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The publishers of this work flatter themselves that it is worthy of public confidence, and that it will meet with the acceptance and approval of those for whom it is intended, namely: the people of Ray county, Missouri. It has been very carefully prepared from sources of information both official and private, and entirely authentic and reliable. No pains have been spared in making the history thorough, accurate and exhaustive; and that it has reclaimed from oblivion much valuable data concerning the early history of the county, and is a faithful record of facts worthy of preservation in permanent and readable form, is earnestly believed.

In prosecuting this work to completion, we received material assistance from citizens in various parts of the county; from old settlers, county officials and others, to all of whom we are profoundly grateful. Our acknowledgments, however, are especially due to Col. James W. Black, who is a contributor, to whatever merit the book may possess; to George W. Trigg, county clerk; to John R. Green, circuit clerk, and to Lewis Slaughter, recorder, for kindly permitting us to examine the records of their respective offices, and for gentlemanly courtesies extended during that work; to Wm. E. Ringo, deputy county clerk, for polite assistance; to James A. Davis, county collector; to Capt. Thomas McGinnis, exsheriff, and to Frank G. Gibson, ex-prosecuting attorney; to Dr. G. W. Buchanan and George I. Wasson, Esq.; to Judge Joseph E. Black, for loan of books and for files of the Richmond Herald; to Col. Jacob T. Child, editor Richmond Conservator, for files of that paper, and to Col. Thomas D. Bogie, editor Richmond Democrat; to Thomas N. Deacy, school com- . missioner; to Professor B. F. Duncan; and to Holland Vanderpool, William R. Blythe, R. L. McCoskrie, Edwin Odell and John Cleavenger, old settlers.

We desire, also, to acknowledge our indebtedness to Prof. James M. Long, an obliging, scholarly gentleman, for valuable suggestions.

The history of the county begins prior to its organization as such, and with the first settlements on lands which it afterwards embraced and now embraces, and is brought down to the present (June 1881).

In point of age, as a state, the twenty-fourth in the American Union, and in the scale of greatness, the fifth, Missouri is the just pride of every honest man and true patriot within her borders. Inexhaustibly rich in natural resources; fortunate in geographical position; convenient and beautiful in surface configuration; finely situated for commercial intercourse with her sister states and with the world; of generous soil, salubrious air and intelligent population, every throb of the Missourian's heart is a pulsation of love for his state—then, would the "History Of Ray County" be complete without at least a sketch of Missouri? A condensed view of the state is essential to an intelligent history of the county.

A very brief abstract of the laws of Missouri will, it is believed, enhance the value of the work, by affording to farmers and. business men a convenient and reliable reference for every day use.

Part Second is devoted to brief biographical sketches of prominent citizens; of early settlers, and of those who, having the welfare of the county at heart, have contributed to its growth, wealth and development.

All history is but a recital of past events, and the great aim of him who places a series of those events, affecting the day in which he lives, of record, to be read by future generations, should be, above all things, Truth, He who records faithfully, impartially, truthfully, the important passing events of his own time, as well as the yet unwritten history of former days, for the guidance, instruction or amusement of those who are to come after him, is indeed a benefactor. It has not been our ambition to achieve merely the distinction of being called a benefactor, but, if we have succeeded in making a book worthy its subject, we are satisfied, and shall regard the people's gratitude as our best reward.

That it will fully meet the expectations of the public, and supply a needed demand is sincerely hoped, and with that hope it is submitted to the people of Ray county by

The Publishers.





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