W. A, Ross, 275;
Barbadoes, Science in, 548

H. M.Leod, F.R.S., 347
Barometer, on the Construction of a New Glycerine, 377 Blunt (Wilsrid S.), his Account of a Journey to Nejd, 142
Barometrical Variations in India, S, A, Hill, 513

Bock (Carl), Exploration in Borneo, 241, 468
Barrett (Prof. W. F.), Novel Source of Frictional Electricity, Bod (Lewis), Carnivorous Wasps, 538

417; the Loud-speaking Telephone, 483 ; Trevelyan Rocker, Boilers, the Safety-Valves of, 189
426, 507

Boisduval (Dr.), Death of, 451
Barrett (S. T.), Ice-Crystals or Filaments, 537

Boll (Prof. Franz), Death of, 214
Barrington-Kennett (V. B.), the Paces of the Horse, 107 Bologna, Monument to Galvani in, 47
Barrois (Dr. Charles), Tertiary Quartzites of the Ardennes, Bolton's Natural History Discoveries, 81
164 ; Marbre Griotte, 165

Bombay, Severe Thunderstorm in Dharwar, 616
Barton (Bolling W.), Stags' Horns, 325

Bon's (M, Le) Observations on Skulls, 285
Bastian (Prof.), his Arrival at Batavia, 216

Bone-Sucking—a Habit of Cattle, W. Frazer, J. Le Conte, 12
Batavia, Prof. Ba: tian's Arrival at, 216

Bonwick (James), “Who are the Irish ?" A. H. Keane, 464,
Batteries, Planté's Secondary, M. d'Arsonval's Suggestion for 563
the Improvement of, 409

Borneo : Exploration in, Carl Bock, 241, 468; Negritoes in, A,
Bauke (Dr. H.), of Berlin, Death of, 262

Hart Everett, 588; the Caves of, 627
Beach, Note on a Consolidated, in Ceylon, Rev. R. Abbay, 184 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Geology of, 426
Bedford (Henry), Sun-Spots, 276

Boston (U.S.): and Harvard, 149 ; Society of Natural History,
Bees: and Centipedes, 12; Infectious Disease among, 163; Eat. Proceedings of, 243, 501 ; American Academy of Arts and
ing Entrapped Moths, 308

Sciences, 532

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Botany : List of Works on Commercial, 115; Study of, at the Newall, F.R.S., 494 ; Lewis Bod, 538 ; Worthington G.

Royal Gardens, Kew, 262; Botanical Garden at Hakodate, Smith, 563
Japan, 357 ; Proposed Botanisches Centralblatt, 382; Bo- Carpenter (Lant), the Application of Electricity to the Purposes
tanische Jahrbücher, 474 ; Unintelligible Descriptions in

of Practical Life in the United States, 116
Botanical Writings, 548; Dr. N. J. Č. Müller's Handbook Carpenter (Dr. W. B., F.R.S.), the Antiquity of Oceanic Basins,
of Botany, 559

Bottomley (J. T.), Flow of Vi:cous Materials- -a Model Glacier, Carré's Cast-Iron Magnets, 359

Carrie (Père), on Stanley's Expedition, 360
Boulak Museum, Robbery of a Collection belonging to, 140 Caspian Sea and the Amu Darya, Proposed Connection of, 216
Bournemouth, the Eocene Flora of, J. Starkie Gardner on, 181 Ca-sell's Natural History, Edited by P. Martin Duncan, F.R.S.,
" Bracteæ," Discovery of so-called, 286

Brault's (M. L.) Wind-Charts, 265

Cast-Iron Magnets, M. Carré's, 359
Briançon, Meteorological Observatory, 452

Castlenau (Count de), Death of, 500
Bristol Museum and Library, 525

Cataloguing, Subject, 525
British Museum, John Miers's Bequest to, 71

Caucasian Region, Dr. Abich's Petrographical Descriptions of
Broca (Dr.), Elected a Life Member of the French Senate, 356 287
Brodie (Sir B. C.), Dissociation of the Metalloid Elements, 491

Caudal Disk, E. H. Pringle, 34
Bromine, Chlorine, and Jodine, Dissociation of, Prof. Henry E. Cave Exploration in Austria, 457
Armstrong, F.R.S., 461

Caves, a “ Verein für Höhlenhunde," 285
Broun (J. Allan, F.R.S.), Death of, 89; Obituary Notice of,

Cedar of Lebanon in Cyprus, 93
Prof. Balfour Stewart, F.R.S., 112

Celestial Photometry, 23
Broun (Wm. Le Roy), Ice-Filaments, 589

Cell, the Primeval, 332
Brown (F. D.), Subject-Indexes, 10; Alternative Interpretation Cement for Glass, Herr H. Schwarz, 360
of Sensation, 177 ; the Density of Chlorine, 513

Centipedes and Bees, 12
Brown (Dr. Robert), “ The Countries of the World,” 346 Centrifugal Foree, Proposed Uses of, 526
Brown (W.), Intellect in Brutes, 397

Cerebration, Unconscious, Hyde Clarke, 81
Brown Institution Lectures, 115

Ceylon, Note on a Consolidated Beach in, Rev. R. Ahbay, 184
Brunton (Dr. Lauder, F.R.S.), “Medicine Past and Present,” | Chalk, Kent, Vertical Shafts in the, 13; F. C. Spurrell, 65

Challenger Expedition, the Ophiuridæ and Astrophytidæ of the,
Brutes, Intellect in, “Lindsay's Mind in the Lower Animals,” Theodore Lyman, 513

8; James Turnbull, 12: S. E. Peal, 34 ; Sophie Frankland, Challis's “Practical Astronomy,” 105
82; C. F. Crehore, 132; Commander J. P. Maclear, 250 ; Chambers (F.), Meteorological Phenomena of India, 384
Francis E. Colenso, 251 ; W. Thompson, 324; J. R. Gregory, Chamois, Existence of in the Abruzzi, 240
324 ; Major Elphinstone Begbie, 325; T. E. Wilcox, 372; Chappell (Wm.), Hearing through the Mouth, 250
Alex. Mackennal, 397 ; W. Brown, 397, 494

Charnay (Désiré), his Explorations in Australia, 288
Buchanan (John), Series of Force due to a Small Magnet, 370, Charry (Chintamanay Ragoonatha), Death of, 451

Chatelherault, Falling Stars Observed at, 90
Buda-Pesth, University of, Centenary of, 549

Chemistry : Chemical Society, 51, 123, 171, 218, 290, 434, 459,
Bühler (Georg), “The Sacred Laws of the Aryas,” 77

507, 555, 603; Research Fund, 114, 423; Anniver-ary
Bulletin de l'Académie Royale des Sciences de Belgique, 51, Meeting, 624; “Grundriss der Chemischen Technologie,” Dr.
218, 362, 530, 578

Juls Post, 55; “ Year-book of Chemical Technology,” 79;
Bulletin of the United States Geological and Geographical Sur.

Chemical Repulsion, Edmund J. Mills, F.R.S., 290; Chemical
vey of the Territories, 51

Equilibrium, MM. Pattison Muir, 516
Bulletin des Sciences Mathématiques et Astronomiques, 152

Chesapeake Sea-side Laboratory, 497
Bunsen, Grease-Spot Photometer, Improvement in, 309

Chevallier (Jean Baptiste Alphonse), Obituary Notice of, 132
Burial-Mounds of Florida, “Finds” in the, 596

Chicago, Double Star Observations at, S. W. Burnham, 53
Burial-Places, Ancient, in Tennessee, 501

Chili, a New Geography of, 386
Burmah, Exploration of, 428

Chimborazo, Mount, Whymper's Ascent of, 620
Burnham (S. W.), Double-Star Observations at Chicago, 53 China: Earthquake in, 12; Grand Canal, 360; J. H. Riley's
Butter, Method for Distinguishing Natural from Artificial, 306 Explorations in, 455; G. F. Eaton's Exploration of, 526;
Butterflies, on the Sexual Colours of Certain, Chas, Darwin,

Woollen Manufactory in, 617
F.R.S., 237

Chinese Goose, Fertility of Hybrids from, Chas. Darwin,

F.R.S., 207 ; Lewis Wright, 302

Chinese Placard regarding the Consumption of Cow's Milk,
Calcite, on the Crystallography of, J. R. McD. Irby, 200

Translation of, 187
Calderon (Don Salvador), on Petrography in Spain, 165

Ching-Mêm-chow, Bed of Anthracite at, 307
California, “Lick Observatory,” 47, 91

Chloral Hydrate, the Dissociation of Gaseous, 424
Cambridge, Natural Science at, 26; Health of, 26; the Natu. Chlorine, Bromine, and Iodine, Dissociation of, Prof. Henry E.

ral Sciences Tripos at, G. T. Bettany, 86; New Statutes, Armstrong, F.R.S., 461
146; Philosophical Society, 460

Chlorine, the Density of, Fred D. Brown, 513; Prof. Henry E.
Canada Monthly Weather Review, 523

Armstrong, F.R.S., 561
Canal Saint Martin, lce on, 307

Chlorophyll, the Functions of, Sydney H. Vines, 85; does it
Candolle (Alph. de), on Unintelligible Descriptions in Botanical Decompose Carbonic Acid ? Prof. E. Ray Lankester, F.R.S.,
Works, 548

Capello and Ivens, Arrival of, at Loanda, 118

Chromatics, Modern, Prof. Ogden N. Rood, 78, 395
Capillary Electroscope, G. Gore, F.R.S., on the, 194

Chronological History of Plants, Prof. A. H. Sayce, 104
Capitaine (M.), Death of, 361

Chronometers, Prizes for the Best, 524
Capper (Samuel J.), Tidal Phenomenon in Lake Constance, 397 Church Missionary Society's Proposed Sanatorium in Africa, 23
Capron (J. Rand), Auroræ, 127

Church (John A.), “The Com-tock Lode,” 51
Carbon and Water Figures, W. M. Flinders Petrie, 225 "Ciel et Terre,” new Journal of Astronomy and Meteorology,
Carbonic Acid, does Chlorophyll Decompose ? Prof. E. Ray 424
Lankester, F.R.S., 557

Circle, the Circumference of the, L. Hajnis, 324
"Carboniferous Limestone and Cefn-y-Fedw Sandstone of the City and Guilds of London Technical Institute, 524

Country between Llanymynech and Minera, North Wales,” Clark (Latimer), his Standard Cell, 117
George H. Morton, F.G.S., 105

Clarke (Hyde), Unconscious Cerebration, 81, 202
Carlsberg Laboratory, Copenhagen, 306

Clarke (Dr. Samuel), on the development of Amblystoma punc-
Carlsruhe, Shocks of Earthquake at, 306, 408

tatum, 454
Carniola, Prehistoric Stations in, F. von Hochstetter and Ch. Clarke (Col. A. R., F.R.S.), Geodesy," Major J. Herschel, 605
Deschmann on, 192

Claus (Prof.), his Report on the Work done at Zoological
Carnivorous Wasps, Sir David Wedderbury, Bart., 417; R. S. Station, Trie te, 163

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