Reports were submitted to the Commissioner of Health in regard to a proposed water purification plant for Geneva, pollution of Little Salt Creek by sewage from Jackson and four sewerage and sewage treatment projects.

An ordinance of the village council of Sylvania, complying with the first condition of approval of plans for a public water supply for that village, was approved.

Thirteen conferences in regard to water and sewer systems were held.

Two certificates of approval for railroad water supplies were granted and one such certificate was refused.


Summary of Activities in October, 1918 Thirty-seven publicity stories were released during the month, of which ten were issued through the weekly News Letter and twentythree were daily reports on the influenza situation to press association bureaus. News Letter stories were published by 101 papers in 85 cities and villages and in 67 counties, attaining a total story circulation (total number of printed copies of stories) of 1,554,323, or an average of 155,432 per story.

Seven hundred and thirty-five thousand copies of seven publications were ordered, among this number being 325,000 copies of two influenza circulars (two editions each). These influenza circulars and 500 copies of Reprint 1808, “Ohio's Tuberculosis Hospital Equipment,” were received from the printer. Distribution of publications totaled 273,500 copies, of which 270,000 were of the influenza circulars.

Copy for Volume IX, Number 11 (November, 1918) of the Ohio PUBLIC HEALTH JOURNAL, was prepared.

Nine books and pamphlets were added to the Department library.

INFLUENZA SYMPOSIUM AT A. P. H. A. MEETING. The influenza epidemic will be How can the health officer comade the most important subject ordinate hospital, medical, health of discussion at the December and relief agencies in similar meeting of the American Public calamities? Health Association. Some of the How can we take advantage of questions which will be discussed the epidemic for the benefit of are the following:

more adequate health appropriaIs influenza vaccine effcacious as tions and better community and a prophylactic?

personal hygiene? What type of vaccine is most

The rest of the program will be useful?

substantially the same as previously

announced. Does it help as a therapeutic ?

Headquarters of the meetings What about nose and throat

will be at the Hotel Morrison, sprays?

Chicago. The dates are December What are the results with

9-12, 1918. The meeting was to convalescent serum?

have been held in October, but was What about the open-air treat- postponed on account of the ment?

influenza epidemic.



“Flu" Conference Held. Public Health Council met and Called for the purpose of dis- adopted its instructions to health cussing the State's program for

officers for the control of influthe control of venereal diseases, but changed by the exigencies of the situation into an influenza con

Rural Dental Clinics. ference, a meeting of health officers from Ohio municipalities

By providing free dental clinics with populations of more than

for rural school children in several three thousand was held at the Co- .counties, North Carolina has lumbus public library on the after

recently taken a unique step in noon of October 10.

public health work in the United

States. A dentist with a special The venereal disease phase of

traveling outfit is assigned to each the meeting was disposed of with a brief outline of what the State

county which has taken up the Department of Health plans to do,

plan, to visit all sections and treat

the teeth of all children who given by Dr. H. N. Cole, director of the Department's Bureau of

apply. Venereal Diseases and acting assistant surgeon in charge of the

New Lancaster H. O. venereal disease work of

of the

Dr. C. M. Alfred has been United States Public Health Service in Ohio.

appointed health officer of LanIn taking up the influenza dis

caster,' succeeding Dr. H. M.

Hazelton, who resigned. cussion, an effort was made to get an idea of the extent of the outbreak by having the health officers Conneaut to Have New Board. present fill out blanks giving the statistics on their local situations

The Connea ut council has and present brief oral reports on

decided after one year's trial to their influenza experience to date.

drop the plan of leaving health The oral reports disclosed a wide

administration in the city in the

hands of a health officer alone, diversity of opinion as to the seri

without a board of health. To perousness of the epidemic and as to the means of checking it.

mit this plan to go into effect, the

city authorities a year ago failed to Dr. E. J. Schwartz, director of the Division of Communicable

name a board of health, thus leav

ing the appointment of a health Diseases, gave advice on methods

officer to the State Department of of control, pointing out the im

Health. Dr. C. W. Dewey was practicability of quarantine and

expired November 13. Dr. W. W. the importance of isolation.

Wetmore is his successor, serving Following the conference the under a board of health.



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Contact infection was held worker in a foreign district of responsible for most cases of Cincinnati recently found twenty typhoid fever reported in Cleve- cots in one room a little more than land in the fall. No case was twelve feet square and fifteen cots traced to impure water or milk, in another room which was also according to city health officials, used as a kitchen. The city auand the frequent occurrence of thorities, according to Dr. Peters, cases in groups of two or three in 110w are without power to remedy single households indicated trans- such conditions. mission by contact. This fact was used by the health department as the basis of an appeal for wider Recent tests have shown the use of anti-typhoid inoculation as capacity of the Cleveland west side a preventive measure.

filter plant to be adequate to supply *

the city with filtered water during

seven months of the year. During The Bellefontaine council has

the five months of heaviest passed an ordinance forbidding the

consumption -- January, February, maintenance of a privy or cess pool June, July and August - unfiltered within five hundred feet of any

water also must be pumped into well connected with the city water the mains. supply. By thus guarding the water supply against contaminathe city makes it possible for the State Department of Health to Every year

more and more grant a certificate of approval of organizations adopt the plan of the water for railroad use. Such having their workers cared for by a certificate was recently refused a physician at the expense of the because of the dangerous proximity concern. Like


other change, of privies to the wells.

this has come

as the result of sound common sense and foresight,

and is not caused by any philanGranting of authority to either thropic tendencies on the part of the city health department or the employers. It is much less expencity building department to cor- sive to pay a salary to the physician rect housing evils which contribute

to keep employes in good health, to the spread of disease, is needed than it is to pay salaries for days in Cincinnati, according to Health of absence, and also have the work Officer William H. Peters. One reduced in volume and quality of the most important provisions during the days employes are not of such an enactment, he said, feeling well. And, as much as it should be one giving the city de- is in our power, we owe it to our partment power to limit the num- jobs to keep our health good. ber of beds in a room. A welfare Dayton Herald.




Roll of Honor....



The Year Just Past and the Year Just Ahead..


War Is Over: Let's Get Down to Work.


The Influenza Prospect for Coming Months.


Ohio's Influenza Policy and Its Justification.


Child Welfare Workers' Duty in the Influenza Epidemic.


Smallpox Again Threatens : Ward It Off By Vaccination..


Sanatorium Establishment Made Easier By Coming of Peace.


The Progress of Preventive Medicine....


A Working Program for Influenza Control.


Wanted-Copies of March JOURNAL...


Venereal Disease Work of the State Department of Health.


New Publications Out......


Venereal Diseases in the Army, Navy and Community. By Bishop WILLIAN



Social Hygiene and the War. Abstract from CAPTAIN TIMOTHY NEWELL



Influenza Increases Child Mortality Heavily in Oetober.


Isolation in Measles ......


Groeniger Relates Experiences With British in Palestine.


The Health Department's Duty..


Chlorine and Safe Drinking Water...


Epidemiological Investigations By Health Officers. By EDWARD S. GODFREY.. 521


Division of Communicable Diseases...


Division of Laboratories


Division of Sanitary Engineering.


Division of Industrial Hygiene..


Bureau of Publicity, Division of Administration.


Division of Public Health Education and Tuberculosis..


Promotion for Dr. Craven – Dairy Inspection Favored.


Public Health Notes From Over the State.


Sanitary Control of Milk..


[blocks in formation]

EDITORIALS The Year Just Past A year ago in the Ohio PUBLIC JOURNAL the and the Year Ahead State Department of Health presented its pro

gram for 1918. Wartime handicaps have interfered with the carrying out of some of the plans outlined at that time, but in general the past year has been one of progress in the public health field in Ohio.

Looking forward, however, into 1919, one has no difficulty in finding broad opportunities for achieving further improvements.

The venereal disease program, emphasized a year ago as one of the two most important phases of the general program, has been applied with great success during the past year, and during the year just ahead. with ample funds available to support the work, still better results in this field are to be expected.

The other important "war measure" of the Department as planned last December was an intensive industrial-hygiene study of the munitions industry in Ohio. Some work on this survey was done but it was found impossible to develop the project as fully as was originally planned. Moreover, the activities of the United States Public Health Service in

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