Great Britons: The Great Debate

John Cooper, Brian Howard Harrison, Mark Harrison, Rosie Boycott
National Portrait Gallery, 2002 - 171 sider
Why do some people find lasting fame for their achievements, whilst others lapse into obscurity? What makes an individual truly great? This work explores the lives of ten men and women who have influenced our history, and examines why they continue to spark international interest and admiration.

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the great
One hundred heroes Oliver Cromwell 54 Bibliography 168
The top ten Britons

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Om forfatteren (2002)

John Cooper has been a writer all his life. In addition to writing books, he is a corporate communications specialist. His interest in African-Canadian history was sparked as a twelve-year-old, when he read Black Like Me. John co-wrote and edited "My Name's Not George" and wrote "Shadow Running," a book for adults about Ray Lewis. In 2002, he wrote his first book for young adults, "Rapid Ray: The Story of Ray Lewis." John Cooper lives in Whitby, Ontario with his wife and three children.

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