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" The West derives from the East supplies requisite to its growth and comfort ; and what is perhaps of still greater consequence, it must of necessity owe the secure enjoyment of indispensable outlets for its own productions to the weight, influence, and... "
The Washingtoniana: Containing a Sketch of the Life and Death of the Late ... - Side 15
1802 - 411 sider
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The Life of George Washington, Volum 4

Washington Irving - 2005 - 416 sider
...of indispensable outlets for its own productions to the weight, infiuence, and the future maritime strength of the Atlantic side of the Union, directed...can hold this essential advantage, [whether derived] f from its own separate strength or from an apostate and ummtural connection with any foreign Power,...
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Wedding of the Waters: The Erie Canal and the Making of a Great Nation

Peter L. Bernstein - 2005 - 448 sider
...unless they could forge an indissoluble community of interest as one nation: "Any other tenure . . . whether derived from its own separate strength, or...foreign power, must be intrinsically precarious." In September 1 784, six months after the correspondence with Jefferson on these matters, Washington...
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The American Way of Strategy: U.S. Foreign Policy and the American Way of Life

Michael Lind - 2006 - 304 sider
...his Farewell Address, drafted by Hamilton, George Washington made a different but related argument. "While, then, every part of our country thus feels...immediate and particular interest in union, all the parts combined cannot fail to find in the united mass of means and efforts greater strength, greater...
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