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" Pah ! I am choked ! There creeps A clinging, black, contaminating mist About me — 'tis substantial, heavy, thick ; I cannot pluck it from me, for it glues My fingers and my limbs to one another, And eats into my sinews, and dissolves My flesh to a pollution,... "
The British review and London critical journal - Side 387
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Romantic Identities: Varieties of Subjectivity, 1774-1830

Andrea K. Henderson, Andrea Kovacs Henderson, King Edward VII Professor of English Literature Marilyn Butler - 1996 - 198 sider
...which shall confound both night and day" (n. ii. 183). Beatrice laments that a contaminating mist glues glues My fingers and my limbs to one another. And...poisoning The subtle, pure, and inmost spirit of life! (nI. i. 19-23) The accumulation of clauses beginning with "and" itself suggests a relentless agglutination...
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Belgravia: A London Magazine, Volum 21

...toor 'let N .1: STRANGERS AND PILGRIMS BY THE AUTHOR OF 'LADY AUDLEY*S SECRET,' ETC. CHAPTER IX. ' My God ! I never knew what the mad felt Before ; for I am nmd beyond all do.ubt ! No, I am dead 1 These putrifying limbs Shut round and sepulchre the panting...
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