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" Resolved to smooth his shaggy face, He sought the barber of the place. A flippant monkey, spruce and smart, Hard by... "
English Surnames: Their Sources and Significations - Side 384
av Charles Wareing Endell Bardsley - 1898 - 612 sider
Uten tilgangsbegrensning - Om denne boken

Do Bald Men Get Half-price Haircuts?: In Search of Americas' Great Barbershops

Vince Staten - 2001 - 175 sider
...pewter basins hung, Black, rotten teeth in order strung, Rang'd cups that in the window stood, Lin'd with red rags, to look like blood, Did well his threefold trade explain, Who shavd, drew teeth, and breath'da vein. That would end soon. The official date for the complete separation...
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