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" Though mangled, hack'd, and hew'd, not yet destroy'd ; The little ones, unbutton'd, glowing hot, Playing our games, and on the very spot ; As happy as we once, to kneel and draw The chalky ring, and knuckle down at taw ; To pitch the ball into the grounded... "
Poems - Side 411
av William Cowper - 1820 - 480 sider
Uten tilgangsbegrensning - Om denne boken

A Careful Longing: The Poetics and Problems of Nostalgia

Aaron Santesso - 2006 - 221 sider
...and most frequently cited passages of "Tirocinium" begins with an echo of Gray's Eton College ode: As happy as we once, to kneel and draw The chalky...grounded hat, Or drive it devious with a dex'trous pat. (306-9) Cowper employs the common nostalgic trope of children at play, but as in "Retirement," he is...
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