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874. Bridge across St. Francis River, Ark.

876. Extending time for bridge across Delaware River.

877. Exchange of lands set aside for military purposes in Hawaii.

878. To accept gift of Kenesaw Mountain battle field.

880. Metalliferous minerals on Indian reservations.

881. Statue of James Buchanan in District of Columbia.

882. Disposal of coal and other minerals in Indian lands.

886. Diversion of water from Niagara River.

887. Proposed Federal probation system.

888. Deferred installments on coal and asphalt lands.

889. Deferred installments on coal and asphalt lands.

890. Exclusion of liquor advertising from mails in prohibition States.

891. Flood control of Mississippi River.

892. Simplification of judicial procedure in Federal courts. 2 pts.

893. Bridge across St. Francis River, Ark.

894. Construction of Coast Guard cutters.

895. Subsistence for warrant officers and men of Coast Guard.

896. Granting pensions to certain members of former Life-Saving Service.

897. Woman's Division in Department of Labor.

898. Publicity and control of campaign contributions and disbursements.

900. Adding certain lands in Wyoming to Ashley and Wasatch national forests.

901. Bridge across Nanticoke River, Del.

902. Bridge across Allegheny River at Warren, Pa.

903. Bridge across Allegheny River at Allegany, N. Y.

904. Bridge across Allegheny River in Glade and Kinzua townships, Pa.

905. Diplomatic and consular appropriation bill, 1918.

907. To permit larger appropriations for Rocky Mountain National Park.

908. Time for payment for lands in Cheyenne and Arapaho Reservation.

910. Economies in Government printing and use of print paper.

911. Fish-cultural stations in certain States.

915. Boundary line on Salmon Bay, Wash.

922. Register of wills of District of Columbia.

923. Carrying capacity of steamers.

925. To refer claims of Chippewa Indians to Court of Claims.

933. Legislative, executive, and judicial appropriation bill, 1918.

934. Alteration, etc., of certificate of discharge.

935. Authorizing navy and marine corps officers to administer oaths.

936. Additional compensation to seamen, etc.

937. To reestablish Naval Reserve.

938. Examination of officers of Navy.

939. Promotion of officers in Navy Medical Corps, etc.

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