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" If on our daily course our mind Be set to hallow all we find, New treasures still, of countless price, God will provide for sacrifice. "
The Church-book: Hymns and Tunes for the Uses of Christian Worship - Side 370
1883 - 437 sider
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Partners in God's Love

John Davey - 2007 - 404 sider
...of heaven in each we see; Some softening gleam of love and prayer Shall dawn on every cross and care The trivial round, the common task, Will furnish all...deny ourselves, a road To bring us daily nearer God. Only, Oh Lord, in Thy great love, Fit us for perfect rest above; And help us, this and every day, To...
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From Rome to Constantinople: Studies in Honour of Averil Cameron

Hagit Amirav, Robert Barend ter Haar Romeny, R. B. ter Haar Romeny - 2007 - 425 sider
...progress towards wisdom, and make way for the true self, through the ordinary claims of family and work: The trivial round, the common task Will furnish all...deny ourselves: a road To bring us, daily, nearer God92. 90. Libri Platonicorum (Confessiones 7.9.13): O'Donnell, Augustine: Confessions 2, pp. 421-24....
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