A Handbook of Chess

Routledge, Warne, and Routledge, 1860 - 89 sider

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Side 15 - Pawn which has reached the eighth or last square of the Chess-board, must be immediately exchanged for a Queen, or any other piece the player may think fit, even though all the pieces remain on the board.
Side 71 - White. Black. 1. P. to K. 4. 1. P. to K. 4. 2. K. Kt. to B. 3. 2. Q. Kt. to B. 3. 3- P. to Q. 4.
Side 64 - White. Black. 1. P. to K. 4. 1. P. to K. 4. 2. P. to KB 4, 2. P. takes P. 3. K. Kt. to B. 3. 3. P. to K. Kt. 4. 4. KB to QB 4. 4.
Side 50 - White. Black. 1 P. to K. 4 1 P. to K. 4 2 K. Kt. to B. 3 and now Black moves — 2 P.
Side 47 - I see. WHITE BLACK (Dr Lasker) (Capablanca) 1. P to K 4 1. P to K 4 2.
Side 54 - Black. 6 Castles 6 P. to Q. 3* 7 P. to Q. 4 7 P. takes P. 8 P. takes P. 8 B. to Q. Kt 3 9 QB to Q.
Side 13 - E.'s 2 sq. Stalemate is that position of the King in which, though not in check, he cannot move without going into check. Stalemate is a drawn game. It must be understood, however, that stalemate is not effected, while the player attacked has any other piece or pawn to move. Smothered Mate is a term employed when the King is so surrounded by his own men that he cannot escape the attack of the adverse Knight. DBAWN GAME. — If neither player can checkmate his opponent, the result is a drawn game....
Side 58 - PAWN'S GAMBIT. This is an opening seldom adopted, but it is interesting as exhibiting another variety in our noble game. It commences thus : — 'White. Black. 1 P. to K. 4 1 P. to K. 4 2 P. to KB 4 2 P.
Side 15 - ... which he can give check, and his opponent can only parry one check by affording an opportunity for another. If the first player then persists in the repetition of these particular checks, the game must be abandoned as drawn. (See Diagram No. 10.) Doubled Pawn. — When two pawns of the same color are on the same file, the front one is called a doubled pawn.
Side 75 - GAMBIT. 1 P. tO K. 4 2 Q. Kt. to B. 3 3 KB to QB 4 4 B.

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